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Chapter 2153: Hes Someone!

Seeing Jing Yunfei, Gu Ning wasnt happy because he had badly bullied Jing Yunyao many times before.

If it was the right time, she would pay him back for Jing Yunyao.

Gu Ning would punish every member of the eldest sons family of the Jing family.

“Miss Gu, can we have a private talk” Jing Yunfei asked after stopping Gu Ning.

Although he never respected mortals, he needed to be polite because he needed to talk about business with her.

“Who are you Why should I talk to you” Gu Ning asked on purpose.

“My name is Jing, the same Jing as Jing Ke.

Miss Gu, can we talk about business” Jing Yunfei said.

“I have to go to class.

You can talk to the person in charge of my company for business matters,” Gu Ning said.

She wasnt really asking him to talk to the staff of her company, but deliberately pushed him away.

In fact, she was the one who was in charge of the medicine business of her company.

Although Gu Ning was temporarily unable to confront him head-on, Gu Ning could fool him for a while, so she wouldnt easily agree to talk to him.

Even if they had a talk, it wouldnt succeed.

“Miss Gu, I can wait for you to finish your classes.

How about that” Jing Yunfei said.

As long as Gu Ning agreed to talk, it didnt matter that he waited for her for a while.

“Okay, but I dont have time at noon.


Jing, if you dont mind, please wait for me till this afternoon.

Im going to invite my classmates to share a meal together this afternoon.

We can book a table in the same restaurant.

Ill have a talk with you, then dine with my friends,” Gu Ning said.

In fact, it was a lie that she didnt have time at noon.

She deceived Jing Yunfei simply to keep him waiting for her for a longer time.

Actually, even in the afternoon, he might not be able to successfully strike a deal with Gu Ning.

“No problem.” Jing Yunfei didnt mind it at all.

“Miss Gu, can I have your number”

Gu Ning didnt refuse and gave him her number.

After that, Gu Ning went back to school.

Jing Yunfei understood that although Gu Ning agreed to talk with him, it didnt mean she would cooperate with him.

He didnt tell her what business he was going to talk about with her yet, and he also clearly knew Gu Ning had no plan to work with anyone on her medicine business.

Therefore, he was clearly aware that she would turn him down.

Even though he knew he would be turned down, Jing Yunfei still decided to have that talk because he had other purposes.

He met Gu Ning this time in order to use violence to force her to agree.

He dared to come to see Gu Ning today because he knew Dongfang Jinghong and Yin Shiyi were absent, otherwise he wouldnt be able to see Gu Ning smoothly.

They would stop him.

Once Jing Yunfei left, he directly went to have a rest in the hotel.

He would go to see Gu Ning again in the afternoon.

When Gu Ning got to the teaching building, it was ten minutes before the end of the second class, so she didnt go in directly.

Instead, she found a place downstairs to sit and wait for the class to be over and go inside then.

At noon, Gu Ning decided to invite Baili Zongxue, Song Miaoge, and Zhang Zicen to dine together in the afternoon, and they would go out of school to eat.

There was no reason, she just wanted to invite them to have a meal together.

Gu Ning didnt lack money anyway, so they wouldnt hesitate to use her money.

When they just started eating, Du Jialei and a boy walked in and saw Gu Ning as well as the other girls, so he immediately ran over.

After what had happened between Chen Fangmiao and Du Jialei, the Du family stopped helping the Chen family, which made the Chen family lose many business deals.

Chen Fangmiaos father had met Du Liwen a few times, but Du Liwen refused to help them again.

Du Liwen also honestly told them that it was already very kind of him that he didnt harm them again after they were punished.

It was impossible for him to help them now.

They had tried to kill his son, so he definitely wouldnt give them a helping hand again.

If they werent relatives, he might have punished them more seriously.

The boy with Du Jialei was his best friend in the school.

They were roommates too and the boys name was Gao Fei.

Gao Fei was a little shy.

Facing Gu Ning, he felt slightly timid because Gu Ning wasnt only a girl, she was also the chairman of a large business group, a very important figure.

Du Jialei couldnt relax either until he met Gu Ning several times, and actually he was still nervous now.

After greeting Gu Ning and the others, Du Jialei and Gao Fei shared the table with them after gaining their agreement.

Du Jialei also went to order a few more dishes.

Because they needed to pay before eating in their school, Gu Ning and the others had already settled their bill, or Du Jialei would have paid their bill too.

From a short distance, several of Du Jialeis roommates saw him dining with Gu Ning.

They were surprised and envious of him.

“How does Du Jialei know Gu Ning”

One of them sounded super jealous.

“Hes someone!”

“I saw Du Jialei dine with Gu Ning last time.”

“Are they relatives”

“Who knows!”

Hearing their discussions, other people felt it was really possible.

“Its none of their business that the boy knows Gu Ning.

Why are they so jealous”

“Theyre green with envy.

Countless people knew Gu Ning and Gu Ning has friends like everybody else!”

“Right, some people even have a relationship with the president.”


Gu Ning didnt care about their discussions about her.

They werent important after all.

However, there was a hateful look that Gu Ning really couldnt ignore, so she directly turned to look at the person who stared at her with hatred.

The person who looked at Gu Ning with hatred was Qu Hanjiao.

Qu Hanjiao didnt know that what had happened to her father had something to do with Gu Ning, but there was a long-standing grudge between them, so Qu Hanjiao never liked Gu Ning.

Qu Hanjiao now no longer hung out with Yuan Shuyan and Ge Qingqing.

She was all alone.

Although Qu Linan was arrested, the Qu family was still rich, but was hardly comparable to the old days.

It became an average rich family after being a second-rate, super-rich family.

Anyway, it was still richer than other rich families.

The terrible news hit the Qu family badly.

Qu Yifei lacked abilities to manage the company well, so he was deprived of the seat after only a few days.

Qu Linans younger brother, Qu Libei, now became the chairman.

Qu Libei was always ambitious and he had the abilities, so Qu Libei soon stabilized the situation after taking over the position.

He stopped the Qu family from losing more wealth.

Actually, it was also because Gu Ning didnt punish the Qu family very severely.

The whole family wasnt her target.

She only taught the person who made the mistake an unforgettable lesson.

Speaking of that, Qu Yifei had caused Gu Ning trouble too, and Gu Ning hadnt paid him back yet! She actually gave it up, because she would have done it earlier on if she had that idea.

Seeing Gu Ning looking over, Qu Hanjiao immediately lowered her head to eat her food in fear.

She hated Gu Ning, but she was very afraid of her.


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