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Su Anya, instead, laughed out loud.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha! Gao Yuchen, are you an idiot or something Im not stupid! Didnt you dump me because Im an ordinary girl while shes from a super-rich family I know that I shouldnt have hidden my real identity when I was your girlfriend, but precisely because of that, I was able to see through you.

Youre merely a selfish hypocrite! You are now begging me to give you a chance just because of my background.

Shame on you!”

After that, Su Anya ignored Gao Yuchen and Wu Xinyu, walking straight by them.

Although they were mad at Su Anyas revenge, they didnt dare to do anything because of her real identity.

Without hesitation, Wu Xinyu slapped Gao Yuchen across his face with a loud sound.

“Gao Yuchen, we break up now!”

Wu Xinyu wanted to be Gao Yuchens girlfriend because of his background too, but the Wu Family wasnt weak either, and she had many choices.

She was very proud and couldnt stand the humiliation.

In the end, Gao Yuchen lost both of the girls.

During the dinner, Su Anya told her newly-made friends her real identity, but none of them felt surprised.

They also didnt flatter Su Anya just because of her background, because they were real friends.

Su Anya wasnt an arrogant girl either, and she hated hypocrisy.

Since they were friends now, they should treat each other equally.

The same night in City G.

In a noisy club, colorful lights shone.

Men and women crazily gyrated on the dance floor.

The air was full of desire and luxury.

Li Zhenzhen, Su Jing, Lin Wencong and Yuan Sen were among them.

Lin Wencong and Yuan Sen had forced Li Zhenzhen and Su Jing to have sex with them three times in this week.

Li Zhenzhen and Su Jing had been tortured every time.

It took them a long, painful time to recover.

However, once they were recovered, Lin Wencong and Yuan Sen would call them out again, and today was the fourth time.

Li Zhenzhens plan of killing Lin Wencong and Yuan Sen was still up in the air, because no one took this task.

Besides, Li Zhenzhen didnt know many people who could help her.

Even though she wanted Lin Wencong and Yuan Sen to be dead right now, she didnt want to be involved personally.

Thus she had done nothing when she had a chance to kill them before.

Li Zhenzhen and Su Jing had even tried to delete the videos on their phones, but they had been discovered.

Lin Wencong and Yuan Sen also told them that they had copies of those videos.

Li Zhenzhen and Su Jing were furious, but helpless too.

What was worse was that Lin Wencong and Yuan Sen had forced them to use drugs, and they were gradually getting addicted to it.

Meanwhile, their desire to get revenge started to fade away.

Li Zhenzhen had called Qin Yifan the other day.

She asked him whether there was any possibility that they could be together, but Qin Yifan still rejected her as usual.

She was completely heartbroken this time, and started living her sexual life with wild abandon.

Li Zhenzhen slept with not only Lin Wencong and Yuan Sen, but with random men as well.

Her family sensed that something had to be wrong with Li Zhenzhen, because in the past she always went out during days, but now she never came back home till it was very late, or she would simply stay out all night.

And she never came back home without being drunk.

It was already 12 am.

Li Zhenzhen was still playing crazily in the bar and she wouldnt answer her parents calls, which deeply worried her families.

Li Zhenzhens parents and her older brother Li Zhenyu were still awake, sitting in the living room.

Li Zhenzhens father looked upset while holding his phone in his hand.

“Zhenyu, what happened to your younger sister Shes totally changed.”

They thought that Li Zhenzhen was a grownup now, and that they shouldnt interfere in her personal affairs.

However, she behaved in an increasingly wild and uncontrolled way.

“Im not clear about it.

Maybe its because Qin Yifan likes another girl, and shes unhappy,” Li Zhenyu said.

Hearing that, Li Zhenzhens parents could only sigh.

Although they all wished that Li Zhenzhen could marry Qin Yifan, Qin Yifan didnt like Li Zhenzhen and wasnt willing to marry her either.

They couldnt do anything about it.

If they annoyed the Qin Family because of that, it would be the last thing the Li Family wanted to see.

Gu Ning flew to City D early in the morning on Saturday.

However, while Gu Ning was on her way to City D, Leng Shaoting arrived at City F at the same time.

He planned to surprise her, but her phone was turned off.

Leng Shaoting thought that maybe Gu Ning was not in City F.

She had a company in City G and went to City G often, so Leng Shaoting guessed that Gu Ning could be in City G.

He wasnt sure yet, so he didnt fly to City G abruptly.

It was also possible that Gu Nings phone was dead.

Around 11 am, Gu Ning arrived at the airport in City D.

She didnt notice that Leng Shaoting had called her until she turned her phone on later.

“Hi, where are you now” Leng Shaoting asked the minute he answered Gu Nings call.

“Im in City D now, and I just got off the plane,” Gu Ning replied.

“I just arrived at City F,” Leng Shaoting said.

He sounded a little upset.

“What” Gu Ning was surprised.

“Why didnt you tell me earlier”

“I wanted to surprise you,” Leng Shaoting said feeling disappointed.

Gu Ning didnt know what to say, but she was moved.

“Wait for me in City F.

Ill be back tomorrow morning.”

“Fine,” Leng Shaoting answered.

After that, Gu Ning called K to make an appointment with him.

K and Gu Ning were going to meet in an exclusive resort called Quanlin Resort.

Although Gu Ning had never been there before, she had heard of it and read news about it on the Internet.

It was a beautiful resort with an outstanding natural view.

And it was a place that was safe for celebrities to meet, eat or discuss business.

Only the rich or the authorities could afford it.

Gu Ning didnt know how much wealth K had, but she knew that he was far richer than her.

On the way to the resort from the airport, a picture again emerged before Gu Nings eyes.

A big red truck suddenly lost control and hit a black Cayenne into the guardrails on a highway.

The black Cayenne fell from the 10 meter high road and crashed into pieces, which resulted in the death of the three people in the car on site.

Gu Nings heart tightened.

Since she could see the picture, it must have something to do with her, and she had to stop it from happening.


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