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Chapter 2250: A Bigger Bet


All of those countries were enemies of Gu Nings country, so they always behaved against Gu Nings country.

Gamblers from the other foreign countries which had a good relationship with Gu Nings country, like Country Y, had no hostility for Gu Ning.

Instead, they hoped that she could defeat the best gamblers from Country R, Country M and Country H.

As for themselves, they would do their best and wouldnt be unhappy even if they lost.

Gamblers from the rest of the foreign countries were mainly onlookers who also wanted to win.

Everyone could join the game, as long as you werent afraid of failure and could pay for the result.

Because all the best gamblers were very rich, the bet was a lot of money.

It was normally millions of yuan and could even reach a hundred million yuan.

Therefore, most people came to watch the drama.

They didnt dare to gamble with those gamblers, because they obviously couldnt win.

This gambling competition wasnt very different from a normal one.

The only difference was that the participants were all the best gamblers of different countries and the bet was a lot of money.

They could even bet on a part of their body, like an ear, eye, hand, or foot.

It was cruel sometimes.

Two sides must reach agreement beforehand and sign their signatures to avoid trouble in the future.

Anyway, it was hard to say whether they could really avoid trouble.

They could do bad deeds secretly after all, and it wasnt easy to be caught without evidence.

Therefore, it was a dangerous bet, but it happened every time.

After all, it was a competition between countries, so they could be violent sometimes.

“Alright, Ill see how skilled Miss Tang is,” said the gambler from Country R.

He was challenging Gu Ning publicly.

Even if Gu Ning was very good at gambling, he was determined to scare her off.

If he seemed worried right now, he would make himself a joke.

“No problem, Ill show you what I can do.” Gu Ning replied proudly.

It seemed that she was well-prepared to win.

The best gambler from Country R was unwilling to seem weak, and Gu Ning certainly wouldnt yield.

Looking at the proud Gu Ning, the gambler from Country R felt annoyed.

He felt slighted.

No woman had ever dared to slight him before.

Watching Gu Ning, the gamblers from Country M and Country H became unkinder.

They felt that she was quite aggressive.

The gambler from Country R was mad, but couldnt lose his temper right now.

He only gave her a glare and promised to himself that he would make her the biggest loser.

Facing his glare, Gu Ning seemed calm and wasnt affected at all.

However, the calmer Gu Ning seemed to be, the more displeased the gambler from Country R became.

Therefore, Gu Ning was obviously the winner at their first encounter.

Right at this moment, Ji Manlin saw Gu Ning, but there were a lot of people around her, including Ye Chaoxiong and Ye Jiasheng, so she didnt dare to interrupt.

She could only watch from the side.

Hunter, the gambler from Country M, couldnt stand it and said acidly, “Miss Tang, since youre so confident, why dont we have a bigger bet when were gambling against each other in a while”

Facing Gu Ning, Hunter remained relaxed and didnt seem guilty at all, as if he just blinked by accident when they met.

Even if it was just a coincidence, Gu Ning would still pay special attention to him.

Some people who knew Hunter well had a premonition, because they knew Hunter was very violent and cruel.

Several gamblers looked at Gu Ning unkindly, while others were worried about her.

There were people who trusted her too.

Those who looked at Gu Ning unkindly were people who couldnt wait to gloat over her failure and the best gamblers from foreign countries.

Some local gamblers also waited to see her failure.

Not everyone loved his or her country, and selfish people only cared about themselves.

They alway waited to gloat over other peoples bad luck.

Ye Chaoxiong and the others were worried about Gu Ning, but they also trusted her.

Several gamblers who really admired Gu Ning and the other gamblers from foreign countries who had a close relationship with Gu Nings country supported her.

Only a few had those thoughts because not many people knew Hunter very well.

Gu Ning had heard about Hunter from Ye Chaoxiong.

She knew he was cruel and loved to play tricks, but she wasnt afraid or anxious at all.

“Hunter, since you have high expectations for me, I surely wont disappoint you,” said Gu Ning with a vague smile.

She was also challenging him.

“Do you know me” Hearing Gu Ning call his name, Hunter subconsciously asked.

After asking that question, he felt it was unnecessary.

It wasnt strange that she knew him.

He wasnt a nobody after all.

In addition, even if Tang Aining didnt know him, Ye Chaoxiong should have introduced him to her.

“Hunter, you know me, why cant I know you All the best gamblers from different countries are present here today.

Its very normal that we need to know each other beforehand,” said Gu Ning.

It sounded normal, but Hunter somehow felt that Gu Ning was implying something.

Especially when he saw her vague smile, he felt she seemed to know something about him.

No, it was impossible.

Hunter refused to believe that the dirty secret was already exposed.

After all, that man wasnt discovered yet.

Thinking of that, Hunter calmed himself down.

Without surprise, Hunter was the mastermind who planned to kill Tang Aining, but Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting only felt he might be guilty for the time being.

Why did Hunter want to kill Gu Ning He simply wanted to move her out of his way.

Someone told him that Tang Aining was very good at gambling.

Although he didnt think she was better than him, he still took her seriously.

Unfortunately, Tang Aining was still alive.

He was quite disappointed, but could do nothing about it.

Right now, he could only defeat her with his abilities.

“Great, lets go and see!” said Hunter.

He also looked very confident in front of Gu Ning.

In the crowd, Ji Manlin looked at Gu Ning and mocked.

“Humph, she thinks too highly of herself.

Shell only embarrass herself after she loses.”


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