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Chapter 2395: Gu Nings Family Background

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“Im sorry for the trouble.

I hope it doesnt ruin your appetite.” When Yang Mingzhi was gone, Gu Qinyang apologized to other people.

He mainly apologized to Tang Yunfan.

Even if he knew that Tang Yunfan wouldnt mind, he couldnt forget his manners.

Jiang Xu and Gu Ning were his relatives, so he understood that they wouldnt blame him and that it wasnt necessary for him to apologize to them.

“Its fine.

He caused you trouble.

Its his fault,” said Tang Yunfan.

After that, they went upstairs.

On the other hand, as soon as Yang Mingzhi walked out of the hotel, he sank to the ground.

His two friends were scared and immediately helped him get back to his feet.

They were frightened too, but they hadnt offended Tang Yunfan, so they could stay calm.

However, they felt that they should cut off their friendship with Yang Mingzhi since he had annoyed Tang Yunfan.

Even if it seemed that Tang Yunfan forgave him, Yang Mingzhi wasnt a good man.

Actually, Yang Mingzhi had visited City B many times, but had never settled the bill once.

Instead, they treated him every time.

As a result, they were mad at Yang Mingzhi, but couldnt argue with him right now.

They could only decide not to treat him again when he came next time.

The dishes were already prepared, so Gu Ning and her family enjoyed the meal right after they arrived.

At the same time, a post about Gu Ning on Weibo went viral.

Whats the relationship of Goddess Gu, Gu Ning, and the Tang family in City B Why does she closely resemble the chairman of the Tanghuang Organization Photos attached.

The first photo was taken when they were in the hall of the Huangdeng Hotel and Gu Ning stood next to Tang Yunfan.

It wasnt very clear, but they looked very alike.

That wasnt the most important clue, it was only used to prove that Gu Ning and Tang Yunfan were together.

The second photo was the valuable clue.

Tang Yunfans and Gu Nings faces were very clear in the second photo.

Because both of them were famous, there were pictures of them on the Internet.

However, when they were in the same photos, many people could see that they closely resembled each other.

Although the world was big and there were a lot of people who looked familiar, Gu Ning and Tang Yunfan strongly resembled each other, which made people think that they could be father and daughter.

“Jesus, I think its possible!”

“Are they father and daughter”

“No way! The world is so large and there are many people who look familiar.

They closely resemble each other, but they are still different.”

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“Although there are many people who look similar.

Most people dont make others think that theyre related by blood, but some do.

I have a feeling that Gu Ning and Tang Yunfan are related.

Well, thats just my opinion.”

“I agree.

If there is no close relationship between them, Master Tang and Tang Yunfan wouldnt have attended the opening ceremony of the Shengning Organization in person.

They could just send someone else to go.”

“In fact, I had that doubt when the Shengning Organization was established and Master Tang and Tang Yunfan went to congratulate Gu Ning.

It caused some discussions, but we couldnt be sure of it.”

“Anyway, I believe theyre related.”

“I heard that Gu Ning was born in City F, not in City B.

How could she be related to the Tang family”


Everyone was guessing, but no one knew the truth.

Before long, someone who claimed to know about it stood out and clarified it.

“As far as I know, Tang Yunfan got lost about twenty years ago.

A year later, he came home without any memories.

Early last year, Tang Yunfan married Gu Nings mother, so I guess he met Gu Nings mother during the year when he was lost.

They had a family reunion after nearly nineteen years.”

“In that case, Gu Ning is really Tang Yunfans daughter”

“Did Gu Nings mother have a premarital pregnancy”

“Does it mean that Gu Ning grew up in a single-parent family”


Some people began to question Gu Ning and her mothers behavior and became a little offensive.

“It might not be a premarital pregnancy.

Perhaps they got married back then.

Dont attack them before you know the truth.”

“Right, but I dont think its a problem that a woman has a premarital pregnancy.

Its not uncommon nowadays.”

“Its a totally different era now.

Now its very normal, but it was unacceptable twenty years ago.”

“Thats a double standard.

I dont think its different now.

Premarital pregnancy is always unacceptable.

Anyway, its their family affair.

Why are you guys so excited Are you jealous”

Many women were indeed jealous of Gu Man.

Although Tang Yunfan was already in his early forties, he looked much younger than his age.

Moreover, he was handsome and rich.

There were countless young women who ached to marry him, but they had no chance.

“I think theyre merely jealous.

Tang Yunfan is handsome and rich! He must be the perfect man in many gold-diggers eyes.”

“Right, its what many women want nowadays.

Look at those famous actresses.

Even if they are young, they still choose to marry old rich men for money!”

“No matter what Gu Nings mother did, she and Tang Yunfan at least truly love each other.”


“Why is someone criticizing single-parent families Whats wrong with a single-parent family Dont hold any bias against single-parent families.

Even though Gu Ning was born in a single-parent family, she was still raised to become a very successful businesswoman.

It proves that her mother is excellent at education.”

“Calm down.

No one is biased against single-parent families.”

“Right, dont be so sensitive and emotional.

Were you born in a single-parent family as well”


As they talked about that, some began to argue over single-parent families.

Because many kids who were born in a single-parent family were treated unfairly, they were sensitive and hated to hear other peoples discussions on single-parent families.

However, the majority of the Internet users continued to talk about Gu Nings family background.


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