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Chapter 2388: Completely Convinced

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“Chen Yuxi, during these years, have you visited Zhang Lihongs family” Gu Ning asked Chen Yuxi.

Because Zhang Lihong cared about his family, Gu Ning tried to persuade him with his family.

If they often visited Zhang Lihongs parents, Zhang Lihong might be persuaded and give up on forcing them to die with him.

Chen Yuxi answered.

“Of course.

I know Mrs.

Zhang isnt in good health, and she was heavily hit by Zhang Lihongs death.

Wang Qiwei and I visit them once a month.


Zhang is very busy, so we normally take Mrs.

Zhang to the hospital for the medical check.

Shes much better now.

Zhang Lihongs younger sister is now studying in the same school as us and were taking care of her.

Even though we have nothing to do with Zhang Lihongs death, hes one of our best friends.

We would obviously look after his parents after he died.”

Hearing that, Zhang Lihong was touched.

In that case, it would be unreasonable if he still wanted them to die with him.

After all, they didnt cause his death.

“Do his parents still blame you for the accident” Gu Ning continued.

“At the beginning, they blamed us for it, because we went to travel together, but only Zhang Lihong died.

They got over it afterwards.

Were all adults after all, and we should take responsibility for our own safety.

We didnt want the accident to happen, so they forgave us,” said Chen Yuxi.

Chen Yuxi didnt know that Zhang Lihong could hear him, so he wasnt deliberating saying that to Zhang Lihong.

He just told the truth.

Zhang Lihongs anger was going away.

Gu Ning said nothing.

She only stared at Zhang Lihong.

She wanted to see what he would choose to do after hearing Chen Yuxis reply.

“Well, my parents are right.

Adults should take responsibility for their own safety.

They didnt cause the accident.

I cant blame them for that.” Finally, Zhang Lihong was completely convinced.

“If so, I shouldnt ask them to die with me.

“I can let them go, but they must promise me to visit my parents more often for me.

If my parents encounter any trouble, they must help them,” said Zhang Lihong.

He understood that it wasnt his friends duty, but he was already dead.

The thing he cared about the most was his parents and younger sister.

“Chen Yuxi, Wang Qiwei, Zhang Lihong said if you can help him take good care of his parents and help his parents whenever they encounter trouble, he can let you go,” Gu Ning said to Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei.

“No problem,” said Wang Qiwei.

Even if Zhang Lihong didnt ask them to do that, they had been doing it these three years.

“Even if he didnt say that, wed continue to do that,” said Chen Yuxi.

They had never stopped looking after Zhang Lihongs parents.

Although they couldnt treat them as if they were their own parents, they would call and visit Zhang Lihongs parents when they had time.

Hearing their answer, Zhang Lihong was relieved and disappeared.

The next second, the spell cast on the other boys also disappeared.

Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei immediately appeared in front of Gu Ning, and they could see Tang Jiakai.

“Jiakai!” Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei shouted and ran towards Tang Jiakai.

Tang Jiakai was excited to see them, but he didnt dare to run, because he was still trembling in horror.

In fact, Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei were also still afraid, but they had to run to Tang Jiakai in case they were separated again.

When they saw Tang Jiakai, they noticed Gu Ning too, but they couldnt clearly see her face.

They could only see that it was a girl.

Therefore, they guessed that she was the one who was speaking to them and Zhang Lihong.

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Who was she How could she talk with Zhang Lihong

At the beginning, they thought that she was also a ghost, but they could see her now, so clearly she wasnt a ghost.

They were curious about the girl, but they were shocked after they recognized her.

They had heard of Gu Ning and were aware that she was the chairman of the Shengning Organization.

She was also Tang Jiakais cousin, but this was their first meeting.

To their astonishment, the girl turned out to be Gu Ning.

“Hi, Miss Gu!” Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei greeted her at the same time.

“Nice to see you.” Gu Ning politely responded to them.

“Did you…” Chen Yuxi opened his mouth and wanted to ask whether she was the one who was talking to them earlier.

He guessed so, but he felt that he needed to make sure.

“Lets go now! We can talk about it after we leave.” Gu Ning interrupted.

Although Zhang Lihong was already gone and wouldnt appear again, this wasnt a good place for them to stay.

It could harm their health.

Upon hearing that, Chen Yuxi stopped and they quickly left with Gu Ning.

Because they were too scared and could barely walk properly, Gu Ning gave each of them a power crystal and told them to take it.

It wasnt the first time that Tang Jiakai had taken a power crystal, so he was aware of its effect.

And although Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei didnt know about it, they trusted Gu Ning and took it without delay.

Once they took the pill, they felt an immediate change in their bodies and their limbs were full of strength again.

Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei were shocked, but didnt ask about it.

Zhang Lihongs grave was on the mountain, and their car was stopped at its foot.

Since his family lived in a nearby village, he was buried here.

There were mountains surrounding the villages, so there was enough ground to bury people.

If it had been in the city, dead people could only be cremated.

A spot in the cemetery was very expensive and could cost hundreds of thousands of yuan, so ordinary people couldnt afford it.

Tang Jiakai drove there, but he was still horrified and couldnt drive back yet..

Therefore, he could only get in Gu Nings car and would send someone over to drive his car back after he got home.


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