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Chapter 2164: Do You Think I Will Believe You

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However, Song Yang didnt dare to treat her badly, because she might have the goods on him.

If he annoyed her and she did something he didnt want her to do, it would be terrible.

“It doesnt mean anything.

I just want to know whether Zhao Xiaoxis death has something to do with you,” Gu Ning said.

She looked so calm that it seemed she wasnt talking about the life and death of people, but about what they had eaten today.

It made people wonder what she wanted to do.

“Zhao Xiaoxis death has nothing to do with me.” Song Yang firmly denied.

Whether this woman had evidence or not, he couldnt admit it.

“Its not true.” Zhao Xiaoxi retorted subconsciously.

Her death was clearly caused by Song Yang, and she was afraid that Gu Ning would believe in Song Yang, so she immediately said to Gu Ning, “It was him.

It was him who killed me.”

Gu Ning naturally couldnt say anything to it at this time.

She just glanced at it and gave it a look to comfort it.

She wasnt stupid and wouldnt believe whatever Song Yang said! She had her own judgment.

“But your reaction has betrayed you,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

She didnt feel displeased by Song Yangs denial.

On the contrary, it was clear that Song Yang wouldnt admit it so easily.

“Miss Su, everything needs evidence.

You cant say Im guilty without evidence,” Song Yang said coldly.

This was also a test.

He was testing whether she had any evidence.

“I dont have evidence.

If I had evidence, you wouldnt live well until now.” Gu Ning smiled, still seeming harmless.

Although Gu Ning said she had no evidence, Song Yang was still uneasy.

He was uneasy about the existence of someone who knew that he had killed Zhao Xiaoxi.

Therefore, cruelty flashed in Song Yangs eyes.

Gu Ning certainly saw it, but she didnt care about it.

Song Yang was too weak to be a threat to her after all.

Moreover, since it was determined that he was the murderer who killed Zhao Xiaoxi, then his good days would come to an end.

At this time, Gu Ning calmly touched Zhao Xiaoxi and put it into her telepathic eye space.

“Alright, I should go out now.


Song, enjoy yourself.” Gu Ning stopped arguing with him, and wanted to leave.

“Wait!” Seeing that, Song Yang immediately stood in her way.

Since she knew of his crime, he wouldnt let her leave right now!

“Anything I can help you with, Mr.

Song” Gu Ning asked.

“What the hell do you want” Song Yang asked.

He knew that she mentioned it to him in order to do something, so he wasnt sure that he was safe.

Song Yang couldnt relax.

After all, it was about his future, and he couldnt take it lightly.

“Didnt I tell you I wont do anything,” Gu Ning said, looking sincere.

Even if she said that, Song Yang refused to believe her.

“Do you think Ill trust you” Song Yang said.

“Believe it or not!” Gu Ning didnt care, and was about to leave, but was blocked by Song Yang again.


Song, please get out of my way.

Otherwise, I might accidentally say something that shouldnt be said, and Mr.

Song might get in trouble.” Gu Ning threatened.

“You…” Song Yang was angry, but he was naturally unwilling to let her leave.

She might tell other people about his dirty secret if she left!

“Oh, hey, Song Yang, good for you.

Youre here for a date with a beauty! No wonder you went to the washroom for so long! I didnt see you when I went there!”

At this moment, a male voice came.

It was a friend of Song Yang.

Someone interrupted them, so Song Yang was displeased, because it would be difficult for him to continue talking to Gu Ning about this matter when another person was here.

“Hi, beauty, may I know your name” The man greeted Gu Ning and stared at her with a filthy look.

“Hello, my name is Su Ning.

Sorry but I have something to do, so I need to go in first.” Gu Ning hated the mans gaze, but she still gave him a perfunctory answer.

Before the man could reply, she directly walked away.

“You…” Song Yang wanted to stop her, but he couldnt say anything even if Gu Ning stayed, so he gave up.

“Tut, tut, why didnt you bring her to see us Shes such a beauty! What You want to keep her as your own” The man teased Song Yang.

Although Song Yang was married, for them, even if they were married, it was very normal for them to have several mistresses.

Song Yang was in a bad mood now, but he couldnt show it in front of his friends, so he pretended to be relaxed and said, “Nonsense! Just an alumnus, and I dont know her.

She knows me, and just came over to say hello to me.”

“Oh, I see!”

Hearing that, the man felt disappointed.

Since Song Yang didnt know the woman, he couldnt get to know her through him.

“Alright, you guys keep on enjoying yourself.

Just now my wife called me and told me to go home.

I need to leave now.

Otherwise Ill be in trouble!” Song Yang wasnt in the mood to play around any longer, so he made up an excuse to go home.

Song Yang often used this excuse, so his friends were already used to it.

Because they knew his situation, they didnt force him to stay.

After Song Yang returned to the bar, he looked around, trying to find Gu Ning, but failed.

Because there were too many people in the bar, it wasnt easy to find a certain person.

Therefore, Song Yang didnt know whether she had left or was still here, but he couldnt search for her slowly.

He was afraid his secret might be exposed.

Now, he could only hope he was lucky, and that nothing would happen, otherwise, his life would be ruined.

He killed Zhao Xiaoxi for prosperity and wealth.

Now that he was living a better life, he naturally couldnt ruin everything he had now.

After Gu Ning left the terrace, she walked out of the bar, but didnt leave completely.

Instead, she went outside the bar, found a hidden place to hide, and waited for Song Yang to come out.

She knew that after what happened just now, Song Yang wasnt in the mood to play around anymore, so he would leave.

Although Song Yang didnt admit that it was he who had killed Zhao Xiaoxi, from his reaction, it had been confirmed that Zhao Xiaoxi was killed by him.

Therefore, it was time for Zhao Xiaoxi to show up now.

Zhao Xiaoxi wouldnt act here because there were too many people, and it would easily cause horror among the people.

Moreover, Zhao Xiaoxi didnt plan to kill him right after it showed up.

It wanted to torture him before he died.

It longed to see his scared look after he saw it.

It wanted to see him begging it for mercy.

Without surprise, shortly after Gu Ning came out, Song Yang showed up.

As soon as Song Yang came out, he took a taxi and left.

Because he came out to drink, he didnt drive.

Seeing Song Yang leaving in a taxi, Gu Ning followed him in a taxi too.

Gu Ning guessed that Song Yang should be going home, and in the information of Ks investigation, Gu Ning already knew where Song Yangs house was, so after getting in the taxi, Gu Ning directly gave them the name of the community.


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