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Chapter 1596: The Mayors Wifes Lifesaver

Lu Dawei was scared when he learned that Shen Yao was the mayors wifes lifesaver.

Once he hung up the call, he apologized to Shen Yao.


Shen, Im so sorry for the mistake.

Its all my fault.

Please forgive me this time, and Ill give you six million yuan right now.”

“Great.” Shen Yao nodded, and didnt bother to make the thing difficult for him.

After that, they signed an agreement.

Shen Yao would move away when the bank transferred the amount of money into her account.

Lu Dawei and his people left at once and didnt dare to say another word.

“Hey, young girl, whats your name” Shen Yao asked Gu Ning when everything was settled.

She had a good impression of Gu Ning.

“My names Gu Ning,” said Gu Ning.

“Youre not a local, right” Shen Yao asked again.

She was actually more curious about Leng Shaoting, but Leng Shaoting was absent.

“Yeah, I come from City F, but now I live in the capital,” Gu Ning said.

“In the capital” Shen Yao was struck dumb for a second, then looked a little upset.

“Well, I want to take a trip to the capital when Im free.

Are you busy today Why dont you have dinner at my restaurant tonight I want to thank you for your help, so the meal is free.”

“Thanks, but unfortunately my friend and I are leaving for City Ge now, and well fly back to the capital tomorrow.


Shen, if you come to the capital one day, do remember to see me.

I can be your guide,” Gu Ning said.

She was willing to make friends with Shen Yao.

“Your friend Do you mean the young man who dined here with you the other day” asked Shen Yao.

Gu Ning was surprised.


“City Ge isnt far away from here.

Why dont you and your friend stay here for dinner before you leave Youre going to the capital tomorrow anyway,” Shen Yao said.

She had seen Leng Shaotings face in the surveillance videos, and felt that he looked quite familiar.

She must have met him somewhere before, but she couldnt remember when and where it happened.

However, Leng Shaoting was very young so she couldnt have met him before she lost her memories.

Shen Yao had lost her memories over a dozen years ago.

During these days, she always wanted to visit the capital for no reason, and she was confused about it.


Shen, thank you so much, but it isnt necessary.

We need to deal with something else in City Ge, and well be late if we have dinner here,” Gu Ning said.

They were going to make an ID card for Shangguan Yang in City Ge.

“Fine, if you dont mind, we can exchange our numbers, and Ill call you when I go to the capital,” Shen Yao said.

Since Gu Ning was unwilling to stay, she wouldnt force Gu Ning.

Although she wanted to see Leng Shaoting again, it wasnt very important.

“Sure!” Gu Ning exchanged her numbers with Shen Yao at once.

She also wanted to maintain a good relationship with Shen Yao, and she believed that they would see each other again.

Shen Yao gave Gu Ning a smile afterwards, and watched her walking away.

Gu Ning then left without turning around.

Shen Yao had mixed emotions when Gu Ning disappeared from sight, and she made up her mind to go to the capital after everything was done here.

She planned to meet Gu Ning there and see the young man.

In addition to that, she also needed to deal with something important in the capital.

Leng Shaoting stayed away from the small restaurant, so he didnt know what Gu Ning was doing.

Shangguan Yang, on the other hand, was a senior cultivator, so he wasnt afraid that other people might see him.

So he saw the drama from the beginning to the end.

When Gu Ning was back, she told them what had just happened outside the restaurant.

Shangguan Yang snorted with laughter, “The man is shameless.

How could he try to buy the land with half of its price”

Although Shangguan Yang didnt know how much three or six million yuan was, he was very smart and knew why the two groups of people had a dispute.

He also figured out that the mayor was an important official in the government.


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