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Chapter 2486 You Can Conduct an Investigation

“When I was about to take my last breath, my cousin rushed over.

He rescued me and took me away.

The body that was disguised for me was left there by my cousin.

She actually belonged to the criminals group.”

“After a long emergency operation, my life was finally out of danger, but I lost my memories after I woke up.

I lived in a small town at the foot of Kunlun Mountain in City Ge.”

“One day, Shaoting and his fiancée traveled to Kunlun Mountain.

They accidentally witnessed a bunch of people trying to cause trouble in my store.

Shaotings fiancée stood up for me.

She also gave me her number.

Although I lost my memories, I subconsciously ached to visit the capital.

In the end, after my house was demolished, I went to the capital.”

“Because I promised to buy Shaotings fiancée a meal when I visited the capital, I called her out then.

Due to the scar on my face, I always wore a mask when I was outside.

Therefore, Shaotings fiancée didnt see my face at our first meeting.

I didnt show her my whole face until we met again.

Surprisingly, the moment Shaotings fiancée saw my face, she recognized me.

After all kinds of evidence, I was proved to be Yunyao and they helped me regain my memories.

We went to many familiar places, so I finally remembered who I was and joined the Leng family again, but everyone knew that I had already passed away seventeen years ago, so I preferred to not expose my identity.

I just continued to live as Jing Yunyao,” said Jing Yunyao.

Hearing that, everyone was surprised.

They had to admit that Yunyao had really good luck.

Anyway, since she was still alive, she ought to report it to the military.

It was her fault that she didnt do that.

After all, she used to serve in the army.

Therefore, the important figure who remembered Jing Yunyao said seriously, “Yunyao, did you forget that you served in the army when you were alive.

You were a major, but you didnt report it to us after you survived.

You made a mistake and broke the rules.

So we cant believe your words.

Were not convinced.

We suspect that you hid your real identity for a purpose.”

He was Du Zhenghan.

He was also a major general.

Although Du Zhenghan picked on Jing Yunyao, what he said wasnt wrong.

It had happened before.

The Leng family had been through it.

Chen Jinpeng of the Chen family faked his death when he was a mayor, then joined an illegal gang.

Therefore, they suspected that Jing Yunyao might have done the same thing.

Their suspicion was understandable.

They were just afraid that Jing Yunyao did that for a bad reason.

Jing Yunyao wasnt mad, but Master Leng was angered.

“Du Zhenghan, what do you mean Do you think my family is scheming something What purpose are you implying Are you trying to defame my family Conduct an investigation then!”

Master Leng was old, but he was still energetic.

After all, he was the previous president, so he still had an air of authority.

Once he got mad, even Du Zhenghan felt scared.

However, he didnt think there was anything wrong with his words.

He understood that the Leng family had a very good reputation.

If it was possible, he would choose to side with the Leng family, but sometimes he was left with no choice.

It was the Yuan family that promoted him, so he had to stand with them.

As a result, he behaved against the Leng family.

“Dad, relax, Major General Dus suspicion is understandable.

Ive disappeared for too long and I hid my real identity.

Its my fault.” Jing Yunyao comforted Master Leng.

She wasnt defending Du Zhenghan, but because Du Zhenghan was right, she didnt want Master Leng to say something wrong just to protect her.

Still, Du Zhenghan was too aggressive, even though he was right.

Therefore, Jing Yunyao turned to Du Zhenghan and continued.

“If you dont believe my words, you can conduct an investigation.

I know its my fault that I didnt report it to the military after I regained my memories, but Ive done nothing that hurts society.

I dont think Ive broken the rules.

In fact, even if I reported it to the military, what next Would you allow me to regain my position as a major” Hearing that, Du Zhenghan and the others were displeased.

Yunyao was so strong and she also defeated the zombies this time.

If she returned to the military, the Leng family would have another important figure in the military.

And given Yunyaos abilities, she could quickly get another promotion.

By then, the Leng family would become an even greater threat to the other major families.

Accordingly, even though they blamed Jing Yunyao for hiding her real identity, they didnt want her back in the military.

Yunyao wasnt an ordinary woman.

If she used her original identity, she would really get back her position in the military.

After all, she had made a lot of great achievements, so their country wouldnt waste such an outstanding soldier.

Only if Yunyao was unwilling to serve the army would they give up.

All of a sudden, Du Zhenghan didnt know what to say.

“Alright, well let it go this time.

Whether there was an evil purpose, well find out after doing an investigation.

Now tell us, how did you get involved in this task” Wei Lingfeng interrupted.

It was Jing Yunyaos fault, but he sided with the Leng family, so he needed to defend her.

Anyway, Jing Yunyao came to explain how she got involved in this task, so he decided to let her give an explanation first.

“Shaoting left to deal with something.

So in case there were any unexpected tasks, he asked me to help his comrades if they needed me,” said Jing Yunyao.

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“Isnt there another person who can handle it in the Red Flame” Du Zhenghan questioned, because he thought it was a perfunctory answer.

At the same time, he made fun of them.

The Red Flame had accumulated countless achievements since it was built.

It had great fame in the military, but its members relied on an outsider to finish the task this time, so he seized the chance and made fun of it.


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