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Chapter 1966: Zi Beiying Rescued Mrs.


Actually, given their family background, it wasnt a problem for them to play the leading actress.

However, it would harm their career in the entertainment industry, because the audience might have a bad impression of them for competing unfairly.

In that case, no matter how hard they tried in the future, they wouldnt be able to get rid of that bad impression.

Although Gu Ning heard their conversation, it had nothing to do with her, so she did nothing.

After having the meal, they slowly walked back to their school.

Back at school, when they were walking in the small woods, they met Qu Hanjiao.

After Qu Linan encountered trouble, Qu Hanjiao hadnt come to school for a long time, but she returned when the national holiday was over.

However, she was reluctant to talk most of the time and rarely hung out with Yuan Shuyan and Ge Qingqing.

She stayed alone more often.

The moment Qu Hanjiao saw Gu Ning, she looked angry, but she said nothing.

Instead, she only glared at Gu Ning with hatred.

However, Gu Ning couldnt care less about her glance.

Zhang Chengtao guessed that he was paid back by Chen Darong, so he didnt investigate it when Harada Honichi was beaten.

He could only lie to Harada that he failed to find out anything.

He didnt tell Harada he was injured either, so he asked to stay in a ward on a different floor from Harada to avoid seeing him.

Because Harada was wounded, he couldnt go back home today.

He had to wait till he was slightly better.

Zhang Chengtao was injured too, so he didnt go to visit Harada with the excuse that he was occupied.

Instead, he sent his secretary to visit Harada.

At 4 pm, Xu Jinchen went back to their military base.

He was unwilling to leave, but he had to do his job.

Zi Beiying was also unwilling to see him leave, but she still pretended to be happy on the surface and even chased him away.

Xu Jinchen didnt mind it, because he understood that Zi Beiying didnt mean what she said.

Although neither of them said their affection towards each other aloud, both of them were aware that they were in love.

They hadnt confessed their affection to each other yet, because they needed more than just affection.

They had to be suitable for each other as well.

Therefore, they agreed to get along for a while till they were sure they were right for one another.

After Xu Jinchen left, Zi Beiying went to the commercial street, because Xia Maiqi was back and they were going to meet at 4 pm at the commercial street.

Xia Maiqi arrived in the morning, but she was too tired after taking a flight for more than 10 hours, so she rested first, then went out to meet Zi Beiying.

Shortly after Zi Beiying had wandered around the commercial street for a while, Xia Maiqi came.

Once they met, they had a big hug.

“How long will you be here this time” asked Xia Maiqi.

“No idea, but it should be long.

Anyway, its boring staying home.

I have you and Gu Ning here.

We can gather together often to have some fun!” said Zi Beiying.

Actually, when she said that she had Xia Maiqi and Gu Ning, she secretly said to herself that she also had Xu Jinchen.

“Right.” Xia Maiqi agreed, because she knew Zi Beiying didnt have many friends in Country J.

“Lets go shopping! I think Im running out of clothes,” said Xia Maiqi.

Actually, she didnt lack clothing at all, but women never had enough clothes and always felt they needed more.

“Why not!” said Zi Beiying, then they went to look at clothes.

After shopping, both Xia Maiqi and Zi Beiying had bought two sets of clothes and went to dine together.

They decided to have roasted duck, but not to the famous roasted duck restaurant in XX alley at East Street.

Although it wasnt far from the food street, there werent any vacant seats.

And Zi Beiying was unwilling to turn to Xu Jinchen for help.

Xia Maiqi told her that there were many other restaurants which were good at roasted ducks as well.

The one in XX alley at East Street simply got famous and popular through publicity during the past few years.

At the food street was a good roasted duck restaurant that was popular too, so they relied on their luck to get several seats.

Fortunately, they were lucky today and there was one table available in the roasted duck restaurant.

It was in the hall, because all the private rooms were occupied, but they didnt mind it.

After arriving at the roasted duck restaurant, Zi Beiying went to use the washroom.

Coincidentally, Mrs.

Xu came to dine at this roasted duck restaurant as well.

She was in the washroom too.

When Zi Beiying walked over, Mrs.

Xu stepped out of a cubicle, but the floor was a little slippery after being mopped.


Xu didnt know, so she slipped and fell backwards.

Seeing that, Zi Beiying quickly ran to support Mrs.

Xu and protected her from falling.

“Maam, be careful.

Its slippery,” said Zi Beiying kindly.

She didnt know Mrs.

Xu, so she had no idea that she was actually Xu Jinchens mother.

“Thank you so much! If it hadnt been for you, I would have fallen badly.” Mrs.

Xu was horrified.

“Youre welcome,” said Zi Beiying.

“Are you a kung fu lover” asked Mrs.

Xu with curiosity, because Zi Beiyings quick movement showed her ability.

“Yeah,” said Zi Beiying.

“Well, Im surprised.

Youre so pretty after all.” Mrs.

Xu complimented.

Looking at Zi Beiying, Mrs.

Xu felt quite amazed.

She had a very good impression of Zi Beiying.

At this moment, Mrs.

Xu even had an idea to ask Zi Beiying whether she had a boyfriend.

However, she gave it up afterwards, thinking that her younger son already found a girl he liked.

“Thank you for your compliment, maam.” Zi Beiying thanked Mrs.

Xu politely since Mrs.

Xu complimented her.

After that, Mrs.

Xu walked out, and Zi Beiying went to use the washroom before going back to her seat.

When they finished eating, they met Mrs.

Xu again at the door.

This time, Zi Beiying saw a familiar face which was Xu Qinyin.

“Miss Zi!” Xu Qinyin was greatly surprised to see Zi Beiying.

“Oh, hi, Miss Xu!” Zi Beiying was astonished to see Xu Qinyin too, but she suddenly felt nervous once she saw the woman by Xu Qinyins side.

There were two women with Xu Qinyin.

And one of them was exactly Mrs.

Xu Zi whom Beiying just rescued.

Could they be seniors of the Xu family

She was worried that at least one of them was.

“Do you know each other” Mrs.

Xus eyes lit up at once.


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