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Chapter 1779: An Arrogant Girl

Last night, Yu Mixi packed everything up, and they set off early the next morning.

After having breakfast at Shengshi Hotel, they went to Yu Mixi and Mu Kes school first.

Inside and outside the school, there were many cars and people.

They were all students who came to enroll and their parents who came along with them.

As the economy developed, most families had cars nowadays.

Therefore, in the past two days, a group of cars with license plates from other cities had flooded into the capital, making the already congested capital even more crowded.

Because there were too many good cars, the million-dollar Hummer that Gu Ning drove wasnt so noticeable.

However, there were still a few people who kept glancing at it, because the Hummer was more attractive, eye-catching, and not cheap.

Although there were many luxurious cars in the capital, not many people could afford one.

Those who could afford a car which cost millions of yuan were still the minority.

Generally, the majority drove cars around two hundred thousand yuan.

With great difficulty, Gu Ning found a parking space to park her car.

Then they got out of the car, and dragged their luggage into the school.

At first, nobody paid special attention to the luxury car, but it made people think too much about it when its driver turned out to be a beautiful young girl.

Some were envious, some were jealous, while some were even full of hatred.

Her family must be very rich since she could afford such an expensive car, and many people became green with envy.

Everyone wants to be rich, especially being born rich.

It was unfair, but nobody could change it.

Those who were jealous of Gu Ning all had an unkind face.

Some might be envious of her because she had a rich family and she could own such a good car at a very young age, but some deliberately defamed her and said that she was a mistress.

Gu Ning didnt hear their discussion, or she wouldnt tolerate it.

Mu Ke and Yu Mixi smoothly finished their enrollment, then Gu Ning and Chu Peihan helped Yu Mixi get her luggage to her dorm.

As for Mu Ke, he went to his dorm alone.

Both Yu Mixi and Mu Ke lived in high-level dormitories.

In the high-level dormitories, there were four people in one room, with a separate bathroom and a balcony.

They were also spacious and well decorated.

Because Yu Mixi came earlier, no one was in the dormitory yet and she could choose a bed at will.

Yu Mixi didnt like the bottom bed, so she chose the upper bed.

As for the luggage, she simply took her stuff out.

She wouldnt move in today anyway, because she still needed to accompany Gu Ning to enroll tomorrow.

She would stay in Gu Nings place tonight and return to school tomorrow.

After simple cleaning, it was time for lunch.

Gu Ning and her friends left to find a place to eat near Chu Peihans school.

The enrollment in the afternoon started at 2 pm, but it was only 12:30 pm now.

For the convenience of sitting for a long time, they found a nearby restaurant.

Because they were near the film academy and today was the first day of enrollment, most diners in the restaurants were freshmen and their parents.

It was said that the film academy had the most beautiful girls and handsome boys around the country, which was true.

In the entertainment industry, one must have acting skills and good appearance so that he or she could gain fame.

Therefore, in their sight, most of the boys and girls of their age were good-looking.

Nevertheless, as soon as Gu Ning and her friends walked in, all the good-looking girls and boys were overshadowed.

At the same time, Gu Ning and her friends also attracted a lot of attention and discussion.

“Look at them! Theyre extraordinarily good-looking!”

“Yeah, especially the one in white and the one in red.

Although there are countless beautiful girls and handsome boys in this film academy, and Ive seen many of them.

Theyre stunning and rare.”

The one in white was Gu Ning, and the one in red was Chu Peihan.

Yu Mixi wasnt ugly; she was actually pretty too, but she wasnt comparable to Gu Ning and Chu Peihan.

“Right, they should be the freshmen of our school too.

Since they were accepted, they must be outstanding.

I have a feeling that they can easily become popular in the entertainment industry within a year or two.”

“Right, even if they arent good at acting, they can still gain fame with their appearances.”


Hearing their compliments, Gu Ning and her friends said nothing, because they were already used to it.

A middle-aged woman, however, felt displeased and raised her voice.

“I dont think so! My daughter is much prettier than them and she has played a role in two TV shows till now.

Shell be popular sooner or later.”

In her eyes, her daughter was always the best, so she couldnt stand it when people complimented other girls in front of her.

She thought other girls didnt deserve the compliments her daughter hadnt gotten.

Hearing her voice, everyone turned to look at her.

The middle-aged woman was sitting with a middle-aged man and a girl who was about 17.

The young girl must be the middle-aged womans daughter.

The girl was pretty, but wasnt outstanding, especially among the students in this film academy.

However, she looked very proud and obviously agreed with her mother on what she just said.

She seemed to be an arrogant girl who didnt have a correct understanding of herself.

Many people showed disdain, because she wasnt prettier than Gu Ning and Chu Peihan at all.

Besides, nobody knew whether the girl had played any important roles in the two TV shows.

The girls father felt embarrassed and criticized the girls mother.

“Nonsense! Dont you think its embarrassing”

“Am I wrong” The girls mother didnt think she had said anything wrong.

“Oh, whats your girls level in the art exam How about her total score of the entrance exam to the Capital Film Academy” asked someone who disliked the woman.

Students were divided into three levels in the art exam: A, B, and C.

A meant excellent, B was good, while C was equal to passed.

“My daughter is at Level B and her total score is 468 points,” the middle-aged woman said with great pride.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha.”

Knowing that, many people snorted with laughter, including Chu Peihan.

Chu Peihan was at level A, and her total score was 653 points, but she didnt think that she was the best.

Actually, her total score was quite high compared to other students in the Capital Film Academy.

However, this middle-aged womans daughter failed to reach 500 points, but she thought she was superior to other people.


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