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Chapter 1881: Youre Only an Ordinary Person

Although the Ge family was rich compared with ordinary families, it was barely comparable to Gu Ning and Pegasus Entertainment.

Both Gu Ning and Pegasus Entertainment had over billions of yuan in assets, while the Ge family only had hundreds of millions of yuan in wealth.

“Ge Haodong, youre just an illegitimate son of the Ge family.

You dont have the qualification to judge me!” Criticized by Ge Haodong, Ge Jiaying lost her temper and attacked him.

Being humiliated by Ge Jiaying, Ge Haodong wasnt annoyed, because it was true that he was an illegitimate son of the Ge family, but he didnt care about that.

He was the only son of the Ge family, and the Ge family valued boys above girls, otherwise the Ge family wouldnt have brought him back.

Therefore, the Ge familys wealth would be his sooner or later.

“Even if Im an illegitimate son, Im the only son and sole heir of its wealth, so its my responsibility to protect it,” said Ge Haodong with a provocative smile.

“You…” Ge Jiaying was furious.

If it werent for this illegitimate son, the Ge familys wealth would be hers.

Unfortunately, this illegitimate son showed up all of a sudden.

Because of that, Ge Jiaying hated Ge Haodong to death, but she didnt dare to kill him.

“Alright, thats all I can say.

I hope you can bear it in mind, or Ill have to report it to father,” said Ge Haodong, walking away and leaving Ge Jiaying behind.

“Ge Haodong!”

Ge Jiaying was furious, but she could do nothing about it, because she knew that her father would side with him.

She had no position in the Ge family now.

Ge Jiaying walked into the ladies room again and didnt come out until she composed herself.

When she was back in the hall, Ge Jiaying stopped trying to strike up a conversation with Gu Ning, because Gu Nings attitude told her everything.

She was unwilling to embarrass herself again.

It wasnt because she had realized her fault.

One of the reasons was that Ge Jiaying was too proud to please Gu Ning once more after being embarrassed by her.

Anyway, Ge Jiaying didnt stop trying to strike up a conversation with all the other directors and producers.

In such an event, normally no one would deliberately show dislike towards another person.

Even if they met someone they disliked, they would still be polite at least on the surface.

The party was over at 8 pm, and all the people left one after another.

Before they left, Gu Ning already disappeared with Chu Peihan.

They took off their gowns beforehand, because it would be too noticeable if they went back to their schools in gowns.

Gu Ning planned to drive Chu Peihan back to Capital Film Academy first, then she would go to the Capital University.

Because they went to Haicheng District from the city center, there was a long distance with isolated roads.

When they were on their way to Haicheng District on an isolated road, Gu Ning suddenly sensed the strong air of two cultivators.

She got anxious all of a sudden, because she was worried that either Leng Shaoting or Jing Yunyao might encounter people of the Jing family.

Although there were many cultivators in the capital and she might be wrong, Gu Ning was still worried because she cared about Leng Shaoting and Jing Yunyao.

Therefore, she parked the car by the roadside.

“Whats wrong Is there any problem with the car” asked Chu Peihan.

“Not really, i just feel the air here is quite fresh.

Why dont we go to have a walk” said Gu Ning.

“Sure! I drank a little tonight, and I need to clear my mind,” said Chu Peihan.

She didnt think it was a bad idea.

Gu Ning needed to drive, so she didnt drink earlier, but Chu Peihan drank a lot, so she really needed to clear her mind.

Although this place was isolated, Chu Peihan wasnt afraid at all.

Gu Ning was very strong and she wasnt weak at all.

Even if anyone dared to hurt them, they wouldnt be harmed.

Therefore, they got out of the car.

Afterwards, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see where the air of cultivators came from.

She had to make sure of it.

It turned out that the two cultivators were in a fight at the mountain 200 meters away from the road.

One of them wasnt Leng Shaoting or Jing Yunyao, but Jing Jining, while the other was obviously at a higher level than Jing Jining.

Since she saw them, Gu Ning had to do something.

Although the flood dragon wasnt by her side now and she might lose, Jing Jining could help her so it shouldnt be a problem.

Gu Ning then took out a power crystal at once and gave it to Chu Peihan.

“Peihan, take it to get rid of the effect of alcohol.

You can drive back before me.

I need to deal with something right now.”

“Boss, its an isolated place.” Hearing Gu Nings words, Chu Peihan was shocked.

They were in an isolated place now.

What did Gu Ning need to do right here

Chu Peihan felt anxious and uneasy.

“I just got a piece of news that a fugitive criminal is fleeing into this mountain, so Im going to catch him.

Relax, Ill be fine.

You know my abilities, right” Gu Ning made up an excuse.

“But…” Chu Peihan was still worried, but she also knew that Gu Ning wouldnt change her mind once she made a decision.

It was useless no matter what she said right now.

“Fine, you must be careful.

Dont forget to send me a message once youre done.”

“Sure,” said Gu Ning, then rapidly ran to the mountain.

Her speed amazed Chu Peihan, because it was too fast to be real.

After a long while, Chu Peihan regained her senses.

Without delay, she took the power crystal Gu Ning gave her before getting in the car and leaving.

She was alone, so she had better not stay there any longer.

It wasnt safe.

Although there was a distance of 200 meters to the mountain, Gu Ning reached them within 10 seconds.

Once someone was approaching, the two in a fight felt it, but they had no intention of avoiding it.

As soon as they stopped, they saw Gu Ning.

“Who are you” The cultivator stared at Gu Ning in annoyance.

He was surprised by the unbelievable speed of this mortal.

“What are you doing here”

Jing Jining was taken aback seeing Gu Ning, then frowned, because he was worried that Gu Ning might be in danger.

Hearing Jing Jinings words, the strange cultivator figured out that he knew this girl.

“To help you,” said Gu Ning.

Although Jing Jining was aware that Gu Ning was extraordinarily strong and had magical skills, he was facing a cultivator who was even at a higher level than him.

The strange cultivator laughed at Gu Ning when he heard what she said.

“Youre only an ordinary person.

Youre no match for me.”

He could feel that Gu Ning was stable and had a habit of practicing kung fu, but she was merely a mortal who was barely comparable to him.


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