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Chapter 2396: Why Did You Come to City F

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“If so, Gu Ning didnt become successful on her own.

The Tang family must have helped her a lot.”

“In that case, I dont think shes very impressive.”


Some people started doubting Gu Nings abilities once they learned that she was Tang Yunfans daughter.

However, most people still believed in her.

If she didnt have abilities, she wouldnt have become successful no matter how much help she had.

In addition, Gu Ning wasnt only a successful business woman, she was also a straight-A student.

She had many other achievements to prove that she was very outstanding.

“Ridiculous, isnt it obvious enough that Gu Ning is unbelievable Why do you have to deny her abilities just because of her family background Youre either jealous of her and refuse to admit that shes far better than you or youre dumb and cant understand her comprehensively.”

“Right, Goddess Gu is much stronger than you think.

Shes my idol forever.”

“Me too! I love Goddess Gu forever.

Whether shes Tang Yunfans daughter or not, she has my support.”


When Gu Ning read the news, she was already back at Huafu Hills after they finished eating.

She played on the phone and Chu Peihan @(mentioned) her.

Gu Ning couldnt care less, because it wasnt a big deal or a new topic.

No matter how she proved herself, people who refused to admit that she was better than them would always doubt her abilities.

People who believed in her, on the other hand, would support her as usual.

If they were familiar with Gu Ning, they would know that her success had nothing to do with the Tang family.

As for her relationship with Tang Yunfan, it wasnt a secret.

She just didnt bother to make it public, so she didnt care about what other people were saying about her.

Anyway, when Gu Ning saw that her fans kept on defending her on the Internet, she felt very touched.

The next day, Gu Ning got up to run in the morning, since she hadnt run in the morning for a long time.

When Gu Ning came back, Gu Qing and Wen Yulan had already prepared breakfast, so they ate together.

After a while, Gu Ning brought them to visit Gu Man in the hospital.

They would leave tomorrow because they had their work to deal with, and Gu Man didnt need their help.

There were many people who were taking good care of her after all.

If no one was looking after Gu Man, Gu Qing would surely clear her schedule and stay with her.

Gu Man had helped them a lot, and they were sisters.

Sisters should help each other.

Tang Yunfan didnt go to the company today, so he dealt with his work on the phone.

Luckily, he wasnt busy currently.

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Because Tang Yunfan and the nurses were taking care of Gu Man and Gu Man just delivered, she was weak and needed a good rest, Gu Qing and the others decided to leave in order to not bother Gu Man.

Therefore, Gu Ning brought them to have lunch, then they walked around in City B for a while before going back to Huafu Hills.

They would go to see Gu Man again after dinner later.

Gu Qing and the others were leaving at 10am the next morning, so Gu Ning would directly take them to the airport after they had breakfast.

Therefore they wouldnt be able to see Gu Man the next day.

At noon, Gu Ning received Leng Shaotings call.

He finished his work and would be going back to the capital very soon, so he would go to City B tomorrow.

In City F.

When Yu Mixi went to enjoy her vacation back in City F, she didnt fool around all day.

She was still an intern at Shenghua Real Estate, but she worked nine to five and she had weekends, so she could date Mu Ke.

Mu Ke also had his own business to manage.

He owned a jewelry store, so he was busy managing it during the vacation.

His jewelry store wasnt large or very popular, but it was profitable.

Now he had two branches.

One was also in City F, while the other was in a city next to City F.

Mu Ke was only an ordinary businessman, so his business didnt expand as quickly as Gu Nings.

And because Mu Kes jewelry store wasnt large, he didnt have his own factory.

He worked with other factories and would give them his designs to make jewelry.

Chu Peihan spent most of her time at home.

She either hung out with Hao Ran and her other friends, or went to drink in their bar.

Su Anya used to be a very obedient daughter and she seldom had fun in bars.

She rarely stayed outside late, and normally went shopping with her friends.

However, she changed after becoming friends with Gu Ning, and now she hung out every day with Chu Peihan.

It didnt mean that she was a bad girl now, but she was better at socializing.

She became more mature and gained more experience.

The Su family witnessed her positive changes, so they didnt stop her from going out.

Chu Peihan and the others werent bad people.

Although they were naughty sometimes, they had a bright future ahead.

So it would only do Su Anya good if she spent time with them.

That day, Chu Peihan was having a nap in the afternoon.

All of a sudden, her phone rang and she immediately woke up.

However, when she saw the name of the caller, she frowned.

It was Han Chenglin.

Why did he call her at this moment She was having a good dream!

However, even though she was displeased, Chu Peihan still answered his call.

“What” She sounded mad.

“I came to City F.

Shouldnt you come out and buy a meal for me” Han Chenglin asked in excitement, but Chu Peihan didnt hear it.

“Why did you come to City F” Chu Peihan asked in surprise and confusion.

“For work, but Ill deal with it tomorrow.

Im free today, so shouldnt you, as my friend, be my guide in City F Why dont we go have some delicious food” Han Chenglin said.

“Where are you now” Although Chu Peihan didnt get along with Han Chenglin, she didnt hate him and accepted him as a friend now.

So since a friend came to her city, she should treat him.

“I just got off the plane.

You can make a schedule for the tour first.

Ill call you when I reach the city center,” said Han Chenglin.

“No problem,” said Chu Peihan, then hung up.

Without delay, she got up and washed herself.

She was going out, so she put on light make-up..


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