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Chapter 2391: Thought Its Just a Coincidence

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There were good men, but Shu Fangyi was unwilling to take the risk.

Besides, not many men would really accept another mans kids.

She could raise the kid on her own and she would do it!

Shu Fangyi didnt expect Gu Man to be so nice and accepting.

She thought rich wives were all arrogant.

After Gu Mans encouragement, Shu Fangyi indeed felt better.

Although she couldnt get over it within such a short time, she was in a much better mood now.

Shu Fangyi and her mother thought that they shouldnt stay in the ward for too long in case they bothered Gu Man.

They also cared about the baby in their ward, so they left after chatting with Gu Man for about twenty minutes.

After they left, Shu Fangyis mother said to her, “Its really strange.

When we were in their ward just then, I suddenly felt full of strength and energy again.

I can walk steadily now.”

“I had the same feeling.

I thought it was just a coincidence.

I didnt expect that you had the same feeling.” Shu Fangyi was surprised.

She didnt pay much attention to it, because her body was only a little weak now and she wasnt in bad health, so she didnt notice a big change.

However, after hearing what her mother said, she suddenly felt it was strange.

“Perhaps we shared their good luck! Theyre so nice so they must have a lot of good luck,” said Shu Fangyis mother.

It was the only explanation she could think of.

Shu Fangyi didnt know how to explain it, so she agreed with her mother and didnt think further about it.

Anyway, it was good for them.

When Shu Fangyi and her mother were gone, Gu Ning had to go to the airport to pick up Gu Qing and Wen Yulan.

They would arrive at 3 pm and it was currently 1:30 pm, so she had to leave for the airport now.

The moment Gu Ning showed up at the airport, many people recognized her.

She caused a sensation and people kept on coming to say hi and take photos with her.

Gu Ning knew it would happen, so she didnt go to the arrival hall until she estimated that Gu Qing and Wen Yulan would be out of the plane.

In that case, she only needed to wait about ten minutes.

Gu Qing and Wen Yulan would soon come out and they would leave together.

However, although Gu Ning only waited there for about ten minutes, she was still surrounded by many people.

People who didnt know her were very curious to know what was happening.

She seemed very popular, but she wasnt a star.

After they figured out that she was a very outstanding entrepreneur, people were all amazed and had a deep impression of her.

Ten minutes later, Gu Ning saw Gu Qing and Wen Yulan, and they left together.

Gu Ning drove them straight to the hospital.

When Gu Qing and Wen Yulan came out, they saw how popular Gu Ning was and felt extremely proud of her.

“Ningning is even more popular than a star!” Gu Qing joked.

“Right, Ningning is more influential than a star.

I cant think of another person who can be as successful as Ningning at such a young age,” said Wen Yulan.

She didnt say that to fawn on Gu Ning.

It was her real thoughts.

A long time ago, Wen Yulan had changed her attitude towards Gu Ning.

She wouldnt be jealous of Gu Ning no matter how successful Gu Ning was.

She would only feel proud of her.

Gu Ning didnt feel embarrassed when her family complimented her.

After all, it was the truth.

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Gu Ning brought Gu Qing and Wen Yulan to the hospital, and they were all amazed by the high-end equipment inside.

They didnt think it was a waste of money that Gu Man stayed in this hospital.

The Tang family was super rich, so if Gu Man stayed in a normal hospital, it would become a joke in their circle.

Other people would also think that Gu Man wasnt important in the Tang family.

In the afternoon, Jiang Lihua and Tang Yunrong also came to see Gu Man, and they went to have a meal in the cafeteria in the hospital.

After having a meal and a rest, Jiang Lihua and Tang Yunrong went home.

Tang Yunfan had a business meal that afternoon, so he only arrived at the hospital at 8:30 pm.

When Tang Yunfan came, Gu Ning brought Gu Qing and Wen Yulan to Huafu Hills.

They would go see Gu Man again the next morning.

After Gu Qing and Wen Yulan came to City B, they had nothing else to do, so they decided to stay with Gu Man all day.

And since Gu Man had Gu Qing and Wen Yulan by her side, Gu Ning didnt need to stay in the hospital all the time.

When she had time, she would go to her company.

Xin Bei also left that afternoon, so Cao Wenxin went to live in her own familys house.

After breakfast the next morning, Gu Ning took Gu Qing and Wen Yulan to go visit Gu Man in the hospital.

Gu Ning left when she finished lunch, deciding to go to her company to see how everything was going.

However, halfway there, Gu Ning received Gu Qings call.

Gu Qing told her that Gu Mans belly became painful and she was about to deliver.

As a result, Gu Ning immediately went back to the hospital.

At the same time, she called Tang Yunfan and Tang Haifeng.

Tang Yunfan wasnt busy, so he directly left work and went to the hospital.

Tang Haifeng also rushed over, followed by Jiang Lihua and Tang Yunrong.

They all came to the hospital as fast as possible.

Gu Qing and Wen Yulan shared the news with Jiang Xu and Gu Qinyang.

Gu Man was about to deliver, so they should come right away.

It was difficult to give birth to a baby.

Even if it was quick, a pregnant woman might have to suffer for two hours before the baby came out.

If it was slow, it might be over a dozen hours.

Therefore, it was excruciating.

However, for the baby, mothers could be very strong and were willing to do everything.

Looking at Gu Mans face contorting because of agony, Tang Yunfan didnt know what he should do.

He clasped her hand and kept on comforting her by calling her darling.

Although everyones heart ached for Gu Man, nobody cared about her more than Tang Yunfan did.

When Gu Man could barely stand the pain, she was pushed into the delivery room.

Because it was getting more and more painful, it meant that she could deliver at any second.

Standing outside, everyone was restless.

An hour later, the baby was out, and it only took nearly two hours from the beginning to end.

It wasnt the fastest, but was still very quick.

When Gu Man was pushed out of the delivery room, Tang Yunfan didnt check the baby first.

Instead, he ran to ask Gu Man how she felt.

Other people did the same thing.

They went to see Gu Man before the baby.

Gu Man was sweaty and out of strength after giving birth to the baby.

Therefore, Gu Ning secretly put magical power into her body when she held Gu Mans hand.

After absorbing the magical power, Gu Mans breath became steady and she gradually regained her strength.

Gu Ning only put an appropriate amount of magical power into Gu Mans body in order to not attract special attention..

She couldnt let Gu Man recover right away, because it might cause unnecessary trouble.


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