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Anyway, Gu Ning wasnt an actress, so she didnt need to be good at acting, but Tang Xiaoxiao was different.

“Alright, todays shooting is over,” said Lu Zhan, and the other people went to pack up at once.

When Gu Ning and the other actors had just walked into the dressing room, Lu Zhan came and asked her, “Boss, do you have time to dine with us later My treat.”

“Wait a second.” Gu Ning didnt give Lu Zhan an answer right away, but walked to Jing Yunyao.

“Do you want to go with us”

She was busy filming today and even ignored Jing Yunyao.

“Sure,” said Jing Yunyao with a smile.

“Great.” Gu Ning nodded.

She then told Lu Zhan that she would pay for the meal tonight.

After that, they changed clothes and went to the Huangdeng Hotel together.

On the way, Lu Zhan sent out a post on Weibo.

The Official Account of An Empress of Military Blood: We have a boss whos also our life-savor! An actresss hand was injured today, so she couldnt play her role in the show.

We couldnt find another suitable actress until our boss showed up.

She was perfect for the role, and left us all stunned!

There were photos of Gu Ning behind the scenes attached to the post.

And she indeed looked stunning in the pictures.

Although the official Weibo account of An Empress of Military Blood didnt have many followers, Gu Ning had a lot of fans on Weibo.

So before long, the post attracted a lot of attention.

Lu Zhan also reposted it on his own Weibo account.

Tang Xiaoxiao and Qiao Hanchen chose several photos and sent out a post by themselves.

Tang Xiaoxiao: Our boss is unbelievable.

Qiao Hanchen: First meeting with our boss, and shes amazing.

Because Gu Ning was driving, she couldnt send out a post right now.

Lu Zhan, Tang Xiaoxiao, and Qiao Hanchen had millions of followers on Weibo, so the post soon went viral.

“Oh my, Goddess Gu is gorgeous!”

“Shes a real goddess.”

“Youre my love, Goddess Gu!”

“I think Goddess Gu should be the leading actress.”

“I agree.”


“Xiaoxiao is also very beautiful.”

“Yes, Xiaoxiao is as stunning as Gu Ning.”

“Xiaoxiao, I love you!”


“Why does Hanchen also call Goddess Gu his boss Is he working for Fenghua Entertainment now”

“I suppose.”

“No matter what, Ill support Hanchen forever.”


Most people left positive comments, but as always there were negative comments too.

“Isnt Gu Ning a student and a businesswoman”

“Couldnt she focus on her work and studies”

“She shouldnt make herself a joke.”

“I hate her.”


Gu Nings loyal fans defended her at once.

“So Cant she be a good student, a successful businesswoman, and an excellent actress at the same time”

“She can do what you couldnt believe, thats the reason why shes our Goddess Gu!”

“Youre a bunch of haters.”

“Haters are disgusting!”

“Youre simply jealous.”

“Stop defaming Goddess Gu.”

“Cant they learn from people who are far more outstanding than them”


As always, the haters were strongly criticized.

Before they left for the Huangdeng Hotel, Gu Ning booked a private room there.

Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao arrived earlier than Lu Zhan and the other people.

“Boss, I already sent out a post about your part in the new show, but there are always haters attacking you on the Internet,” said Lu Zhan, but he was actually also amazed when Gu Nings loyal fans spared no effort to defend her.

Gu Ning then reposted the post sent out by the official account of An Empress of Military Blood. 

Gu Ning: Please dont judge me with your standards of a professional actress.

I just played a guest role in it.

Once Gu Ning sent it out, she had enthusiastic responses from her fans.

“Goddess Gu, we love you.”

“Dont give those haters a glance.”

“Theyre jealous of you.”

“Goddess Gu…”


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