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Chapter 2148: Yang Jun Is Taken away

“I…” Yang Jun panicked once again.

He knew that he lost his composure, so he argued at once.

“You wronged me, so I got emotional.”

Yang Jun kept on denying it, because he believed that they had no evidence.

Although he had been honest with Yang Siyuan, Yang Siyuan was the son of the deceased, so his confession alone didnt mean anything.

“Wronged Really” Gu Ning sneered.

Then she didnt continue to speak, but she turned to give a glance at Yang Siyuan.

Yang Siyuan understood it, and opened his mouth at this moment.

“This is what you admitted to me face to face.

How come youre wronged now”

“You can speak” Hearing Yang Siyuan talking, Yang Jun rounded his eyes in shock.

How could that be possible

“Yeah, sorry to disappoint you.” Yang Siyuan sneered.

Yang Jun was indeed disappointed, but he didnt think it would make any difference.

“So You said I confessed to you face to face, what about the evidence Do you have evidence If there is no evidence, you are slandering me, and I can sue you,” Jun Yang said.

Even if Yang Jun said that loudly, he was actually very scared.

However, he couldnt admit it.

Yang Siyuan didnt have evidence, so he was slightly worried.

If Yang Jun refused to admit it, he might not be able to punish him according to the law.

However, given the current situation, his worries were useless and he could only do his best to make Yang Jun confess.

“Yang Jun, my parents kindly adopted you.

They treated you so well.

They fed you and supported you in your studying.

Why are you so cruel to them” Yang Siyuan asked with strong hatred.

Hearing that, Yang Juns dissatisfaction with Yang Siyuans parents was immediately exposed.

“Why do you think they treat me well They told me to do this and that, and also forced me to exchange identities with you so that you could go to study in a prestigious university, while I could only go to a worse college…”

Till then, Yang Jun realized he shouldnt have said that, so he immediately explained.

“Oh, I didnt harm them.”

He couldnt admit it.

If he did, he would be put in jail.

Although Yang Juns reaction had proved that he had a guilty conscience and it could be judged that Yang Siyuans parents death really had something to do with him, it was better to get Yang Juns personal acknowledgment when there was no evidence.

Therefore, Yang Siyuan continued, “Yes, its our fault to ask you to exchange identities with me, but my family treated you well! Didnt you have the National College Entrance Examination again and get into a good university afterwards My parents did ask you to do some housework, but I did it too! I think that apart from the exchange of identities, there was nothing wrong with my familys treatment of you! You had what I had.

We even shared the same amount of allowance.

Do you have to hate my parents so much just for a mistake Did you have to kill them”

Yang Siyuans mood fluctuated as he questioned Yang Jun.

His fists were clenched tightly, and his veins protruded.

He could hardly wait to go up and beat Yang Jun, but he still controlled himself.

“I didnt…” Yang Jun denied it once more.

“Jun Yang, you killed my parents and youre still living in their room now.

Arent you afraid that theyll come to you in the middle of the night”

When Yang Jun heard that, his body trembled a little in fear.

At the beginning, he not only slept in Yang Siyuans parents room and had nightmares, he also had nightmares in other rooms.

After that, in order to be courageous, he directly slept in Yang Siyuans parents room.

At the beginning, he did have nightmares, but it gradually got better.

After a long time, there was nothing to be afraid of.

However, now that Yang Siyuan mentioned it, Yang Jun felt uneasy.

It wasnt that he didnt think about selling this house, but he was still paying off the mortgage for it, so he couldnt get rid of it.

Although the Yang family had some wealth, it would be unrealistic to spend more money to buy a new house.

Since there was already a house, why couldnt he live in it Therefore, Yang Jun boldly continued to live inside.

“I didnt kill your parents…” Yang Jun still denied it, but his willpower was no longer firm, because he was reminded again and again by Yang Siyuan that he had killed Yang Siyuans parents.

He felt even more guilty, so he couldnt bear it now.

Yes, what Gu Ning played was the will strategy.

Therefore, no matter how Yang Jun denied it, Yang Siyuan continued to say that Yang Jun had killed his parents.

“You killed my parents.

You confessed it.

You said you broke the brakes of my parents car, then you hired a car to hit my parents car.

You chose a bad road so that my parents car failed to stop in the car accident.

In that case, they could hardly survive.”

“No, no, no…”

Yang Siyuans words were like memories, and they became clearer in Yang Juns mind.

They refused to leave him and disturbing his nerves.

“Its you.

Its you.

You killed my parents.

You killed my parents, because you wanted to steal my familys properties.

You killed my parents!” Yang Siyuan continued.

Every word and every sentence he said annoyed Yang Jun.

In the end, Yang Jun lost control of himself.

“No! They deserved it.

Since they forced me to exchange identities with you, why didnt they allow me to inherit your familys wealth The Yang familys properties are mine.

They belong to me.

They wanted to transfer the company to be under your name, so I could only get it when theyre dead.”

He confessed to some extent.

“You jerk!” Yang Jun finally couldnt stand it any seconds longer.

Without delay, he punched Yang Jun with full strength, so Yang Jun was directly beaten to the ground.

At this time, Yang Siyuan was trembling all over in anger as tears rolled down his cheeks.

Although he was aware that his parents were killed by Yang Jun, he was still very irritated when he heard him confess.

Yang Jun was in great pain after being beaten, but he suddenly came back to his senses and realized that he had admitted it.

He was shaking with fright.

Although he had already admitted it, he was still trying to deny it.

“I didnt kill them.

I didnt.”

However, it wasnt convincing at all.

“Come in now!” Gu Ning called.

The second she finished, the door was pushed open.

Shao Chen and several other policemen walked in.

The moment Shao Chen saw Yang Jun, he had mixed emotions.

He was sad and angry.

Before today, they were close friends and he treated Yang Jun sincerely.

However, he found out that he was simply being used by Yang Jun.

While he was filled with anger, he felt sad too.

“You…” Seeing Shao Chen, Yang Jun was slightly surprised, but it wasnt strange because Yang Siyuan was there.

This forced confession was actually done by all of them.

Because Shao Chen learned his dirty secret, Yang Jun felt a little embarrassed.

He had used Shao Chen, but he also took him as his friend.

“Take him away,” said Shao Chen, and two policemen walked to Yang Jun at once.

Yang Jun tried to struggle, but failed.


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