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Chapter 2394: Really Dumb or Acting Dumb

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“Whats wrong with my position” Yang Mingzhi didnt understand what Gu Qinyang was implying.

He only heard irony in Gu Qinyangs words, so he was displeased.

The two men who were with Yang Mingzhi, however, figured it out.

Although they didnt know Tang Yunfans importance, they bet that he must have a high status.

Therefore, they were unwilling to mess with him and decided to persuade Yang Mingzhi to give up.

“Director Yang, forget it.

I think you should stop embarrassing yourself.”


“Forget it No way! I was humiliated publicly!” Yang Mingzhi refused to give up, as if he was aggrieved.

“Humiliated You can feel humiliated I thought youre too shameless to have that feeling.” Tang Yunfan laughed at him.

Even if he had seen shameless people before, he was still surprised by Yang Mingzhis shameless behavior at this time.

“What do you mean” Yang Mingzhi questioned angrily.

“I mean what I said.

You should earn respect by yourself, but youre embarrassing yourself instead.

You even blame other people for it.

I can see how shameless you are,” said Tang Yunfan.

“Youre the shameless one here!” Yang Mingzhi argued.

“Alright, I have no patience with you now.

Let me put it frankly, Im Tang Yunfan, the owner of this hotel,” said Tang Yunfan, then he meaningfully stared at Yang Mingzhi.

He wanted to see what Yang Mingzhi would say next.

Tang Yunfan wasnt tolerant.

Even though Yang Mingzhi didnt break the law, he wouldnt be polite to him if he dared to annoy him.

Tang Yunfan never liked bullying other people with his influence, but he wouldnt hesitate to pay bullies back.

“What” Yang Mingzhi was shocked.

Tang Yunfan The owner of this hotel

He had definitely heard of Tang Yunfan who wasnt only the owner of this hotel, but was also the chairman of the Tanghuang Organization and a member of the Tang family in City B.

Yang Mingzhi was stunned.

He didnt expect Tang Yunfan to be Gu Qinyangs brother-in-law.

How was it possible Given what he knew, Gu Qinyangs family was very ordinary.

Gu Qinyang had two sisters.

One married a blue-collar worker, while the other was a single mother with a daughter.

If Tang Yunfan was Gu Qinyangs brother-in-law, Tang Yunfan must have married Gu Qinyangs sister.

However, it was impossible for Tang Yunfan to fall in love with a poor, single mother!

Yang Mingzhi, his friends and the onlookers were very surprised.

The onlookers didnt know Gu Qinyang, so they didnt think it was impossible for his sister to marry Tang Yunfan.

Looking at Yang Mingzhi, everyone believed that he asked for humiliation himself.

How could he mess with such an important figure


Tang, I…” At this moment, Yang Mingzhi lost all of his confidence and pride.

Whether he believed that Gu Qinyang was a relative of Tang Yunfan or not, it was obvious that they had a relationship.

As a result, he didnt dare to slight them.

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Yang Mingzhi didnt doubt Tang Yunfans words, because this hotel was owned by the Tanghuang Organization.

If anyone dared to pretend to be the chairman, the staff would easily find out.

“What can you say now” Tang Yunfan asked with a vague smile.


Tang, Im sorry, I failed to recognize you.

I didnt mean to annoy you.

Please forgive me this time.” Yang Mingzhi begged for Tang Yunfans mercy and didnt seem arrogant at all.

He couldnt care less about his face now.

If Tang Yunfan was mad at him, he could be easily removed from his position.

Most importantly, he wasnt a good public servant, so he felt guilty.

“Forgive you this time I think were at the same age and you should be mature enough, right How could you be so dumb” Tang Yunfan made fun of Yang Mingzhi.

Yang Mingzhi understood that Tang Yunfan did it on purpose, but he dared not say anything.


Tang, Im really sorry.

Please forgive me.

I promise it wont happen again.” Yang Mingzhi continued to beg for Tang Yunfans mercy.

He was truly scared this time.

“Didnt you want my brother-in-law to treat you He doesnt have time, and you threatened him,” added Tang Yunfan.

“No, no, I should buy you a meal instead,” said Yang Mingzhi.

He hoped that they could accept his invitation and let him go today.

“We dont need that.

Its just a meal.

We can pay for it by ourselves,” said Tang Yunfan deliberately.

Given Tang Yunfans wealth, he could afford as many expensive meals as he wanted.

Yang Mingzhi was embarrassed.

Even though he knew that Tang Yunfan was making fun of him, he didnt dare to argue.

In fact, he had no idea what to say at this moment.

Although Yang Mingzhi was shameless, he didnt do anything to hurt them, so Tang Yunfan had no intention of punishing him.

He only wanted to humiliate him for a while and didnt think it was a big deal.

Unfortunately, Yang Mingzhi was too dumb to figure out who he should apologize to.


Yang, are you really dumb or are you acting dumb Shouldnt you apologize to my brother-in-law instead” Tang Yunfan said.

He didnt want to waste more time on Yang Mingzhi, but Yang Mingzhi must apologize to Gu Qinyang.

Hearing that, Yang Mingzhi finally realized what he had done wrong.

Although he always disdained Gu Qinyang, he didnt dare to slight him right now.

Given Tang Yunfans influence, Gu Qinyang would become rich sooner or later.

Therefore, he had to please Gu Qinyang from now on.

“Gu Qinyang, Im sorry, please forgive me.

Its all my fault.

I promise it wont happen again.” Yang Mingzhi had a good attitude.

Actually, he was pretty good at fawning on other people.

“Alright, I think it should be over now,” said Gu Qinyang.

He understood that Tang Yunfan asked Yang Mingzhi to apologize to him.

He didnt want to waste more time on Yang Mingzhi either, so he let Yang Mingzhi go.

“Thank you so much!” Yang Mingzhi felt relieved when Gu Qinyang was willing to let him go.

Without delay, he quickly left with his two friends.


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