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On her way to Leng Shaotings siheyuan, Gu Ning received a call from Tang Qingyang.

Tang Qingyang told her that Tang Yaxin tried to commit suicide by swallowing sleeping pills.

Although Tang Yaxin was rescued in the hospital, her brain was permanently damaged.

Tang Qingyang heard the news because one of his friends worked in the hospital where Tang Yaxin had the surgery.

Gu Ning smiled when she heard what had happened to Tang Yaxin.

She had no sympathy for her.

“Great, both she and Qi Ziyue have now been punished.

Tang Bingsen has Qi Ziyue in his hands and I believe he wont allow Qi Ziyue to live a comfortable life.

As for Tang Bingsen, we need to remove his illegal support first, which wont take long,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure.” Tang Qingyang agreed.

He really trusted Gu Ning and was willing to listen to her.

Leng Shaoting and Shangguan Yang went to do their daily practice early in the morning and didnt come back until lunch was ready.

Gu Ning arrived at the siheyuan 10 minutes before Leng Shaoting and Shangguan Yang did.

Because Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting dined with Shangguan Yang today, Lao Zhang prepared more food for them.

The three of them enjoyed lunch together, and Shangguan Yang told Leng Shaoting to continue his practice after resting for a while.

The front yard of the siheyuan was large enough for him to practice his kung fu skills.

In that case, Gu Ning was left alone, but she didnt mind it.

Leng Shaoting learned ancient kung fu skills from Shangguan Yang, which were more difficult and complicated than those modern fighting skills he knew.

So it took him a long time to get familiar with the new skills.

Shangguan Yang showed Leng Shaoting ancient kung fu skills once, and Leng Shaoting followed after him.

Although Leng Shaoting didnt have as good a memory as Gu Ning, his memory wasnt bad either.

So Shangguan Yang was very satisfied with Leng Shaotings performance.

Once Leng Shaoting got familiar with the new skills, he could learn to put his magical power into his movements.

“Ningning, youre not a cultivator, but you can learn with him too,” said Shangguan Yang to Gu Ning.

“Sure!” Gu Ning was interested.

“Well, you can have a kung fu competition with me first; I need to test your ability,” said Shangguan Yang.

He knew that Leng Shaoting asked him whether a mortal could become a cultivator last time because of Gu Ning.

And even though Leng Shaoting dropped that topic later, he understood that Leng Shaoting was worried about Gu Nings safety and life.

Gu Ning probably didnt know that Leng Shaoting had already talked about that with him.

Shangguan Yang wasnt sure whether Leng Shaoting would bring it up again, so he needed to test Gu Nings ability first.

He wanted to see whether she could tolerate the unusual pain she would go through if she wanted to become a cultivator.

“No problem.” Gu Ning agreed with a smile.

She was excited to have a competition with Shangguan Yang too.

Shangguan Yang didnt use his magic, because Gu Ning was no match for him and he was unwilling to hurt her.

He only needed to test Gu Nings ability anyway.

Afterwards, Gu Ning began to fight against Shangguan Yang.

Although Shangguan Yang believed that Gu Ning was no match for him, he still took the competition seriously.

Gu Ning was actually much stronger than Shangguan Yang used to think, which amazed him.

To be honest, it wasnt easy for him to defeat Gu Ning.

“Ningning, youre really good!” Shangguan Yang complimented her.

“Grandpa Shangguan, I know Im not comparable to you,” said Gu Ning.

“Its quite unbelievable for such a young girl like you to be so excellent at kung fu! If you were a cultivator, you would definitely be a talented one,” said Shangguan Yang.

It was a shame that Gu Ning wasnt a cultivator.

Gu Ning smiled and said nothing about it.

In fact, she also wished that she could be a cultivator, and she always wanted to ask Shangguan Yang whether it was possible.

However, Leng Shaoting was here right now, and she was worried that he might be disappointed if the answer was negative, so she decided to ask Shangguan Yang later when Leng Shaoting was gone.

She didnt know that Leng Shaoting had already asked Shangguan Yang the same question.

He didnt dare to tell Gu Ning the answer, because he knew that Gu Ning would risk everything for him.

However, it hadnt been easy for him to keep it a secret these days.


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