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Chapter 183 Why Should I Be Mad at You

As long as Chen Ziyao apologized, the problem could be easily solved, but if she still refused to do so, she would be expelled like Gu Xiaoxiao.

If the student was willing to make up for what she did, the school wouldnt expel her, because it wouldnt do its reputation any good.

Under pressure from Jiang Yuan and Zhu Jian, Chen Ziyao had to apologize, but in her heart, she hated Gu Ning to death.

She swore that she would pay Gu Ning back.

When the afternoon classes were about to begin, the post was deleted, and was replaced by an apology statement.

Then Chen Ziyaos voice sounded from the radio.

“The student from the fourth classroom in 12th grade, Gu Ning, I am Chen Ziyao from the second classroom in the 12th grade.

It was me who has spread the fake news claiming that you have a sugar daddy.

Im sincerely sorry for what Ive done to you.

Please accept my apologies.”

The school burst into discussion.

Chen Ziyao was famous, no, notorious now.

This mess was finally settled.

After the apology, Chen Ziyao felt too ashamed to attend the following classes in her school, so she asked for a leave and went home.

Leng Shaoting kept focusing on the forum, and he noticed that as well.

When the classes were over, Gu Ning went back to Fenghua Luxury Mansion.

She saw Leng Shaoting standing outside of zone C from afar.

Because of what had happened today, Leng Shaoting didnt dare to pick Gu Ning up in case she would get into even more trouble.

He even hesitated to walk to her when she appeared in his sight.

Gu Ning understood why Leng Shaoting felt terrible, but it wasnt his fault anyway.

She was also willing to let him drive her to school.

Gu Ning walked over asking him, “Do you want to dine together”

“Sure!” Leng Shaotings eyes immediately lit up.

Then the two stepped outside.

Gu Ning called Gu Man and told her that she wouldnt be eating at home.

Leng Shaoting looked at Gu Ning after she hung up.

“Arent you mad at me”

“Why should I be mad at you” Gu Ning asked.

She understood what Leng Shaoting was talking about, and she wasnt mad at him at all.

“If I hadnt driven you to school this morning, it wouldnt have happened,” Leng Shaoting said.

“I was willing to get in your car! If I blamed you for your kindness, no one would treat me kindly in the future,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was relieved.

“What do you want to have” Gu Ning asked.

“Anything you want,” Leng Shaoting answered.

“Well then, lets see what choices we have on the road!” Gu Ning had no idea what to eat either, so she decided to take a walk along the road.

They walked on the Youyi Road.

There was a restaurant not far away from Fenghua Luxury Mansion.

It seemed quiet with a good environment, thus Gu Ning wanted to give it a try.

They chose a table beside the window.

After they had ordered the food, Gu Ning asked, “Why do you stay here all day recently Dont you need to work”

“Im free when I dont have tasks to fulfill,” Leng Shaoting replied.

In the past, he would never have said that.

Even if there werent any tasks, he would find something to do.

He wouldnt let himself be free.

However, ever since he had fallen in love with Gu Ning, he always wanted to stay by her side when he wasnt occupied.

Although they only met once or twice a day and didnt spend a lot of time together, he felt satisfied to be able to see her every day.

Well, he of course didnt think that it was enough, but it was so much better than missing her and being lonely.

Leng Shaoting could also deal with his duties through the Internet.

He didnt need to show up in person for every situation.

At that time, Gu Nings phone rang.

It was from Zhou Zhenghong.

Gu Ning didnt mind Leng Shaoting hearing the conversation so she answered it directly, “Hi, Uncle Zhou.”

“Boss, is it convenient for you now I have something important to tell you,” Zhou Zhenghong asked in excitement.

With his acute hearing, Leng Shaoting could obviously hear Zhou Zhenghongs voice.

He also recognized that Zhou Zhenghong was the man who had been with Gu Ning in City G last time.

“Sure!” Gu Ning said.

“We cut out a top-level jade the size of a grownups foot.

It has two colors which are red and green.

The type is called Double Happiness!” Zhou Zhenghong was thrilled.

“Double Happiness” Gu Ning was surprised too.

Double Happiness was ranked slightly lower thanFulushou, but was more precious than the violet jade.

Gu Ning knew that the raw materials she had picked up were all valuable, but she was happy to hear the good news from Zhou Zhenghong.

“Yes! Boss, youre amazing!” Zhou Zhenghong complimented.

He now believed that Gu Ning was more powerful than God, and he couldnt help thinking that Gu Ning probably really had Jade Eyes and could see the jade inside the raw materials.

Of course, he didnt say it aloud, nor believe it.

He thought that it was impossible.

However, what they couldnt believe was exactly the truth.

Leng Shaoting was amazed that Gu Ning was involved in stone gambling.

He knew very little about jade, and had no idea what the Double Happiness was like, but since Zhou Zhenghong said that it was a top-level jade, then it must be priceless.

Facing Zhou Zhenghongs endless compliments, Gu Ning smiled but didnt say anything.

She knew that she couldnt do it without her Jade Eyes.

“Oh, please use the Double Happiness to make a pair of pendants.

It must actually be two parts of a whole pendant.

There should be a dragon and a phoenix on each, which means eternal love.

As for the size, medium is fine.”

Double Happiness was the perfect jade to use to make a pair of pendants which stood for love.

Hearing the meaning of the pendants, Leng Shaoting had an idea in mind, but he wouldnt tell Gu Ning right now.

“Sure, do you want to keep it yourself, or show it at the opening ceremony” Zhou Zhenghong asked.

“Show it at the opening ceremony,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem,” Zhou Zhenghong answered.

When they were about to hang up, Gu Ning suddenly added, “Oh, Ill be coming in the morning the day after tomorrow.”

Gu Ning had thought that she better arrive earlier.

Although Zhou Zhenghong was completely in charge of the company, she should also give some advice if needed.

Jiang Xus construction material store would open tomorrow, and she had to be there, otherwise she would be flying to City G tomorrow evening.

Hearing that Gu Ning was going to City G the day after tomorrow, an idea dawned on Leng Shaoting.

“Great! However, the day after tomorrow is a Friday, dont you need to attend your classes” Zhou Zhenghong was happy to fetch Gu Ning, but was afraid of affecting her studying.


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