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Chapter 1994: How Could the Leng Family Be So Ruthless

Chen Qiuyin was about to leave to meet her friends for a facial when she received a call from Shen Yanfengs secretary and learned that Leng Shaoting had arrested Shen Yanfeng.

“What Did Yanfeng get taken away by Leng Shaoting and his men Why” asked Chen Qiuyin with her voice trembling in shock as her face turned ghastly pale.

Shen Zhilin happened to be around when Chen Qiuying answered the phone and was sitting in the living room eating fruit.

The moment she heard what her mother said, she was instantly stunned and the apple in her hand fell onto the ground.

“He was charged for involvement in drug trafficking, bribery, and helping to cover up the drug traffickers tracks,” said Shen Yanfengs secretary.

“What” The moment Chen Qiuying heard this, her face collapsed, and she was unable to wrap her mind around this.

“What Did Dad get taken away by Leng Shaoting Was he involved in drug trafficking, bribery, and helping to cover up the drug traffickers tracks How could he have abused his power T-thats impossible! This cant possibly be happening.

This is impossible…” Shen Zhilin found this inconceivable.

How could her father have done this What would happen to the family if her father was arrested

Chen Qiuying found this unbelievable as well.

However, since it was Shen Yanfengs secretary calling to inform her of the matter, it was probably true.

Chen Qiuying already knew that Shen Yanfeng had broken the law.

Also, it had something to do with the Chen family, but she did not have the full details.

Was the Chen family going to get implicated now that Shen Yanfeng was arrested Chen Qiuying promptly called Master Chen after thinking about this.

Master Chen was Chen Qiuyings eldest uncle.

Chen Qiuyings parents passed away when she was just a kid, so she was raised in Master Chens household.

They always treated her like she was their biological daughter, so Master Chen was like a father to Chen Qiuying.

The Chen family only found out about this matter when Chen Qiuying told them about it.

They were terrified when they heard of Shen Yanfengs arrest.

“How could the Leng family be so ruthless to their relatives” said Master Chen furiously.

Although Leng Shaoting was the person who made the arrest, he must have done it with the Leng familys approval.

Despite knowing that the Leng family were upright in nature, they were relatives with the Shen family after all, so they ought to have helped the Shens.

However, they ended up disregarding these biological ties.

“Qiuying, go to the Leng family immediately and talk to Master Leng,” said Master Chen.

No matter what, she had to give it a shot.


I will go now…” Chen Qiuying wanted to give it a shot as well, so she acknowledged Master Chen before getting ready to head over to the Leng residence.

Master Chen was terribly worried that Shen Yanfeng and his mens actions would incriminate the Chen family.

After all, the Chen family was involved in Shen Yanfengs drug trafficking business.

After Master Chen spoke to Chen Qiuying, he hung up the phone and quickly called Chen Jinpeng to talk to him about this, but Chen Jinpengs phone was off.

Master Chen was unworried about Chen Jinpeng.

He was confident that Chen Jinpeng would not leave any clues lying around and was certain that Shen Yanfeng would not betray Chen Jinpeng.

The Shen family consisted of Shen Yanfeng and his wife and daughter as well as Shen Yanfengs little brother, Shen Yanzhi.

Although Master Shen had passed away years ago, Shen Yanfeng and Shen Yanzhi did not split the inheritance and move away.

Instead, they were next-door neighbors.

The two of them were still closely linked through the family establishments.

Since Shen Yanfeng was a politician and was unable to run any business privately, Shen Yanzhi managed all the family business.

However, even though Shen Yanzhi managed the family business, Shen Yanfeng had far more shares than his little brother.

After all, the family business relied heavily on Shen Yanfeng and the Chen family.

Since Shen Yanfeng was a government official, most of his shares were placed under Shen Yanzhis name.

Even though Shen Yanzhi was dying to steal Shen Yanfengs shares of the business, he did not have the guts to do it.

Despite knowing of Shen Yanfengs dirty deeds, Shen Yanzhi did not dare to bail on him.

If anything happened to Shen Yanfeng, he would get incriminated as well.

After all, most of the crimes Shen Yanfeng committed were done for the sake of the family business.

If not for Shen Yanfengs involvement, the family business would never have performed so well.

However, Shen Yanzhi did not come to know of Shen Yanfengs arrest through Chen Qiuying.

Instead, he learned of it when the police went to the company.

Some of Shen Yanfengs illegal activities were connected with the family business, so it was under investigation.

As the company CEO, Shen Yanzhi was naturally taken away for investigation.

In an instant, the Shen family went into chaos.

Master Leng came to know of this matter firsthand from Leng Shaoting while the others caught wind of the matter through word of mouth.

Most of the people in the Leng family were unaware of Shen Yanfengs illegal activities, so everyone was caught by surprise when they heard this.

It was unbelievable that Shen Yanfeng could be capable of this and the Leng family were worried about getting embroiled.

Although the Leng family did not take part in any illicit activities, people were bound to talk since they were relatives!

Everyone in the family was relieved to hear that Leng Shaoting personally arrested Shen Yanfeng.

That way, no one could accuse them of any collusion.

After all, if the Leng family had taken part in the drug trafficking, Leng Shaoting would not have personally arrested Chen Jinpeng.

Since Leng Shaoting was in charge of the operation, everyone was confident that he could take care of it.

The moment Yuan Wenrui caught wind of Shen Yanfengs arrest, he was furious.

He had worked with Shen Yanfeng, so he was worried that Shen Yanfeng would divulge his participation.

Now that Chen Jinpeng was arrested, it was too late to get worried.

He could only notify his father immediately and figure out how to deal with the problem.

Master Yuan was aware of Yuan Wenruis involvement in bribery and drug trafficking.

He had always wanted to form an underground authority to deal with illegal activities.

Although the Yuan family owned commercial establishments, it was not a huge business and they did not have as many assets.

In comparison to common citizens, they were naturally wealthy folks.

However, their assets were insignificant compared to a truly powerful family.

After Master Yuan learned of Shen Yanfengs arrest, he was terribly worried that Shen Yanfeng would divulge Yuan Wenruis involvement.

Despite the Yuan familys high status, they could not get away with everything! Also, Leng Shaoting was behind the arrest!

The Yuan and Leng families were one of the four most influential families in the capital and had comparable status, but the Leng family was a notch higher than them.

After all, the highest authority in the government hailed from the Leng family.

The other families naturally felt afraid of the Leng family and were dying to take over the Leng familys role as leader of the elite families.

That would mean a far higher status for them.


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