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Chapter 2229: New Drama Produced by Fenghua Entertainment

Because Yuan Shuyan was Yuan Yiyangs cousin and they lived under the same roof, Yuan Shuyan was surrounded by her classmates and asked about the shocking news.

Yuan Shuyan knew this cousin of hers wasnt a good guy, but she was also surprised by the crimes he had committed.

However, the evidence was everywhere on the Internet now, and she couldnt avoid it.

Whether Yuan Yiyang really had done those terrible things, Yuan Shuyan refused to admit it was true.

She kept on saying that it was just a set up, because it could seriously damage the Yuan familys reputation.

However, all the evidence was public, so nobody believed Yuan Shuyans words.

They chose to ask Yuan Shuyan about it after the evidence was public simply because they wanted to hear the answer from her mouth, but obviously they failed.

Not many people asked Yuan Yilin about it, because Yuan Yilin was the Yuan familys direct descendant, while Yuan Yiyang was her collateral relative.

They didnt live together, so Yuan Yilin might not be aware of what Yuan Yiyang had done.

Besides, nobody dared to ask her.

It soon caused a great sensation, and the Ji family read the news too.

Ji Wennas father called Yuan Yiyangs father again and asked whether the news was true.

If it was true, they must end their marriage agreement between JI Wenna and Yuan Yiyang.

Although the Yuan family was a powerful family, they didnt have to climb up the social ladder using a rotten, big family.

In addition, the Ji family didnt have a much lower status than the Yuan family.

Ji Wenna was pretty too, and she could marry another good family of power.

Yuan Yiyangs father denied it strongly, not to comfort the Ji family, but for the Yuan familys reputation.

He couldnt admit it! He still insisted on saying that it was a set up done by Yuan Yiyangs enemies.

Yuan Yiyangs family was now busy collecting evidence to prove that it was just a set up.

Ji Wennas father wasnt dumb.

He had believed Yuan Yiyangs father once before when it wasnt a serious problem, but now he wasnt fully convinced after it became a great sensation.

Although he didnt know much about Yuan Yiyang because he had spent many years in the military and he hadnt heard much about Yuan Yiyangs reputation either, he was clearly aware of the bad deeds of those heirs of wealth and power.

However, before the final result came out, he couldnt end the marriage alliance between their two families.

He didnt want to take the risk of offending the Yuan family and suffering a loss.

Therefore, he decided to wait till the final result was out.

If Yuan Yiyang really had committed those crimes, but the Yuan family helped him get away with them and Yuan Yiyang was safe, he might accept it.

There were few men who didnt love playing around.

Ji Wennas father had that opinion not because he approved of that behavior or he did the same thing.

He was a soldier after all, and it wasnt allowed in the military.

If he broke the law, his career in the government would come to an end.

He had that opinion simply because he knew the reality of this society.

Gu Ning didnt bother to pay much attention to what would happen afterwards.

She only needed to know how it unfolded.

In the canteen in the afternoon.

“Im so surprised that Yuan Yiyang has committed so many terrible crimes! Now I have sympathy for Ji Wenna.

I wonder whether shell end her marriage agreement with Yuan Yiyang after knowing what he has done,” said Song Miaoge.

She was really shocked this time and suddenly sympathized with Ji Wenna.

She didnt really sympathize with Ji Wenna and would soon go back to normal and hate Ji Wenna as usual.

They were bitter enemies after all.

She had sympathy for Ji Wenna only because she was a kind girl.

“I bet shell end the marriage agreement.

No woman is willing to marry such a horrible man! Its disgusting,” said Zhang Zikai with hatred for Yuan Yiyang.

“Hard to say.

The Ji family aches to form a close relationship with the Yuan family.

I think the Ji family will accept it if the Yuan family can help Yuan Yiyang get away with those crimes.

They wont end the marriage agreement.” Song Miaoge snorted.

Although her family wasnt close to the Ji family, they were very familiar with each other.

Song Miaoge clearly knew how snobbish the Ji family was.

They would trade marriage for power.

In fact, Ji Wennas engagement with Yuan Yiyang was just a deal of power.

Ji Wenna agreed only because she wanted to have a higher status and she actually liked Yuan Yiyangs beautiful appearance.


Hearing that, Zhang Zikai didnt know what to say.

As a member in high society, she knew it wasnt uncommon.

There indeed were people who were willing to sell themselves or their dignity for money or power.

“Anyway, the Yuan family is a super powerful family.

Even though the scandal caused a great sensation now, Im afraid that people will soon forget it.

He wont be punished as he should be.” Song Miaoge sighed, and said in disappointment.

She didnt think Yuan Yiyang would be punished, because the Yuan family wasnt an ordinary family.

It was super powerful in this country and it wasnt difficult for Yuan Yiyang to get away with the crimes.

As long as those victims families were willing to settle it out of court, Yuan Yiyang would be fine after paying the compensation.

Gu Ning had thought about that too, so she didnt plan to let Yuan Yiyang stay in jail for too long.

It was enough if he was sentenced to a few months or half a year in prison.

If the police did nothing, she would tell K to spread the news to a broader range.

In order to alleviate the situation, Yuan Yiyang had to be sentenced to a few months in jail.

After all, he really had broken the law.

A few days ago, Chu Peihan went to do an audition for a new drama produced by Fenghua Entertainment.

She had the result today, so she shared the news with her friend in the WeChat group.

Chu Peihan had a very close relationship with Gu Ning, but she won the role relying on her acting skills, so she was very excited about it.

Although it wasnt a major role, she could show her face before the cameras.

She would play the role of the leading actresss companion, so she was an important role in the new drama.

The next day, the list of the main actors of the new drama produced by Fenghua Entertainment was released and it quickly became big news.

It was a fantasy drama called Life After Life, Legend of Demon Flower.

It was adapted from a popular web novel.

Although Fenghua Entertainment had its own scriptwriters, there were many good novels on the Internet as well, so they wouldnt miss any chances to make money.

Life After Life, Legend of Demon Flower told a story of the female main character who was a Demon Flower in her first incarnation, but she fell in love with a cultivator, Bai Wuchen.

Unfortunately, Bai Wuchen didnt like her.

What was worse, they were bitter enemies and he wanted to kill the Demon Flower.

Because the Demon Flower loved Bai Wuchen, she killed herself in order to not put him in a dilemma.


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