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Chapter 2232: Yun Hongqing Comes

Chu Peihan made a public explanation that she didnt have a sugar-daddy and she didnt rely on anyone else but herself to win the role.

She also asked those who defamed her to show the evidence or she would sue them.

Chu Peihan didnt have many followers on Weibo, but she had a few thousand fans, so many of them saw it once she sent out the post.

Since they were Chu Peihans fans, most of them defended her and they all stood out to support her one after another.

Because of that, there were fewer people who continued to criticize Chu Peihan, but some didnt stop.

There were always haters on the Internet, and they refused to believe that Chu Peihan didnt have a sugar-daddy.

After a while, the crew of Life After Life, Legend of Demon Flower heard about it.

Because Chu Peihan joined them, they should defend her and the crew as well.

Therefore, the crew of Life After Life, Legend of Demon Flower posted the audition video of Chu Peihan and publicly said, “We only want skilled actors.”

After this post was sent out, Fenghua Entertainment and its artists all reposted it, Gu Ning included.

Gu Ning had a lot of fans.

She rarely sent out a post, so her followers immediately supported her once she sent out a post.

“Chu Peihan is Goddess Gus friend.

She doesnt need a sugar-daddy at all.”

“Right, although Chu Peihan is Goddess Gus friend, I still believe she won that role with her acting skills.”

“Even if Chu Peihan won the role through Goddess Gus connections, shes excellent at acting.

Shes also beautiful.

There is no reason for the director not to choose her.”

“If Chu Peihan isnt good at acting, Professor Gu of the Capital Film Academy wouldnt have taken her as his student.

Connections arent everything.

Professor Gu has turned down many children who are born in influential families.”

“Right, I believe Chu Peihan won the chance with her own abilities.

Everyone can see that from the video.”

“I agree.

Chu Peihan is indeed very good at acting.”


More and more people stood out to defend Chu Peihan, so nobody paid attention to the unkind comments.

There were still a few unkind comments, but they attracted less and less attention now.

At the same time, everyone learned that Chu Peihan was a close friend of Gu Ning.

Even if Chu Peihan won that role through Gu Nings connections, it was obvious that she was excellent at acting.

In addition, even if Chu Peihan relied on her relationship with Gu Ning to win the role, it was much more acceptable than if she had a sugar-daddy.

In fact, it was a totally different situation.

It wasnt shameful to rely on friends after all.

One relied on parents at home, and needed friends help outside; that was quite normal.

Before Han Chenglin could do anything, the topic lost its popularity so he felt a little upset.

It was good to know that Chu Peihan was fine now, but it wasnt he who helped her out, which made him feel a bit useless.

However, even though it was losing public attention, it still had a bad effect, so Han Chenglin thought that there was still something he could do.

He reposted the post sent out by the crew of Life After Life, Legend of Demon Flower and said: Cream rises to the top.

Shi Xiaoyue focused on the news from the beginning to the end, so she witnessed the whole process, and felt satisfied.

Chu Peihan didnt care much about the news, but she still felt touched that Gu Ning helped her out.

She sent Gu Ning a message on WeChat at once to thank her.

Although everyone knew her relationship with Gu Ning now and said she relied on Gu Ning to win that role, her mood wasnt affected.

She indeed met Lu Zhan because of Gu Ning and was chosen by him afterwards.

Then she had the chance to have an audition.

In that case, it wasnt wrong to say that she relied on her relationship with Gu Ning to win the role.

Shi Xiaoyue, however, was slightly worried about her cousin.

He was slower than Gu Ning and lost this chance to prove himself before Chu Peihan.

Right at this moment, Han Chenglins people found the person who spread rumors about Chu Peihan, so he took action right away.

At 5 pm, the person who spread rumors about Chu Peihan made a public apology.

She said she was just jealous of Chu Peihan so she made up rumors about her.

It wasnt true, and she said sorry to Chu Peihan.

It was done by Han Chenglin, but everyone gave the credit to Gu Ning, which made him feel even more upset.

Anyway, since the person already apologized, Chu Peihan chose to forgive her and let it go.

That afternoon, Leng Shaoting came back, so Gu Ning left the school after the classes were over.

However, before she walked out of the school, Gu Ning sensed the air of cultivators, and she immediately used her Jade Eyes to search for the cultivator.

This time, it wasnt those who always followed her, but the second elder of Tiandaozong, Yun Hongqing.

Gu Ning was surprised.

She didnt expect that the elder of Tiandaozong would come in person.

No need to guess, Gu Ning knew why Yun Hongqing came here.

It must have something to do with the magical power or what had happened to Jing Yunfei.

While Gu Ning was shocked, her phone rang and it was a strange number.

“Nice to see you, Miss Gu.

My surname is Yun, and Im Mo Qilins elder.

I need to ask you about something.

Is it convenient for you to have a meeting with me Im at the gate of your school now.

Dont worry, I dont want to hurt you.

We can talk right here,” he said on the phone with a very good attitude.

He didnt sound arrogant at all.

He didnt want Gu Ning to think he was a strange bad guy, so he mentioned Mo Qilin.

Because Mo Qilin knew Gu Ning, and Gu Ning would be relaxed if he had a relationship with Mo Qilin.

Mo Qilins senior was precisely Yun Hongqing.

He didnt propose to have the talk at a place with few people.

They could do that right outside the school, so Gu Ning would be safe.

Because Gu Ning knew Yun Hongqing was a good man and she also wanted to figure out why he came, she agreed.

“Sure, Im on my way out of the school.

Ill be at the gate in a minute.”

Yun Hongqing was slightly surprised by Gu Nings quick answer, but he was glad that Gu Ning agreed.

“Sure, Im over sixty years old, and Im in a gray suit standing under a big tree at the right side of the gate,” said Yun Hongqing in order to help her find him.

“Sure,” said Gu Ning and hung up.

After a minute, Gu Ning walked out of the gate and saw Yun Hongqing standing under the big tree, then she walked over.


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