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Chapter 2390: Thank You Face to Face

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Although it was their family affair and Gu Ning was an outsider, Gu Ning was much more influential than his family.

Shen Liang tried to persuade Shu Fangyi not to get a divorce, but Shu Fangyi was determined, so Shen Liang had to give in.

If he didnt agree, his family would suffer a greater loss at the court.

Because they agreed on the divorce, there was no need to hire a lawyer and they directly went to finish the documents at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

As for the divorce agreement, Shu Fangyi had already finished it last night and they just needed to print it out later.

Therefore, once Shen Liang agreed to get a divorce, Shu Fangyi pulled him to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

She just gave birth and should stay indoors, but she couldnt wait any longer.

She had to finish it as soon as possible in case any accidents happen.

Shen Liang carried his household registration and the marriage certificate with him, so they could go directly.

Shu Fangyi would pack up her staff in the Shen familys house after she had made a full recovery.

She still needed to stay in the hospital for more days to recover, after all, she could get better care in the hospital.

Because her mother wasnt in good health, Shu Fangyi didnt want to exhaust her.

If her mother came, her mother only needed to chat with her and see the baby for a while.

Moreover, she hadnt told her mother about what had happened yesterday and her divorce yet.

She decided to do it after finishing the divorce documents.

At 11 am, they arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau and soon they were finished with the documents.

Shen Liang gave up custody and cut off his relationship with the kid.

Because it was a girl, the Shen family didnt think it was a big deal.

After finishing the divorce documents, Shu Fangyi went straight back to the hospital.

On the way, Shu Fangyi called Gu Ning and told her that she had already divorced Shen Liang.

She also wanted to thank Gu Ning.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, her daughter could have been killed and she wouldnt be able to divorce Shen Liang so quickly.

Gu Ning comforted and encouraged her for a while.

After having the call with Shu Fangyi, Gu Ning told Gu Man about the result.

Gu Man was also relieved when she heard that it was done.

Shu Fangyi found her mother in the ward when she was back in the hospital.

Her mother looked very displeased.

As soon as her mother saw her get back, she angrily swore at the Shen family.

Her mother criticized the Shen family for being cold-blooded and even cried in fury in the end.

Obviously, Shu Fangyis mother heard about what had happened yesterday.

Actually, shortly after Shu Fangyi left, her mother came to the hospital and heard some of the nurses talking about what had happened to her.

Her mother was furious after hearing the whole story, then quickly walked to Shu Fangyis ward.

She didnt see Shu Fangyi.

Only a caregiver and the baby were in the room, so she asked the caregiver what was happening.

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The caregiver shouldnt have told Shu Fangyis mother about it, but Shu Fangyis mother had already heard of it, so the caregiver told her everything.

After a long while, Shu Fangyis mother finally calmed down.

Undoubtedly, after the terrible drama, she supported Shu Fangyi in getting a divorce, so she didnt call Shu Fangyi right away.

Instead, she waited to talk about it when Shu Fangyi was back.

It wasnt easy to raise a kid alone, but it was better to be a single parent than have such a horrible family.

She truly loved her daughter and she loved her granddaughter deeply as well.

She couldnt tolerate what the Shen family had done to her two beloved babies.

She was also grateful to the girl who had saved Shu Fangyis baby and helped her out, and wanted to thank the girl face to face.

However, she had no idea where the girl was right now.

Although she knew that the girl was also in the hospital, she felt embarrassed to pay a sudden visit.

She could only wait till Shu Fangyi was back and told Shu Fangyi to contact the girl.

Shu Fangyi immediately comforted her mother because it might hurt her mothers health if she cried too much.

After a long while, Shu Fangyis mother stopped crying, but she was still very mad.

“Yiyi, I think I should thank the girl face to face.

Can you ask her whether she has time Do you know which ward shes in We can prepare a gift when we thank her,” said Shu Fangyis mother.

“Of course.” Shu Fangyi had the same idea.

Although she had already thanked Gu Ning on the phone, it would show her sincerity by thanking Gu Ning face to face.

Afterwards, Shu Fangyi called Gu Ning and said that her mother wanted to thank her face to face.

She asked Gu Ning whether it was convenient for them to pay a visit.

It wasnt a big deal in Gu Nings eyes, but she understood that it was very important for Shu Fangyi.

If Shu Fangyi couldnt thank her face to face, Shu Fangyi and her mother probably wouldnt feel relieved.

Therefore, Gu Ning told Shu Fangyi the number of her ward.

Shu Fangyi and her mother didnt immediately go there, because they hadnt prepared any gifts yet.

As soon as they had Gu Nings permission, Shu Fangyis mother went to buy a gift.

At 1 pm, Shu Fangyi and her mother went to Gu Mans ward.

Once they saw Gu Ning and Gu Man, Shu Fangyi and her mother repeatedly thanked them.

Gu Ning invited them to have a seat and a nurse went to pour water for them.

Gu Ning stopped the nurse, then went to do it herself.

She secretly put a power crystal in each of the glasses for Shu Fangyi and her mother.

Shu Fangyi had suffered a lot yesterday, which must have had a bad effect on her body.

She just gave birth to a baby, and it could affect her mental condition as well.

Therefore, Gu Nings power crystal could help her feel better.

As long as she had a good recovery afterwards, she would be fine.

As for Shu Fangyis mother, Gu Ning could see that she was in bad health and couldnt walk steadily.

In that case, Gu Nings power crystal could fill her body with more strength.

Once Shu Fangyi and her mother drank the water Gu Ning gave them, they felt the change in their bodies.

They were full of strength and energy, but they didnt think it was the effect of the water, so they said nothing about it.

Gu Man encouraged Shu Fangyi to be strong.

Although she proposed to get the divorce, she was really hurt by what had happened.

She would be lying if she said that she didnt feel sad.

However, she was also greatly relieved.

After getting a divorce, she decided not to get married again.

She wasnt totally disappointed at marriage, because there were happy marriages.

She just didnt want her daughter to be aggrieved in the future.

After all, if she married again, her second husband wouldnt be her daughters biological father..

She was afraid that her second husband wouldnt treat her daughter well.


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