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Chapter 2095: What a Stroke of Luck!

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However, it was Chen Fangmiaos fault, so they wouldnt vent their anger on Chen Hengsheng and Du Meiling, but they remained very cold.

As soon as the Chen family walked inside, Chen Fangmiao knelt down before Du Liwen and the others.

He apologized.

“Uncle, aunt, Jialei, Im sorry.

I was very impulsive last night.

Please forgive me this time.”

Chen Fangmiao looked very sincere, but his sincerity was out of fear.

He was afraid he would be put in jail if he couldnt get their forgiveness.

If it happened, his life would be ruined.

He was reluctant to be put in jail.

Du Liwens family was slightly surprised by Chen Fangmiaos sudden movement, but they didnt think it was unnecessary.

They werent touched at all because Du Jialei could have been killed.

Anyway, they wouldnt throw Chen Fangmiao into jail.

Du Jialei was fine after all, but they had to treat it seriously, otherwise they might do something even worse to Du Jialei.

Du Liwen said nothing, so his wife and Du Jialei kept their mouths shut.

“Liwen, I know its Miaomiaos fault.

Hes learned his lesson.

Hell behave himself.

Please forgive him once.

Were a family after all.” Du Meiling begged.

“Liwen, Im sorry for what has happened.

Its all my fault that I didnt educate him well.

Please give him a chance to learn to behave.

I promise Ill educate him better from now on,” said Chen Hengsheng.

Hearing that, Du Liwen felt it was funny.

Chen Hengsheng was an amoral person, so his son couldnt be better than him!

Seeing Du Liwen stay silent, Chen Hengsheng gave a glance at Chen Fangmiao who was still on his knees.

Chen Fangmiao immediately understood his fathers hint and kept on apologizing.

“Uncle, aunt, Jailei, Im sorry, I know its all my fault…”

“Alright, fortunately Jialeis fine this time, so I can forgive you this once.

But if it happens again, Ill call the police.

Now, you can go.” Du Liwen coldly warned.

“Of course, of course.”

Seeing that Du Liwen agreed, the three members of the Chen family thanked him repeatedly and left.

When the Chen family was gone, the Du family relaxed again.

After leaving the Du familys home, Chen Hengsheng and his family felt annoyed now that the problem was solved.

However, they had to swallow their anger because it was Chen Fangmiaos fault.

Du Liwen forgave Chen Fangmiao this time, but the Du family wouldnt be supportive of the Chen family afterwards.

At noon, Du Jialei went back to school for classes.

Right at this time, Gu Ning received Chu Peihans call.

Chu Peihan was very excited and told Gu Ning that Professor Gu met her after their classes were over that afternoon and asked her whether she wanted to be his student.

Chu Peihan had given a very excellent performance at their welcome party this year.

Professor Gu was Gu Guangmiao, the old man Gu Ning had seen when she accompanied Chu Peihan to the school last time.

He was the most respected teacher in the Capital Film Academy.

Many students wanted Professor Gu to teach them, but it was very difficult for Professor Gu to accept a student.

One had to be super lucky to get Professor Gus attention and approval.

Even if they couldnt become Professor Gus students, it was an honor to receive his guidance.

Moreover, Professor Gu had great connections in the entertainment industry.

As long as a student gained his support, he or she would have endless opportunities to play great roles in films or TV shows.

Most importantly, Professor Gu was a reliable teacher, and he disliked unspoken rules.

Hearing the good news, Gu Ning put on a broad smile.

It actually wasnt surprising, so Gu Ning wasnt shocked and only asked, “Did you agree”

Although she asked that question, Gu Ning was very sure that Chu Peihan agreed because Chu Peihan had told her it would be very helpful if she could become Gu Guangmiaos student.

Chu Peihan also made it very clear that she hoped Gu Guangmiao could pick her.

So now, since Gu Guangmiao really picked her to be his student, there was no reason for her to reject it.

“Of course.” Chu Peihan said proudly, “In order to celebrate it, Ill invite everyone to have a meal on Friday afternoon.

Hows that”

“Im not sure whether Ill be free then.

Well have to see,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt want to stand her friends up if she had something else to deal with at that time.

“Sure.” Chu Peihan wasnt disappointed because she knew that Gu Ning was very busy.

She understood it.

They chatted for a while before hanging up.

The news that Chu Peihan became Professor Gus student soon spread abroad in the Capital Film Academy.

It caused a great sensation and a lot of jealousy.

“Jesus, Chu Peihan was accepted as Professor Gus student.”

Because of the welcome party, Chu Peihan gained some fame in the Capital Film Academy.

Her performance was indeed very attractive.

“Yeah, its hard not to be envious of her.”

“Why couldnt I be so lucky”

“Well, she isnt only beautiful and skilled at acting.

I heard she also has a total score of 653 points at the National College Entrance Examination.

Its Level A.”

“What Thats unbelievable.

She can study in prestigious schools if she wants.

Its rare to see a student with a total score above 600 points in the Capital Film Academy.”

“Right, only capable people could make full use of their opportunities.”


“Why was Chu Peihan the chosen one”

“Why cant it be me Im not worse than Chu Peihan.”

“What a stroke of luck Chu Peihan has! She became Professor Gus student.”


Fu Xiaoxiao didnt come to the school, and instead read scripts at home.

She just agreed to play a role in a new show, but it was an unimportant supporting female role.

Anyway, given her current influence, she couldnt get leading roles or major supporting roles.

She might get an important supporting role if she was lucky enough.

Therefore, she had to focus on increasing her publicity and fame.

Fu Xiaoxiao was already an actress with some fame in the entertainment industry, but she still got jealous when she heard that Chu Peihan was accepted by Professor Gu as his student.

She had tried to beg Professor Gu to accept her, but Professor Gu refused.

Not long ago, she tried again, but Professor Gu refused her once more.

Professor Gu refused simply because he disliked her acting.

Although she was an actress now, she didnt have strong support, so she could only play unimportant roles, which was far worse than what she wanted.

If she were Professor Gus student, it would be easier.

Now a big boss had offered a major supporting role to her on the condition that she sleeps with him, she was thinking about it, but couldnt make the decision.


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