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Chapter 2296: Its None of Your Business

Evil cultivators often fought against each other for resources, but Miao Jingjing was working for Gu Ning now, so Gu Ning was naturally worried about her.

Miao Jingjing was no longer a cultivator, and she might be in danger if her enemy caught her.

Evil cultivators wouldnt obey the law after all.

“In case the air of the evil cultivator completely fades away and we wont be able to find the evil cultivator, Ill chase after them right now.

Call me after you arrive at the flower trading center.

Ill tell you where I am then and you can come over,” said Jing Yunyao.

Because Gu Ning was coming from the Haicheng District, it was far away.

Even if Gu Ning drove very fast, she wouldnt arrive until an hour later.

It was snowing heavily, so the traffic on the road was much slower and Gu Nings speed was limited too.

At this moment, she still needed about twenty minutes to get here, and Jing Yunyao didnt have time to wait for Gu Nings arrival before searching for Miao Jingjing.

“No problem,” said Gu Ning, then hung up.

She focused on driving and tried to reach the flower trading center as soon as possible.

Jing Yunyao immediately used her senses to track where the air of the evil cultivator went.

As long as it still existed, Jing Yunyao could feel it.

Therefore, after a short while, Jing Yunyao made sure of the direction and chased after them.

Fifteen minutes later, Gu Ning finally arrived at the flower trading center, then she called Jing Yunyao.

At this time, Jing Yunyao was still following the air of the evil cultivator ahead.

She hadnt met the evil cultivator yet.

Once Gu Ning heard which direction they went, she drove over.

Following the air of the evil cultivator, Jing Yunyao drove to a remote place.

About an hour later, she arrived in the wilderness.

There was no one around and it was only a weedy road.

Because the ground was covered by snow, Jing Yunyao could clearly see the tracks left by a car.

She thought it must be the car driven by the evil cultivator.

However, that was just a guess since the tracks might have been left by other cars.

Although this was a wilderness, there was a road, so there might be a village ahead.

However, she could feel that the evil cultivator went along this road given the air she sensed.

After driving on the narrow road for about a dozen minutes, Jing Yunyao saw a few houses in front.

A van was stopped next to one of the houses.

Jing Yunyao wasnt sure whether the person living inside was the evil cultivator, but she didnt continue to drive in case she was discovered.

After getting out of the car, Jing Yunyao was ready to walk over.

However, before she reached the house, she heard a car approaching from behind.

Even if the car didnt appear in Jing Yunyaos view yet, she knew that it was Gu Ning.

Therefore, she didnt leave and stood there waiting for Gu Ning.

Before long, the car drove into Jing Yunyaos view, and it was indeed Gu Nings car.

Gu Ning stopped her car behind Jing Yunyaos, then got out of it.

“How is it going” she asked, walking towards Jing Yunyao.

“There are a few houses ahead.

I dont know whether theyre occupied.

They are far away, so I cant sense the air of the evil cultivator from here.

In case the evil cultivator is in the house, and to prevent them from being alerted, which will put Miao Jingjing in danger, I stopped the car here,” said Jing Yunyao, showing obvious worries.

“Ill go with you.” There was indeed a distance, so Gu Ning couldnt feel the air of the evil cultivator either, but she could use her Jade Eyes to see inside the house.

Without delay, Gu Ning did that.

With the help of her Jade Eyes, she could clearly see the inside of any objects and places from a distance.

After Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see the inside of the houses, she found two people in one of them.

One of them was a woman in a black coat, while the other was Miao Jingjing.

Miao Jingjing was lying on the ground.

Her face was scratched several times with blood on the corner of her mouth, and she was struggling.

The woman in the black coat was looking down her nose at Miao Jingjing.

She seemed very pleased and proud.

Even though Gu Ning understood that Miao Jingjing might be in great danger after being caught by the evil cultivator, she was still angry when she saw her miserable look.

Gu Ning withdrew her sight and told Jing Yunyao what she saw.

They didnt know how long Miao Jingjing could survive, so they immediately rushed over.

There was a distance of about two hundred meters, so Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao arrived in a couple of seconds.

As Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao approached, the evil cultivator sensed them.

However, she was enjoying the feeling of successful revenge, and didnt react quickly.

When she came back to her senses, Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao had already knocked the door open and appeared in front of her.

The evil cultivator didnt know them, but could feel their high cultivation levels.

She was surprised and tried to grab Miao Jingjing and hold her hostage.

She wasnt sure whether she could defeat Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao.

Although she wasnt certain whether they came for Miao Jingjing or her, as long as Miao Jingjing was in her hands, she would be safe.

Unfortunately, Jing Yunyao moved faster than her.

Before she could grab Miao Jingjing, Jing Yunyao stopped her and they started fighting.

Gu Ning didnt join them, and instead ran to check on Miao Jingjings condition.

After all, the evil cultivator was no match for Jing Yunyao.

Miao Jingjing had already fainted, and her injuries were very serious.

She was dying, but luckily she was still alive.

It wasnt too late.

Gu Ning laid her hand on Miao Jingjings lower abdomen, then put magical power into her body.

The evil cultivator wasnt at a high level, while Jing Yunyao was a senior cultivator in the Yuan Ying Period, so it couldnt be easier for her to defeat the evil cultivator.

After the very first move, the evil cultivator realized that she could barely fight back.

Within ten moves, she had completely lost to Jing Yunyao.

“You…” Looking at Jing Yunyao, the evil cultivator was astonished.

To her surprise, Jing Yunyao was very strong and defeated her within a short time.

“Whats the grudge between you and Miao Jingjing Why did you have to injure her so seriously” Jing Yunyao asked.

Since the evil cultivator abducted Miao Jingjing, there must have been a grudge between them, but she didnt know what it was yet.

Although the evil cultivator had the idea that Jing Yunyao might have come for Miao Jingjing, she was still a little surprised when it was verified.

She couldnt believe that Miao Jingjing knew a senior cultivator.

She had no idea how Miao Jingjing lost all of her abilities as a cultivator, but it seemed to have something to do with JIng Yunyao.

“Its none of your business!” said the evil cultivator.

Even if she was already caught by Jing Yunyao and she was scared, she wouldnt give in because of her pride.


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