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There werent private rooms, instead there were partitions in the café.

And although there wasnt much private space, it wasnt very open either.

Because it wasnt the rush hour, Gu Ning soon arrived at the Huangdeng Hotel.

The moment she walked into the lobby, she saw Tang Bingsen walking outside with several other businessmen.

Tang Bingsen looked haggard now because of what had happened to his family recently, but he still had to deal with his business.

He didnt know what Feng Lin had done behind his back yet, because he didnt have enough energy to pay attention to her.

Gu Ning didnt disguise herself for “Tang Aining” today, nor did she have any conflict against Tang Bingsen, so Tang Bingsen ignored her and walked straight to the outside.

A while later, Tang Bingsen finally heard the bad news that Feng Lin ran away with their son.

He couldnt believe it and went to the hospital where Feng Qile had stayed.

Qi Tianlin was already waiting for Gu Ning when she came.

Yu Hao and Cheng Hua politely greeted her.

“Since you dont have time to dine with me, buy me a cup of coffee,” said Qi Tianlin.

“No problem.” Gu Ning agreed and called an attendant to serve them.

Although Yu Hao and Cheng Hua were Qi Tianlins bodyguards, they were like friends when they were alone together.

Gu Ning also treated them equally, so they ordered their favorites too.

In a few minutes, four cups of coffee were placed on the table.

Afterwards, Gu Ning gave Qi Tianlin a porcelain bottle.

Qi Tianlin already paid Gu Ning the money after he had the call with her, making it seem that he was afraid that she wouldnt come.

Gu Ning knew it as well, but she thought that he only cared about the pills.

Actually, Qi Tianlin just wanted to see her.

Because they ordered coffee, Gu Ning couldnt leave right away so she stayed to chat with Qi Tianlin.

About half an hour later, she told him that she had a relative in her place and that she couldnt leave her relative alone for too long so she had to go.

Qi Tianlin knew Gu Ning had to leave for a reason, so he didnt keep her.

When Tang Bingsen arrived at the hospital, he was told that Feng Qile had already left the previous afternoon.

Tang Bingsen was angry and called Feng Lin at once, but couldnt get through to her.

Without hesitation, he went to Feng Lins apartment.

He had the key to Feng Lins apartment, so he directly opened the door and walked inside.

However, it was totally empty now.

“What the hell” Tang Bingsen was furious.

He thought that Feng Lin ran away with their son because he had terrible luck these days and Feng Lin might be worried that he would lose everything.

“Tang Aining” must be involved in this! He didnt think that he was able to keep the fact that he had an illegitimate son a secret from her.

After that, Tang Bingsen called “Tang Aining” in anger, but Gu Ning had put the phone in her telepathic eye space, so she missed his call.

Tang Bingsen was ablaze with fury and smashed his phone to the ground.

Jing Yunyao was in her own room when Gu Ning got back, so Gu Ning didnt bother her, but went back to her room too.

A while later, Leng Shaoting called her and Gu Ning chatted with him for a long time, but she still said nothing about Jing Yunyao.

After having the call with Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning took out the phone under the name of “Tang Aining”.

She checked it several times every day to see whether she had missed any calls or messages.

In fact, she mainly cared about whether Tang Bingsen had contacted her.

She enjoyed it very much when he was furious.

Gu Ning wasnt worried about Huang Haihao, because she gave Gao Yis phone number to him, so that he could find her through Gao Yi.

When Gu Ning took out the phone, she soon saw missed calls from Tang Bingsen, and she called him back.

In a few seconds, Tang Bingsen picked it up.

“May I help, Mr.

Tang” Gu Ning sounded quite lazy.

Because there was only a room between Jing Yunyaos room and Gu Nings and Jing Yunyao had good hearing as a cultivator, she was able to hear what Gu Ning was saying on the phone.

Although Gu Ning just had another call, Gu Ning deliberately lowered her voice, so Jing Yunyao didnt pay attention to it.

This time, however, Gu Ning didnt bother to lower her voice.

Jing Yunyao could hear that Gu Ning changed her voice and that a man was talking with her.

It aroused Jing Yunyaos curiosity, so she focused on their conversation.

Gu Ning was her sons girlfriend after all, and she wanted to know more about her.

“Did you abduct Feng Lin and Feng Qile” asked Tang Bingsen without hesitation.

“Why do you think its me” asked Gu Ning.


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