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“Exactly!” The rest all agreed.

Gu Ning didnt know what to say, but Leng Shaoting enjoyed the approval from Gu Nings friends.

Although he only cared about Gu Nings opinions, it wasnt a bad thing that her friends all liked him.

He loved Gu Ning, and respected her friends too.

“Um, actually I have many questions to ask our brother-in-law, but I dont know whether its the right time.

Well, you can answer my questions if you want, and we can drop the question if youre unwilling to answer it.

We just want to know more about you,” Chu Peihan said.

She had a burning desire to gossip.

“Sure,” Leng Shaoting didnt reject.

“How old are you and where do you live”

“26 and I live in the capital.”

“Do you have your own house How much are your savings”

“I have a 600-square-meter large quadrangle [1.

In architecture a quadrangle or quad is a space or a courtyard, usually rectangular, square or oblong in plan, the sides of which are entirely or mainly occupied by parts of a large building or several smaller buildings.] in the capital, and Im not very clear about my savings.”


Everyone was shocked, including Gu Ning.

“A 600-square-meter large quadrangle in the capital! You must be super-rich! ”

The house price was crazily high in the capital, and a quadrangle in the downtown was worth at least hundreds of millions of yuan.

“Do you mean your savings are too much for you to know the exact number”

Leng Shaoting remained quiet.

He didnt care much about money, so he had no idea how much savings he had till now.

Everyone was shocked again.

“On my! You must be a man of high quality! Its so unreal!” Chu Peihan couldnt believe her ears.

After a long breath, Chu Peihan added, “Brother-in-law, are you sure you dont have any other girlfriends, or you are actually already married and simply playing with our boss”

“Of course not.”

Chu Peihan was stunned.

Before long, the dishes were all on the table accompanied by beers.

Except for Hao Ran and Leng Shaoting who were going to drive, the rest all enjoyed drinking.

“Since brother-in-law cant drink because hell drive, then boss you should drink some on behalf of him!” Chu Peihan proposed.

Gu Ning didnt reject.

It was no big deal for her to drink beers.

They didnt drink much, because they were only having fun.

After the meal, Hao Ran proposed to go to his V5 bar.

However, Chu Peihan disagreed.

“I dont want to go to V5 bar every time.

It gets boring.

Lets go to Dihao Clubhouse this time! There is a boxing match at 10 pm!”

Dihao Clubhouse belonged to the Qing Gang, and was a high-end entertainment place.

They hired many professional boxers to perform boxing matches in the clubhouse, and they were open for challenges.

Consumers could also bet, and the rate was 1:2.

There werent boxing matches every day, but they would post an announcement a day beforehand.

Normally, there were two or three boxing matches within a week.

During the days that boxing matches were held, the Dihao Clubhouse was always crowded, and the guests had to order tickets a day before.

“Oh, right! How could I forget!” Hao Ran was thrilled and couldnt agree more to go to Dihao Clubhouse.

Everybody else had the same idea.

Most of them were interested in fighting, so they loved to watch boxing matches.

Gu Ning didnt mind where they went next, so she just followed them.

Leng Shaoting didnt care about it either.

He would go anywhere with Gu Ning.

“Its very late now.

Can we get tickets” Mu Ke asked.

Although he hadnt been there before, he knew the rules.

“Dont worry, Ill handle it,” Chu Peihan said.

Then she walked aside to call someone, because she didnt want the others to know about her connection with the Dihao Clubhouse.

Chu Peihan wasnt a member of the Qing Gang, but she was familiar with all the senior management in City F.

She visited Dihao Clubhouse often, so there was an exclusive private room with the best view reserved for her.

She could go there whenever she wanted.

However, she still needed to make a call first, and she told the workers in Dihao Clubhouse not to expose her real identity.

After a while, Chu Peihan went back and told them that the problem was solved.

Then all the girls took Leng Shaotings car, while the boys went in Hao Rans car, heading to Dihao Clubhouse.

When they arrived at Dihao Clubhouse, it was only a little past 9 pm, and it was too early for the boxing match.

Meanwhile, all the guests tonight could join the lottery to win a great prize, but the prize that guests in the private rooms could win was much more valuable than that which the guests around the tables could get.

If a guest in the private room won the top prize, the bill would be on the house tonight.

However, the private room fee was excluded, because a guest had to order a private room before he joined the lottery.

Anyway, it didnt cost that much to order a table or a private room, but the price of food and drink here was much higher.

However, the number of people was limited to 10.

If there were more than 10 people around a table or in a private room, the extra people needed to pay one tenth of the bill.

There were only nine people in Gu Ning and her friends group, so they met the standard.

Gu Ning was responsible for choosing the red envelope from a black box.

With the help of her Jade Eyes, she easily picked up the red envelope with the top prize.

“Open it now! Do we get a prize”

Everyone was excited.

Gu Ning opened the red envelope, and it was the top prize.

All the rest of people in the room, including the waiter were astonished.

It was unusual for the guests to get the first, second or third prize and it was the very first time that somebody had won the top prize!

There were around a hundred red envelopes in the black box, but there were only fifty private rooms in Dihao Clubhouse, so it was hard to win a prize.

“Wow! The top prize!”

“I cant believe my eyes!”

“Is it real”

“Boss, youre so amazing!” Chu Peihan hugged Gu Ning with excitement.

Although Chu Peihan had no intention to let them pay the bill tonight, it was good news that Gu Ning won the top prize.

The hall in Dihao Clubhouse was very big, around four hundred square meters.

There was a flat area in the center that was six square meters wide.

When there was a boxing match, it was a platform for boxing.

If there was no boxing match, it would be a stage for dancing performances.

All the private rooms on the second floor surrounded the hall.

The side of the room that faced the central hall was a large floor-to-ceiling window, so that guests sitting inside could see the hall and platform clearly.

In case some guests had bad sight, there were also three sets of binoculars in the room.

Gu Ning and her friends were waiting in the room for the boxing match tonight.


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