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Chapter 1836: Finish the Operation!

Hearing Gu Nings words, Doctor Cao was also displeased, and he said in a deep voice, “I need to know whether your so-called medicine is useful for the wounded.

What if its useless and harmful Can you take responsibility if any accidents happen”

He thought that Gu Ning was an arrogant girl.

However, for Master Song, he remained kind to her.

However, he forgot that it was Master Song who allowed Gu Ning to come in to stop the wounded from bleeding.

“Doctor Cao, Ill take responsibility no matter what happens.” Song Lao was annoyed.

They had no time to waste after all.

Although Doctor Cao was a little unwilling to do it, it was Master Songs order, so he had to compromise.

After that, Gu Ning went to the side of the operation bed, and immediately helped Song Miaoges mother take two power crystals.

Because Baili Zongxue was outside, Gu Ning couldnt directly use her magical power.

She could only use power crystals.

Fortunately, although Song Miaoges mothers injury was serious, her life wasnt in critical danger for the time being.

She would be fine after taking one power crystal, and Gu Ning helped her take two.

If a person with minor illnesses and pains took two power crystals at a time, it might be harmful.

Song Miaoges mother, however, was seriously injured, and she had already shed so much blood, so two power crystals could be taken together, and would have a better effect.

After Song Miaoges mother took the power crystals, she quickly stopped bleeding, which shocked the other people in the room.

“Finish the operation now!” Gu Ning coldly snapped at them, and the doctor who performed the operation got his mind back right away.

He suppressed the shock in his heart and continued to finish the operation.

They didnt care about Gu Nings criticism towards them.

The wounded lying on the operation bed wasnt an ordinary person, so they hoped that no accidents would happen.

The doctor who came back after getting blood was also stunned by the scene in the operation room.

After learning that Gu Ning had helped to stop the bleeding, he was even more shocked.

If it werent for the current situation, he would definitely ask Gu Ning for details.

Although the wound stopped bleeding, she still needed a blood transfusion because she had lost too much blood.

However, after taking Gu Nings power crystal, she gradually recovered, so the doctor was able to finish the operation within a short time.

Only Gu Ning went into the operation room, and the other members of the Song family stayed outside.

Although most of them trusted Gu Ning, they were still worried.

As long as Song Miaoges mother was not out of danger, they would not be at ease.

Gu Ning could come out after stopping the bleeding, but she didnt.

She didnt come out until the operation was almost finished and doctors started stitching the wound.

“Gu Ning, how is it”

“Miss Gu, how is it”

Once Gu Ning walked out, the members of the Song family immediately surrounded her.

“Dont worry, her lifes out of danger now.

The doctor is already stitching her wound,” Gu Ning said.

Upon hearing that, the Song family breathed a sigh of relief.

“Miss Gu, thank you, thank you so much.” The Song family repeatedly thanked Gu Ning for a while.

“Youre welcome, Miaoge and I are friends.

Since we are friends, we should help each other,” Gu Ning said.

Anyway, Gu Ning saved Song Miaoges mothers life, so they had to do something to thank her.

Master Song felt that it wasnt appropriate to give Gu Ning money, so he decided to ask Song Miaoge for more ideas later.

In another 20 minutes, the wound was sewn up, and the doctor walked out.

Although they all knew that Song Miaoges mothers life was out of danger now, they still asked for her condition once the doctor came out.

The doctor glanced at Gu Ning with obvious admiration on his face, then he looked at Master Song and said, “I dont know what medicine this girl has helped the wounded take, but Im sure its quite effective.

Because of her medicine, the wound stopped bleeding and the patient got a lot of strength back.

Therefore, her life is out of danger now.

She can be taken into a general ward for recovery.”

Generally, people who were seriously injured or had undergone major operations should enter intensive care, because their lives could still be in danger.

Song Miaoges mother was seriously injured and just had a major operation.

The doctors didnt have much confidence earlier, but now they were sure that her life was completely out of danger.

Accordingly, she could stay in a general ward.

“What Really Thats great!”

Hearing that, the Song family was very happy, and thanked Gu Ning again.

“Well, Miss Gu, can we have a private talk” the doctor asked Gu Ning with anticipation.

Gu Ning easily figured out what the doctor wanted to talk about with her, so she said without delay, “If you want to ask me about the medicine, Im afraid I cant tell anything about it.

It was given to me by a master.

I dont know how this medicine is made.

It has been studied by hospitals before, but there was no result.

I dont have many of it with me, and I just helped Miaoges mother take two pills.

Im sorry, I cant give you any even if you want it.”

When the doctor heard that, he was quite disappointed.

However, since Gu Ning said that, he couldnt force her to help him.

At the same time, he was surprised by this mysterious medicine whose ingredients remained secret.

He thought that Gu Ning was lying to him, but Gu Ning had already made it very clear that she couldnt help, so he couldnt say anything about it.

Even if he said anything further about it, Gu Ning wouldnt give it to him.

It would be useless to talk more.

When the Song family heard Gu Nings words, they were even more grateful to her.

Such an effective medicine must be very expensive!

Gu Ning also said that the medicine was quite rare, but she was willing to give two pills to Song Miaoges mother, which showed that Gu Ning was really kind to their family!

In a while, Song Miaoges mother was pushed out, and they went to the ward together.

The Songs family wasnt an ordinary family, so they naturally ordered a high-level VIP ward.

Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue stayed in the living room and didnt go into the bedroom.

The Song family soon walked out of the bedroom, because Song Miaoges mother needed quiet and fresh air.

If there were too many people, the air would naturally be less fresh.

Because the Song family hadnt acknowledged Gu Ning and Baili Zongxues presence right after they came, Master Song apologized to them.

However, they actually didnt mind it.

Afterwards, Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue left, while Song Miaoge stayed to take care of her mother in the hospital.


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