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Chapter 2484 Reported

Xu Jinchen and his comrades ran into a minor problem the next day, because they were reported for turning to an outsider for help when they carried out the task.

The outsider was Jing Yunyao.

The person who reported it only knew that a woman joined Xu Jinchens team in doing the task, but he didnt know who the woman was.

Except for Xu Jinchen and his comrades, nobody knew Jing Yunyao.

The person thought that it was a confidential task, so outsiders shouldnt be involved.

Even if they needed an outsiders help, they should report it to their leader first.

If they didnt have time to do that, they should do it right after they finished the task, otherwise the outsider might leak important information.

In fact, it wasnt a big deal.

After all, it wasnt related to classified information, and it would be fine as long as the outsider kept it a secret.

Wei Lingfeng also gave Leng Shaoting the right to work independently.

The Red Flame didnt need permission from any departments of the government.

Even if problems were caused afterwards, Leng Shaoting would handle it by himself.

However, Wei Lingfeng gave Leng Shaoting the right secretly, and other people were unaware of that.

Most people only heard that it was a special corps and there were twelve special forces in the team led by Leng Shaoting.

They didnt know that it was actually the Red Flame.

As a result, although Leng Shaotings teammates had the right to work independently, they needed to give an explanation if other people found out.

It wasnt a serious problem anyway.

It was like the existence of illegal gangs.

Illegal gangs were allowed to exist, but they couldnt do anything to harm the countrys benefits.

If they dared to do that, they would be removed.

Although Wei Lingfeng was the leader of the Red Flame, he couldnt make all the decisions, especially when the problem wasnt serious.

If Leng Shaotings team couldnt give an explanation, it could cause a scene and he would be blamed.

There were a lot of people who couldnt wait to see him make mistakes! Most importantly, he didnt know that an outsider joined the Red Flame this time, nor who the outsider was.

If he knew, he would have said that it was his arrangement, and no problem would have been caused, but he was unaware.

If he made up an excuse for that, it would be his fault.

After all, it wasnt easy to fool the person who reported


It was allowed, but the person still reported it, because someone deliberately found fault with Leng Shaoting and Wei Lingfeng.

The person belonged to the Yuan familys faction and held an important position in the military.

Because Leng Shaoting was a soldier with a high rank in the military, only people in the military could report his bad behavior to their leader.

Therefore, that afternoon, Wei Lingfeng personally called Leng Shaoting, but he failed to get through to him, so he called Xu Jinchen.

“Where is Leng Shaoting” asked Wei Lingfeng.

“No idea, he just told me that he needed to leave for a week,” said Xu Jinchen.

“Whos the woman that joined you in carrying out the task” asked Wei Lingfeng again.

“Um…” Xu Jinchen wasnt very surprised that Wei Lingfeng was aware that an outsider joined them this time.

It wasnt a secret after all, but he couldnt tell him Jing Yunyaos identity without Leng Shaotings permission.

“Well, its Shaotings arrangement.

He said that if we need any help, we can turn to her.” “Does she have any superpowers” Wei Lingfeng guessed.

“Yeah.” Xu Jinchen understood that Wei Lingfeng was aware of the existence of people with superpowers.

Hearing that, Wei Lingfeng immediately had respect for Jing Yunyao.

However, even though she had superpowers, he had to solve the problem right now.

He was aware of the existence of people with superpowers in this world, but other people didnt know about it.

Besides, he couldnt let other people know about it either.

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“Someone reported that an outsider joined you in doing the task this time.

I have to give an explanation.

Can you contact her and explain it” said Wei Lingfeng.

“What” It was difficult for Xu Jinchen.

He didnt expect that it would become a problem, so he didnt ask Leng Shaoting about it beforehand.

If their leader wanted to know about it, he wasnt sure whether to tell them who Jing Yunyao was.

Wei Lingfeng thought that Xu Jinchen was worried that it might cause the woman harm, so he added.

“Dont worry, we wont hurt her.

She helped us a lot, but it breaks the rules, so you better explain it or itll affect Leng Shaoting and the Red Flame.”

Even though the Red Flame would be fine no matter how serious the problem became, it would leave a stain on their reputation.

It didnt matter, but they still wanted to get rid of it if it was possible.

“Oh, think of a good reason.

Theyre not easy to fool,” said Wei Lingfeng.

He wouldnt blame them for it, but he needed a reasonable explanation to shut those peoples mouths.

Knowing that, Xu Jinchen realized that someone was picking on Leng Shaoting and Wei Lingfeng, but he couldnt ask further about it.

It was an order from their leader, so he had to obey it.

After that, Xu Jinchen called Jing Yunyao and told her about it.

He asked her what they should do.

Since their leader was already aware of it and wanted to see her, Jing Yunyao couldnt place Xu Jinchen in a dilemma or cause a stain on Leng Shaotings reputation.

However, she and Wei Lingfeng had met before and perhaps there were familiar faces among the several senior officers.

If she showed up, they would know who she was.

Therefore, Jing Yunyao told Master Leng about it.

If it was possible, she hoped that Master Leng could go to see them along with her.

After Master Leng heard about it, he was furious, but he didnt know who found fault with Leng Shaoting and Wei Lingfeng.

Anyway, since they wanted to see Jing Yunyao, then they would have a meeting.

If they didnt do that, there would be more problems.

By then, Leng Shaoting would be punished for dereliction of duty.


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