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Chapter 2444: Dont Want to See Her


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Zhao Fulin also blamed herself for being so dumb.

How did she fail to see what kind of a man Jiang Ze really was earlier on She didnt lose confidence in him until she was deeply hurt.

Luckily, it wasnt too late now.

It might have been too late if she married him.

Because Gu Ning and Zhao Fulin sat facing Jiang Ze and Zhang Yanni, they clearly saw them.

Gu Ning stayed calm, but Zhao Fulin frowned and looked displeased.

She didnt care about Jiang Ze any longer, but she didnt want to see him.

Anyway, Zhao Fulin only gave them a glance, then turned her head away.

Jiang Ze and Zhang Yanni also saw Gu Ning and Zhao Fulin, but they couldnt recognize other people with them because they could only see the others backs.

When they saw Zhao Fulin, they were also surprised.

Jiang Ze had mixed emotions, while Zhang Yamni held hostility towards Zhao Fulin, so she glared at her.

She knew that Jiang Ze had tried to win Zhao Fulins forgiveness behind her back during these days.

Because of that, she had quarreled with Jiang Ze, but she gave in eventually.

She loved him too much, so she chose to tolerate it.

Zhang Yanni didnt know that Jiang Ze was a snobbish man, because he maintained a good image in front of other people.

He had a great reputation, and that was also the reason why Zhao Fulin made the mistake.

Therefore, when Jiang Ze went to see Zhao Fulin behind her back, Zhang Yanni felt that he still couldnt forget Zhao Fulin.

As for the reason, Zhang Yanni didnt think that Jiang Ze had already found out about Zhao Fulins real family background.

Zhao Fulin always kept a low profile, and there were only a few people who knew her real family background.

It was also impossible for Zhao Fulin to tell Jiang Ze by herself.

Therefore, she believed that Jiang Ze couldnt get over Zhao Fulin because Zhao Fulin was prettier than her.

Zhang Yanni had to admit that Zhao Fulin was more beautiful than her, but precisely because of that, she was extremely jealous of Zhao Fulin and did everything to defame her.

Zhao Fulins family was richer than hers, and she was also more attractive than her.

So when they fell in love with the same man, she couldnt let Zhao Fulin steal the man from her.

Although Zhang Yanni had argued with Jiang Ze because of Zhao Fulin, she yielded in the end.

She loved him more than he loved her, but she was still angry and blamed Zhao Fulin.

She believed that it was Zhao Fulins fault that Jiang Ze couldnt focus on her.

She had questioned Zhao Fulin, wanting her to stay away from Jiang Ze.

Zhao Fulin didnt bother to tell Zhang Yanni that Jiang Ze had told her that Zhang Yamni often bad-mouthed her behind her back.

She simply told Zhang Yanni that she had already lost interest in Jiang Ze.

It was his own actions if he refused to leave her alone.

She told Zhang Yanni to control Jiang Zes behavior, because she didnt want to see him and he was bothering her.

Zhang Yanni refused to believe that Zhao Fulin had already lost interest in Jiang Ze, but she didnt dare to do anything no matter how much she disliked Zhao Fulin.

After all, her family was not comparable to Zhao Fulins family.

It couldnt be easier for the Zhao family to sabotage the Zhang family.

Zhang Yanni only stared at Zhao Fulin for a few seconds, then immediately turned to look at Jiang Ze.

When she found out that Jiang Ze was also watching Zhao Fulin, she became even more displeased.

Without hesitation, she pulled him to stop him from focusing on Zhao Fulin.

Jiang Ze actually didnt pay that much attention to Zhao Fulin, but he hadnt withdrawn his gaze right away.

After Zhang Yanni pulled him, he understood that she was mad, so he became a little displeased, but he said nothing.

In fact, when he was with Zhang Yanni, he was also tolerating her temper, because she was self-centered.

Sometimes, he didnt want to hang out or watch a film, but Zhang Yanni forced him to do that with her.

To be honest, he didnt love her, so he didnt have patience with her.

However, for his future, he had to give in and pretend to love her.

Because Zhang Yanni pulled him, Jiang Ze stopped looking at Zhao Fulin.

They went to sit down in their seats, but both of them were in a bad mood after seeing Zhao Fulin by chance, especially Zhang Yanni.

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Although Jiang Ze said that he wouldnt go to see Zhao Fulin again and Zhao Fulin had made it very clear that she had already lost interest in him, they were sitting in the same room now, so it was embarrassing,

Because Zhang Yanni was obviously in a bad mood, their friends noticed her difference.

One girl moved closer and asked, “Yanni, whats wrong Are you in a bad mood”

[just saw someone I dont want to see, so Im upset,” said Zhang Yanni.

“Who” asked the girl.

“Zhao Fulin,” said Zhang Yanni.

This girl had a good relationship with Zhang Yamni, so she knew the story between them, but she didnt know everything, because she only knew what Zhang Yanni told her.

Therefore, she was only aware that Zhao Fulin had admired and chased Jiang Ze for a long time, but Jiang Ze was in love with Zhang Yanni.

After Zhao Fulin heard about it, she got mad and cut off her relationship with them.

As a result, in other peoples eyes, it was Zhao Fulins fault.

Just ignore her.

Lets drink now!” the girl said disdainfully.

After that, she raised her glass to clink against Zhang Yanni.

Zhao Fulin didnt bad-mouth Zhang Yanni, but Zhang Yanni wouldnt stop defaming her.

Anyway, Zhao Fulin didnt care about that, because her friends knew what kind of person she really was.

As for those who werent close to her, she couldnt care less about their opinions.

Jiang Ze, however, still tumed to stare at Zhao Fulin once in a while.

Even though he was aware that it was impossible for them to get together, he couldnt control his affection for her.

He wasnt only satisfied with Zhao Fulins family background, he also liked her.

So he was reluctant to lose her.

It was all caused by Zhang Yanni, but he didnt have a better choice in his circle now.

Zhang Yanni was worried that Jiang Ze couldnt move his eyes away from Zhao Fulin, so she paid special attention to him.

When she noticed that Jiang Ze stared straight at Zhao Fulin, she became even angrier.

‘Jiang Ze, why are you always looking over there What do you want to do” She questioned him..


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