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Chapter 1790: Fate Brought Us Together

Song Miaoge was really happy.

Because of Gu Nings achievements, she admired and adored her.

She always wanted to become friends with Gu Ning.

However, it was her first meeting with Gu Ning, so she didnt ask for her phone number or WeChat ID.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was slightly surprised too.

“Wow, I think fate brought us together!”

It was indeed fate that brought them together.

Students were mixed and matched.

Although they lived in the same dorm room, they might be from different classes.

Actually, they were matched according to their family backgrounds.

Normally, students living in the same dorm room were from families of the same social status.

Therefore, Gu Ning was sure that Song Miaoge couldnt be from an ordinary family.

As for her other two roommates, they must have either a rich or powerful family too.

“Oh, are you free later If you are, why dont we go dine together” said Gu Ning.

She had a good impression of Song Miaoge and they would spend the following years in the same dorm room, so it wasnt a bad thing if they could be close.

“Really Can I dine with you” Hearing that, Song Miaoge was excited.

She heard it clearly, but she still asked Gu Ning that question because she was afraid it was just a courtesy.

If she really agreed, Gu Ning might be embarrassed.

“Of course.” Gu Ning understood Song Miaoges worries, so she gave her a sincere smile.

“Wonderful, Im free later.

Please wait for a second.

Ill go to put down my suitcase first.” Once Song Miaoge made sure that Gu Ning was indeed going to share a meal with her, she pulled her suitcase while running to their dorm room.

She didnt want to keep Gu Ning and her friends waiting for her.

“I think Song Miaoge is adorable.” Chu Peihan was amused by Song Miaoges reaction.

“Well live in the same dorm room, and shes a very good girl.

Its better if we can be good friends,” said Gu Ning, then she reminded her friends.

“You all should also bear that in mind.

Make as many friends as possible and avoid having enemies in order to not be involved in unnecessary trouble.

Im not saying that you should submit to humiliation, but we must be careful.

If anyone dares to cause you trouble, dont grin and bear it.”

“Sure, we understand.” Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi nodded.

Within a minute, Song Miaoge left her suitcase in the dorm room and went to go downstairs with them.

“What do you prefer to eat” Gu Ning asked Song Miaoge.

Since she proposed to buy a meal for Song Miaoge, she should ask for her opinions.

“Im not picky.

You can make the decision,” said Song Miaoge.

She didnt care much about it.

Along the way, Gu Ning could feel the air of the cultivator who followed her.

He didnt leave until she and her friends left the campus.

Because the cultivator already found the university Gu Ning would study in and he also knew her class and dorm room, he could easily find her in the future as long as she came to school.

Therefore, he didnt bother to continue to follow her.

After all, he might not have any chances to catch her even if he kept on following her.

Gu Ning and her friends didnt go far, and instead chose to dine at a nearby restaurant.

They dined near their school, so there were many students of the Capital University in the restaurant.

They were busy talking about the news of their school.

Some news was about Gu Ning, while some was about other people.

“Gu Ning, the top scorer of this year, came to enroll today.

Shortly after she came, she had a conflict with Yuan Shuyan, the deputy minister of the Department of Arts.

Gu Ning is really bold.

Isnt she afraid that Yuan Shuyan will pay her back Yuan Shuyan was born in the Yuan family of the capital after all.”

Once Gu Ning and her friends walked inside, they heard students sitting at the next table discussing that.

The Yuan family

Gu Ning had guessed correctly.

Precisely because she already made that guess, she wasnt surprised now.

Chu Peihan and her other friends, however, were astonished.

They didnt expect that Yuan Shuyan was born in such a powerful family.

Nevertheless, they werent worried about Gu Nings safety, because Gu Ning wasnt weak at all.

Yuan Shuyan had the Yuan familys support, and Gu Ning had the Tang familys support.

Although the Tang family was in City B, it was as powerful and influential as the four dominant families in the capital.

If the Yuan family dared to take advantage of Gu Ning, the Tang family wouldnt let it get away with it.

They knew what powerful families shouldnt do.

They never wanted to compete against other powerful families of the same level as them.

If two powerful families of the same level began to compete against each other, there would be no winner.

As a result, they didnt think the Yuan family would punish Gu Ning just for Yuan Shuyan.

The important condition was that they learned Gu Nings family background.

In addition to the Tang family, Gu Ning also had Leng Shaotings help.

Gu Nings friends didnt know about Leng Shaotings family background, but they were aware that he was a major general.

Accordingly, he must be a man of power too.

In that case, the Yuan family would have to think twice before they took action to hurt Gu Ning.

It was an unimportant grudge between Gu Ning and Yuan Shuyan.

If Yuan Shuyan failed to defeat Gu Ning and was unwilling to give up, the Yuan family would be dragged into the situation sooner or later.

A powerful family cared a lot about its face, so it wouldnt allow other people to take advantage of its members.

If it encountered another powerful family of the same level, it might not take it seriously, but it wouldnt hesitate to punish the weak.

Moreover, Gu Ning also had the support from the Qing Gang.

Although nobody told her, Gu Ning could see that Situ Ye liked her.

Therefore, if anyone dared to bully her, Situ Ye would definitely do something.

In fact, if Gu Ning didnt have a boyfriend, Chu Peihan would hope that Gu Ning could be together with Situ Ye.

Song Miaoge, who didnt know Gu Nings connections, felt worried about her.

Gu Ning was very outstanding among her peers, but she was barely comparable to the Yuan family.

Besides, power was always more influential than wealth.

Even though Gu Ning was very rich, without the support of power, it would be very easy for the Yuan family to scheme against her.

However, it was Gu Nings own business, so she said nothing even if she was worried.

She was willing to protect Gu Ning, but they werent close for the time being.

It was impossible for her father to annoy the Yuan family for Gu Ning.

As a result, Song Miaoge could do nothing about it.

“You can read the menu, and order whatever you want to eat.

No need to hesitate,” said Gu Ning.

She handed the menu to Song Miaoge first.

She couldnt care less about the discussion she just heard.

Song Miaoge was excellent at observing other peoples expressions.

Since Gu Ning and Gu Nings friends didnt show any worry after hearing about the Yuan family, she realized that Gu Ning might be even more influential than she thought.

She didnt know how influential Gu Ning was, but Gu Ning at least wasnt scared of the Yuan family.

She believed Gu Ning wasnt an arrogant or naive girl who thought too highly of herself after achieving some success.

If Gu Ning was, she wouldnt be able to become more and more successful.

Song Miaoge took the menu and ordered two of her favorites.

The others also ordered some.

The students sitting at the next table didnt stop talking about Yuan Shuyan.


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