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Chapter 1923: They Arent Ordinary People

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Seeing Gu Ning walking towards her, Jiang Dina couldnt take the pressure.

She was afraid Gu Ning would break her rib again, so she blurted it out, “I admit defeat.”

Gu Ning stopped and lazily said, “Since you admit defeat, apologize to me on your knees now!”

Jiang Dina was obviously reluctant to do that, so she didnt move right away.

Upon thinking that she had to apologize to Gu Ning on her knees, she felt utterly humiliated.

She couldnt convince herself to do it.

“What Do you want your rib to be broken again” Gu Ning gave her a cold sideways glance, which scared Jiang Dina.

It wasnt because Gu Ning was cold-blooded and aimed to humiliate her, but because Jiang Dina asked for it herself.

She tried to cause Gu Ning trouble, so there was no reason for Gu Ning to forgive her.

Jiang Dina turned around to give a glance at her friends, but none of them had the intention of helping her.

Jiang Dina felt disappointed, but she could understand it..

They were afraid of Gu Ning after all.

Since she couldnt run away from it, she decided to not delay the punishment.

She slowly knelt down towards Gu Ning, then knocked her head against the ground and apologized to her.

“Im sorry.”

Because Jiang Dina finished the punishment, Gu Ning let her go, but she still warned her.

“Jiang Dina, I never want to cause anyone trouble, but it doesnt mean Im afraid of trouble.

If you try to make things difficult for me again, I wont mind disabling you next time so that you can stay away from me forever.”

Gu Ning understood that her threat would only annoy Jiang Dina, but it wouldnt be her fault if Jiang Dina wouldnt stop causing her trouble after she warned her.

After that, Gu Ning left with Cao Wenxi and Tang Jiakai.

Before that, Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxi exchanged a glance with each other.

Both of them gloated over Jiang Dinas failure, which filled Jiang Dina with fury.

Once Gu Ning and her friends were gone, Jiang Dina sank to the ground.

She couldnt wait to kill Gu Ning to get rid of the humiliation she had suffered today.

After going through the defeat, Jiang Dina and her friends were in no mood to have fun today, so they left as well.

“Jiakai, can you send me the video you just took” Gu Ning said when they were far away from the martial art club.

“Sure.” Tang Jiakai gave his phone to Gu Ning at once, then said with excitement, “Ningning, youre really unbelievable.

I can see the two people are very skilled, but you beat two of them by yourself.

I feel lucky that I didnt join in the match, otherwise I would have been defeated within a second!”

Thinking of that, Tang Jiakai now felt quite lucky.

“They arent ordinary people, theyre professional killers,” said Gu Ning.

“What” Hearing that, Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxi were shocked.

“Professional killers Jiang Dina has professional killers by her side Did she deliberately hire them to hurt you” said Cao Wenxi in surprise.

She knew Jiang Dina never gave up taking revenge, but unexpectedly Jiang Dina would hire professional killers.

However, it was just a guess, and she wasnt sure of it.

“Who knows!” said Gu Ning.

She actually didnt think so, but couldnt talk about that with them too much.

Gu Ning watched the video on Tang Jiakais phone, then took a screenshot of the two ninjas and sent it to her own phone.

“Ningning, what are you going to do with that” asked Tang Jiakai curiously.

“Nothing, Ill just find out more information about them,” said Gu Ning, then added, “Dont tell anyone about what happened tonight.

From now on, you also need to be careful not to run into the two people in case they take revenge.”

“Sure,” said Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxi with a serious expression.

They knew how strong these two people were.

If they really ran into them, they would be in a lot of danger if they were attacked.

Gu Ning sent K the picture and told him the address of the club.

She told K to hack into the surveillance cameras to see where the two people went later.

She decided to follow them, but she couldnt leave right now, so she asked K to do it with the help of the surveillance cameras.

Once K received her message, he replied to it with a positive answer.

Because of Jiang Dina, Gu Ning and her friends were nearly half an hour late.

So when they arrived at the private room to meet Gao Chengyun and the others, it was already 10:40 pm.

Seeing Gu Ning, everyone greeted her with a smile.

“Gu Ning, been a long while.

Hows everything going in the Capital University” asked Gao Chengyun with concern.

“Not bad,” said Gu Ning with a smile.

“Has anyone caused you trouble” An Ran asked, “Youre so beautiful and outstanding.

Many girls must be jealous of you.”

“There were several contemptible wretches making trouble, but it wasnt a big deal,” said Gu Ning with great pride in herself.

They knew Gu Ning was as strong as she was brave, so it wasnt easy for anyone to bully her.

At about 12 pm, K sent a message to Gu Ning, saying that the 2 people separated from the others and went to a house in a certain living block after they left the clubhouse.

K then told Gu Ning the number and address of the house.

At 12 pm, Gu Ning and her friends also left.

Gu Ning didnt drink much, so that she could drive, even though traffic police tended to avoid luxurious cars, because they were unwilling to mess with people of power.

The clubhouse wasnt far from the Tang familys house, so they arrived in 20 minutes.

After they were in the Tang familys house, they quickly went to bed.

Back in her room, Gu Ning didnt go to sleep right away.

Instead, she put on a black suit with a baseball cap.

Afterwards, she lightly jumped out of the window, sneaking out of the Tang familys house without being caught by the surveillance cameras.

She wanted to have a look at the place where the two ninjas stayed.

Although they might be asleep at this moment, Gu Ning still planned to check it.

Perhaps she would find something new!

Although it was already 12:30 am, there was still a lot of traffic outside, so Gu Ning quickly took a taxi after walking out of the Tang familys house.

Then she headed towards the living block where the two ninjas stayed.

The living block was in the suburbs, but it was late now, so there wasnt a traffic jam.

In about 20 minutes, Gu Ning arrived.

After getting out of the car near the living block, Gu Ning walked to the side of it, then went straight inside from the surrounding wall.

She avoided the surveillance cameras as much as possible and walked towards her destination.

She fully disguised herself, so it wouldnt cause any problems even if she was caught by the surveillance cameras.

No one could see her face after all, so nobody would recognize her.

Outside the house, Gu Ning hid herself in the bushes before using her Jade Eyes to see inside.

In the house, the two ninjas were still awake, talking about something in the study.

However, because of the distance, Gu Ning couldnt hear what they were saying.

Afterwards, Gu Ning immediately moved to the backyard of the house.

By the foot of the wall of the study, she finally heard their conversation.


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