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“Right! I wish I could travel backwards in time to be an emperor in ancient times, ha-ha!” said Hao Ran.

He was reading a time-traveling novel these days, and the male protagonist became an emperor in the ancient time after traveling backwards in time, so he had dreamed about it too.

“I think you merely want thousands of legal concubines.” Chu Peihan joked.

“Ridiculous! Im not that kind of man.” Hao Ran argued, implying that he was a good man.

“Really I cant believe it,” said Chu Peihan on purpose.

“Fine, good men wont argue with women.” Hao Ran rolled his eyes and ignored Chu Peihan.

Actually, he had to admit that he was no match for Chu Peihan.

He couldnt win an argument or a fight against her, and he felt a little upset about it.

However, he had to accept reality.

“I know Ive hit the point! Ha-ha,” said Chu Peihan with pride.

However, she was just joking.

“This palace just looks good, but its an extremely dangerous place.

Each day was full of conspiracy and trickery.

The emperor wasnt safe.

Instead, he faced the greatest danger.

He was always on guard against being assassinated,” Zhang Tianping said.

“Its easy if you want to be an emperor.

If my company needs an emperor for costume dramas in the future, Ill let you play it.

Of course, thats on the condition that this role isnt the main role.

If its the main role, Ill let the director take full control.

If you want to get the role, use your initiative and go to do the audition,” Gu Ning said.

An important role required great acting, but Hao Ran wasnt an excellent actor.

Gu Ning had to make sure of the quality of the shows produced by her company.

If she allowed Hao Ran to get in through the back door just because he was a good friend, she would become an irresponsible boss.

However, if the role wasnt important, it wouldnt matter.

“Great! If the part of the role in the show can be over in a few days, itll be best! I cant stand it if it takes a long time,” said Hao Ran with excitement.

They kept on walking ahead to a large square.

The Jinshui River in the square wound its way from west to east.

There were five stone bridges across the river and on both sides of the square were neatly arranged corridors.

As early as outside the South Gate, Chu Peihan and the others already had their mobile phones ready, and they took pictures all the way in.

At first, they took pictures of the surrounding scenery, and now they directly pulled Gu Ning over and began to take pictures together.

Gu Ning stayed patient and let them do whatever they wanted, she was simply being cooperative.

At the front of the square was the Hall of Supreme Harmony.

The Hall of Supreme Harmony rose some 30 meters above the level of the surrounding square, and it was the ceremonial center of imperial power.

For example, when the emperor ascended the throne, the emperor got married, the queen was enrolled, the emperor accepted congratulations from civil and military officials it was here and used it to give a banquet to the ministers.

Built above three levels of marble stone base, and surrounded by bronze incense burners, the Hall of Supreme Harmony was the largest wooden structure within the palace.

It was eleven bays wide – with the main room being nine bays wide – and five bays deep, the numbers nine and five being symbolically connected to the majesty of the Emperor.

The six pillars nearest the imperial throne were covered with gold, and the entire area was decorated with a dragon motif.

The Dragon Throne, in particular, had five dragons coiled around the back and handrests.

The screen behind it featured sets of nine dragons, again reflecting the “nine-five” symbolism.

At this time, Leng Shaoting and Jing Yunyao arrived at the National Cemetery.

On their way, Jing Yunyao bought some flowers.

They found Leng Yuanhans grave.

On the tombstone, there were portraits of Leng Yuanhan and Yun Yao, but Leng Yuanhan and another woman were in the tomb.

Fifteen years ago, their bodies werent burned, so Leng Yuanhans whole body was buried.

Although Jing Yunyao already saw Leng Yuanhans photo before she came here, she still felt shocked and her heart pounded fast once she saw his photo on the tombstone.

Her body also began to shake, the flowers almost falling from her hands.

Jing Yunyao slowly squatted down and placed the flowers in front of Leng Yuanhans tombstone.

Looking at the portrait of him and herself on the tombstone, she couldnt help but cry again.

Leng Shaoting hadnt visited the grave of his parents for a long time, so he also felt quite sad at this moment.

In fact, he wished that his father werent dead either.

He wished that his father could show up out of blue like his mother.

Unfortunately, it was only his wish, because the dead man in the tomb was really his father.

In a minute, a series of pictures suddenly played in front of Jing Yunyaos eyes.

From the pictures, she saw her first meeting with Leng Yuanhan, which Peng Yunlong told her about before.

This time, everything looked so real that it helped her remember what she had been through.

However, Leng Yuanhan and Yunyao had been together for 13 years, so it was impossible for her to see everything from the pictures.

She only saw some important things that she remembered.

As she watched the pictures, Jing Yunyaos head began to ache and she passed out the next second.

“Mom!” Leng Shaoting supported Jing Yunyao on time so she didnt fall on the ground.

Since Jing Yunyao fainted, Leng Shaoting couldnt stay there any longer.

He carried her in his arms and left at once.

Luckily, Leng Shaoting could still feel Jing Yunyaos breath, so he knew that her life wasnt in danger.

It wasnt easy for a cultivator to be hurt after all.

Leng Shaoting put Jing Yunyao down on the rear seats, then drove the car away.

Because Jing Yunyao didnt feel comfortable, Leng Shaoting didnt go to see Gu Ning and instead brought Jing Yunyao back home for a rest.

About 10 minutes later, Jing Yunyao woke up and found herself in the car, then realized that she passed out again.

“Are you alright Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere” Leng Shaoting asked with concern.

“Im fine.

Why dont you stop the car by the road for a while I can circulate the energy in my body to help myself recover,” said Jing Yunyao.

“Sure,” said Leng Shaoting and stopped the car by the roadside.

Once the car was stopped, Jing Yunyao sat cross-legged and began to circulate the energy around her body.

After five minutes, Jing Yunyao stopped and her face returned to normal.


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