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Chapter 189 Shao Pings scheme

“Well, my jade jewelry store is going to open in City G tomorrow.

In case accidents would happen, I want to hire some guards to protect the jewelry, and help us with keeping order on site.

Do you have any recommendations for good security contractors” Gu Ning was actually aware that the Qing Gang had its own security contractor, but she didnt say it directly, so that she hid the fact that she already knew his real identity.

“Youre going to open a jade jewelry store” Situ Ye was surprised.

He didnt expect that Gu Ning was able to run a business at such a young age.

“Wow, youre really incredible!”

As for her request, it was nothing to him, so he answered with alacrity, “I have a security contractor myself.

How many guards do you need I can arrange it for you tomorrow.”

“Really That would be so great! I need 10 please,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem, were friends!” Situ Ye replied.

In fact, people in gangs valued friendship.

As long as you were their friend, they were willing to do their best to help you.

Of course, they hated betrayal the most.

Once you betrayed them, you were doomed.

News At Half Past Six aired at 6:30 pm, when everyone was enjoying their meal, or having a rest after dinner.

It was great entertainment to eat or rest while watching the show.

Shao Ping was lying on the sofa right after his dinner.

He turned on the TV watching News At Half Past Six.

He had already known about the recently most popular brand Jade Beauty Jewelry.

He was also super jealous of the Kings Green.

He couldnt help

thinking to himself, “why couldnt I have cut out the Kings Green, and won a fortune.”

Besides, the Jade Beauty Jewelry was a high-end brand using jade from the medium-high level and above.

His Zhoufu Jewelry couldnt even provide several medium-level jade, and mainly used the medium-low or low-level jade.

His brand had barely two hundred million yuan in assets, and was becoming less popular.

He also understood that it was because he had replaced Zhou Zhenghong to be the new boss of Zhoufu Jewelry.

His behavior affected the brand of Zhoufu Jewelry.

Shao Ping didnt want to accept the truth, but he had to face it.

He still had no idea that Zhou Zhenghong was in charge of the Jade Beauty Jewelry, or he would have been totally shocked.

However, before long he indeed was shocked, because Zhou Zhenghong appeared on News At Half Past Six with the Kings Green in his hands.

His title was the chairman of the Jade Beauty Jewelry Company.

Shao Ping jumped up from the sofa rounding his eye in shock.

“No, its impossible! Impossible!” Shao Ping refused to believe it.

His wife, who was in the kitchen washing dishes, heard his angry voice and came running out to him.

“What happened”

“Zhou Zhenghong is the chairman of the Jade Beauty Jewelry Company! Can you believe it” Shao Ping pointed at the TV.

“What Thats impossible!” Mrs.

Shao almost couldnt accept it, but the news playing on the TV made it very clear.


Shao had also heard of the Jade Beauty Jewelry.

She had even told her friends that she would be going to have a look tomorrow.

Women loved jade after all.

Although her husband ran a jewelry company, that jewelry wasnt of good quality, and was barely comparable to Jade Beauty Jewelry.

However, she had no idea who was the boss of the Jade Beauty Jewelry back then.

So when she found out that Zhou Zhenghong was the boss, she was so shocked that she wasnt even aware that her dish-washing cloth fell onto the ground.

“Where did he get the money Where the hell did he get the jade” Shao Ping couldnt figure it out.

He didnt believe that Zhou Zhenghong was able to collect that much money and jade in a short time, but Zhou Zhenghong was the chairman of the Jade Beauty Jewelry all of a sudden.

Shao Ping was deeply confused.

Usually, the chairman was the most influential boss in an enterprise, so Shao Ping didnt know that there was a big boss behind Zhou Zhenghong.

“No, I cant accept it.

I cant!” Zhou Zhenghong almost screamed in anger.

“Honey, dont you know Leader Hu in the Qing Gang Why dont we turn to him for help” Mrs.

Shao proposed an evil plan.

She understood that once Zhou Zhenghong became successful again, he would get revenge on them.

“Right! We can ask Leader Hu for help.” Shao Ping immediately called Leader Hu, but Leader Hu refused to do them a favor, saying that their boss was doing a full-scale investigation in their gang recently and that he didnt dare to receive money in private.

Although Shao Ping called him Leader Hu, he was only the head of a small group.

Shao Ping was mad, but didnt dare to say another word, because he didnt want to annoy the man and cause himself the trouble.

However, Leader Hu also recommended some hoodlums to Shao Ping.

Those hoodlums didnt serve in the Qing Gang, so they werent restricted.

Shao Ping agreed.

When the News At Half Past Six was on air, Qin Yifan was in the Li Familys house.

Both he and Li Zhenyus family were astonished by the fact that Zhou Zhenghong was the chairman of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

“Did Zhou Zhenghong cut out the Kings Green How come I heard nothing of it from the street of stone gambling And the Jade Beauty Jewelry is a high-end brand.

Where did he get the money and the jade” Li Zhenyus father Li Zhiyong was shocked as well as confused.

He, who also worked in the jewelry industry, had heard of what had happened to Zhou Zhenghong, so what was happening now was very surprising.

Qin Yifan, instead, had a different opinion.

He recognized that Zhou Zhenghong was the man who had been with Gu Ning last time in the street of stone gambling.

And Gu Ning was so talented in stone gambling.

Thus Qin Yifan thought that the Kings Green must be Gu Nings.

He even had the thought that Gu Ning had something to do with the Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Thinking of that, Qin Yifan couldnt help but take a long breath in.

If so, Gu Ning would be too incredible!

Those were all his guesses, but those could all be true.

He would have called Gu Ning and asked her, if they didnt have an awkward relationship now.

The competition among businessmen who were involved in the same industry was fierce, especially between peers.

Li Jewelry had three hundred million yuan more than Zhoufu Jewelry in assets, but the jewelry they provided was at the same level.

They both had gold, silver, platinum and diamond on sale, Li Jewelry just had more medium-level jade than Zhoufu Jewelry.


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