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“This meal is on me.

Let me tell you a secret.

Ive picked up some money on a road.

It was said that you must share the money that you accidentally picked up with someone else, or youll have bad luck.” Gu Ning lied to Yu Mixi with the same old excuse.

“Really Thats great.

Then this time is on you.

Ill buy you a meal this afternoon.” Yu Mixi didnt reject this time.

She also had heard the old saying.

The canteen had two floors.

The first floor was for the public, providing cheap and not delicious food.

The food was made in a large amount every time.

Taste wasnt the first priority, as long as the food was cooked.

The second floor was a private dining place.

You could order whatever you wanted first, then the cook would cook for you one by one.

Accordingly, the price was much higher.

If you dined in the public cafeteria, 10 yuan would be enough.

However, if you dined in the private cafeteria, a hundred yuan were barely enough.

So when Gu Ning proposed to have their meal on the second floor, Yu Mixi immediately refused.

Gu Ning wouldnt listen to her, and walked to the second floor directly.

Yu Mixi then had to follow up.

Though the students in the private cafeteria werent as many as the students in the public cafeteria, the second floor was mostly occupied, because there were lots of rich kids.

The second Gu Ning and her friend went upstairs, an unkind female voice sounded, “Gee, isnt this Gu Ning from the fourth classroom Isnt she the well-known poor student Why is she here”

Gu Ning actually wasnt famous at all.

Only her classmates or Gu Xiaoxiao and Qin Zhengs friends knew her.

The girl had already mentioned Gu Ning was from the fourth classroom, which meant she wasnt Gu Nings classmate.

The girl also couldnt be Qin Zhengs acquaintance.

Gu Ning was sure that she must be a friend of Gu Xiaoxiaos.

Gu Ning had no intention to argue back.

She looked over at the girl.

The girl was exactly Gu Xiaoxiaos good friend.

Her name was Chen Ziyao.

She was a senior from the second classroom.

Chen Ziyao was born in a rich family as well.

Her father, who had dozens of millions of assets, was a director of a famous real estate corporation.

The corporation Chen Ziyaos father worked for was in close cooperation with the company Gu Xiaoxiaos father worked for.

They gathered together often.

Chen Ziyao and Gu Xiaoxiao became good friends naturally.

Chen Ziyao also knew what had happened between Gu Ning and Qin Zheng.

However, Gu Xiaoxiao and Qin Zheng had asked her to keep the truth to herself, so she never told anyone.

Gu Ning just gave her a glance, then ignored her.

She went to an empty table with Yu Mixi, starting to order.

Gu Ning ignored Chen Ziyao, but in Chen Ziyaos eyes, Gu Ning was a coward.

She was used to laughing at Gu Ning all the time, and Gu Ning never had argued back.

“I think she probably has picked up money on a road,” a girl who sat beside Chen Ziyao added.

They never miss any chance to make fun of Gu Ning.

Yu Mixi, on the other side, was surprised that the girl knew the fact.

Seeing Yu Mixis face, Gu Ning didnt know how to explain.

Before long, Gu Ning had finished their order.

It was the best meal they ever had in school for all those years.

“Gu Ning, isnt this too much” Yu Mixi asked.

They had spent almost two hundred yuan.

If they ate in the public cafeteria, two hundred yuan were totally enough for a week.

“Dont worry, its nothing.” Gu Ning replied.

Yu Mixi then closed her mouth.

“Oh, let me see what do you two poor little girl have today.” Chen Ziyao stood up, walking towards Gu Ning.

She assumed Gu Ning and Yu Mixi must be too poor to have something really good.

Only those rich girls who were bored would enjoy making fun of others.

The minute Chen Ziyao came over, Gu Ning put away the bill.

She stood up and went to the cook.

Gu Ning directly ignored Chen Ziyao again.

Chen Ziyao was displeased.

She reached out to grab the bill.

However, Gu Ning wouldnt allow her to do that.

Gu Ning moved slightly away.

Chen Ziyao grabbed nothing but air.

She felt embarrassed, shouting at Gu Ning afterwards, “Gu Ning, how dare you to escape!”

Chen Ziyaos angry voice raised attention from many students.

Gu Ning ignored Chen Ziyao earlier because she didnt want to get into trouble, but now the trouble found her, Gu Ning decided to face it.

She stopped, looking straight at Chen Ziyao, “Why not”

Chen Ziyao was struck dumb suddenly.

She didnt expect Gu Ning would argue back.

In Chen Ziyaos eyes, Gu Ning was merely a poor weak miserable girl.

She could bully Gu Ning whenever and wherever she wanted.

But now everything was different.

Gu Ning even argued her back in front of everyone.

Chen Ziyao felt shamed, “Gu Ning, you know youre a poor girl and have no right to fight against me!”

“Whats wrong with me being a poor girl Its none of your business.

You have no right to stand in my way!” Gu Ning argued again.

She never liked Chen Ziyao.

“You…” Chen Ziyao was annoyed.

Actually Chen Ziyao did have no right to stand in others way.

Now, the onlookers all believed Chen Ziyao had shamed herself.

Amid everyones dislike, Chen Ziyao was more than irritated.

She knew she had no right to stand in Gu Nings way, but she was so used to making fun of Gu Ning.

Chen Ziyao couldnt accept the fact that Gu Ning had stood up against her.

Therefore, Chen Ziyao didnt give up, “Gu Ning, do you know your mother was pregnant before getting married Youre merely a bastard without a father…”


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