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However, there were dramas everywhere.

Right after they walked into the restaurant, Baili Zongyang saw some familiar faces.

They were two men and a woman.

The two men were about thirty years old, while the woman was around twenty-five.

“Oh, hi, Baili, what a coincidence!” Upon seeing Baili Zongyang, one of the two men and the woman walked over to greet him.

They seemed very nice.

“Hi, Mr.

Jin, Miss Jin, what a coincidence!” Baili Zongyang replied politely, but showed little interest in them.

The way he greeted them showed that their relationship wasnt close.

Coincidence He didnt think so.

They must have known that he would be here and were specially waiting for him.

“Unfortunately, this restaurant is too popular.

We failed to book a table.

Baili, if you dont mind, can we join you Ill pay the bill.

What do you think” Mr.

Jin asked.

“Im sorry, I need to talk with my friends about something private.

Im afraid you cant join us.” Baili Zongyang declined.

In fact, there was nothing serious for them to talk about, but Baili Zongyang didnt want other people to join them.

Even if he had been alone, he wouldnt share a meal with them.

They might believe that their dirty secret was kept well, but Baili Zongyang had already found out.

In order for his own younger sister to have a sexual relationship with Baili Zongyang, Mr.

Jin had drugged Baili Zongyang before.

However, the drug was not very effective on a cultivator.

Therefore, they didnt succeed.

Now Miss Jin was impressed by Leng Shaoting.

She was amazed by his extraordinary handsome looks.

Gu Ning frowned a little, but didnt say anything.

Leng Shaoting was displeased, but he didnt show it on his face either.

After all, Miss Jin was just looking at him and didnt do anything yet, so he couldnt criticize her.

Even Jiang Liluo and Si Jin had a bad impression of Miss Jin, because the way she stared straight at Leng Shaoting like that was extremely shameless.

Both Jiang Liluo and Si Jin were from ancient times, so they had comparatively conservative ideas.

Although they knew that people were different nowadays, they couldnt accept it yet.

For example, when they went for a walk outside, they wouldnt walk hand in hand.

They could only persuade themselves to tolerate other couples doing that.

It was normal in ancient times that women got attracted to handsome men, but they wouldnt forget their manners.

They only dared to have a peek, while Miss Jin didnt hide her motions at all.

Baili Zongyang also saw Miss Jins look at Leng Shaoting, and sneered to himself.

She did everything to please him not too long ago and even drugged him, but now she was staring at a more handsome man right in front of him.

Baili Zongyang wasnt jealous because he had never liked Miss Jin.

From the very beginning, she approached him with a purpose and even decided to use drugs.


Jin was disappointed, but he couldnt force Baili Zongyang to have a meal with them.

“Well, if so, then forget it.

Baili, are you free tonight Why dont we hang out together after the meal” Mr.

Jin asked.

He was reluctant to miss this chance.

It wasnt easy for him to meet Baili Zongyang after all.

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“Sorry, I have another appointment with my friends tonight.

Im afraid I cant go with you.” Baili Zongyang rejected again.

“Since were all going to hang out tonight, we can have fun together.

Itll be more fun with more people,” said Mr.


As long as he could spend more time with Baili Zongyang, he didnt care how many friends Baili Zongyang had.

“Sorry, my friends dont want to hang out with strangers.

Theyll feel uneasy,” said Baili Zongyang.

He was losing his patience, but still curbed his anger because he didnt want to make enemies.

After Baili Zongyang rejected him again and again, Mr.

Jin had to give up.

“Fine, if its possible, we can share a meal in the future,” said Mr.


“Of course,” said Baili Zongyang.

He didnt embarrass Mr.

Jin, but he definitely wouldnt go.

After that, Baili Zongyang and the others turned around and were about to leave.

“Wait a second.” Seeing Leng Shaoting walking away, Miss Jin shouted out.

At this moment, Gu Ning lost her temper and coldly asked, “Miss, what do you want”

Miss Jin didnt notice Gu Ning until she heard her voice.

When she saw that Gu Ning was extremely beautiful, she got jealous and it showed on her face, but she soon covered it.

However, it was too late and everyone caught her reaction.

Staring at Leng Shaoting, Miss Jin expressed her admiration.

“I was calling you…”

“Hey, hes my fiancé.

I bet you dont know each other, right If you dont know him, are you trying to strike up a conversation with him If so, I think you should stop, because hes not available.

I controlled myself when you were staring at him earlier, but thats enough.” Gu Ning was mad, so she didnt care about the scene or whether the woman would be embarrassed.

The woman wouldnt move her eyes from Leng Shaoting, which annoyed Gu Ning.

If Miss Jin didnt stop them, Gu Ning wouldnt have criticized her.

Miss Jin didnt expect this handsome man to be this girls fiancé, so she was very upset.

Besides, this girl embarrassed her in public.

Other people were also surprised that Gu Ning would suddenly criticize her.


Jin had a normal conversation with Baili Zongyang, but the atmosphere became tense once Gu Ning vented her anger on Miss Jin and it attracted a lot of attention from passers-by.

“What did you say Its ridiculous.

I-I didnt want to strike up a conversation with your fiancé.

I just felt he looked familiar.

I thought that he was a friend of my friend.

I simply wanted to ask him whether weve met somewhere before.

” Miss Jin argued.

Although she had actually intended to start a conversation, she wouldnt admit it, because it would be embarrassing.

“Oh, really Do you think Im dumb If you just felt he looked familiar, why did you stare at him the entire time I could see the obvious admiration in your eyes.” Gu Ning sneered.

She didnt hesitate to embarrass Miss Jin.

“I…” Miss Jin was angry, but couldnt deny it.

After all, what Gu Ning said was right.

“Lets go now!” Gu Ning stopped arguing with Miss Jin, and directly held Leng Shaotings hand and walked towards the stairs.

Seeing that, Baili Zongyang and the others followed her at once.


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