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If Jiang Shuyuan allowed Leng Shaojia to do whatever she wanted without limiting her inappropriate behavior, Leng Shaojia would become totally spoiled.

Jiang Shuyuan was frightened by Master Lengs criticisms and didnt dare to say another word.

Leng Shaojia left the bed and knelt down in front of Master Leng.

“Grandpa, Im sorry, Im sorry.

I know its my fault, and I shouldnt have done that.

Please forgive me, and I promise that it wont happen again.”

She knew that Master Leng wouldnt accept her behavior, but she was his granddaughter after all, and she hoped that he could forgive her this time.

“Father, Shaojia already admitted to it, and she has learned from it too.

Since Gu Ning secretly punished Shaojia, she clearly didnt want it to be a big problem either.

Please forgive Shaojia this time,” Jiang Shuyuan said and begged for Leng Shaojia.

“Shut your mouth! Do you think that youre innocent” Master Leng was mad.

Hearing that, Jiang Shuyuan was scared again.

She knew that she should have stopped Leng Shaojia from doing that, but she hadnt.

“Grandpa, Im your granddaughter after all, and were a family.

Couldnt you give me a chance” Leng Shaojia said.

“It is precisely because youre my granddaughter, that my heart is totally broken by you!” Master Leng said.

If someone else did that, he would be angry too, but wouldnt be as furious as now.

However, Leng Shaojia was his granddaughter and they were connected by blood, so it was hard for him to punish her according to the law.

However, it would be unfair to Gu Ning if he let her get away with it.

Gu Ning had secretly punished Leng Shaojia and kept it a secret from him, but he felt quite guilty now after he learned the truth.

Gu Ning treated him and Leng Shaoting very well, and it was impossible for him to pretend that he didnt know it.

“You should reflect on what youve done,” Master Leng said with a frown, then left them behind and walked outside.

Leng Shaojia and Jiang Shuyuan didnt know what Master Leng would do, so they stayed in the ward in fear.

Master Leng thought that he should talk about it with Leng Shaoting once Leng Shaoting was back.

Because of it, Master Leng couldnt sleep or eat well these two days and looked haggard.

Leng Shaoting was worried when he went back to the Leng familys house and asked, “Grandpa, are you alright”

“Im fine,” Master Leng said, but it was obviously a lie.

“Do you think Im a fool” Leng Shaoting said.

Master Leng knew that Leng Shaoting wouldnt be easily fooled, but he needed to summon up his courage to tell Leng Shaoting the story.

“Well, do you know who the mastermind behind the car accident that happened in City B last time is” Master Leng asked with hesitation.

It sounded as if he just remembered it and asked the question casually.

Leng Shaoting, however, realized that Master Leng was unhappy because of the car accident.

“You must have found out something,” Leng Shaoting said.

At the same time, he put on a serious expression, because it had troubled him for a long time.

From his reaction Master Leng realized that Leng Shaoting was aware of the truth of the car accident as well.

“I want to know your answer first,” Master Leng said.

“I think both of us know who the mastermind is, but its not important now, because the mastermind was already punished,” Leng Shaoting said.

Hearing that, Master Leng nodded.

“How about Ningning…” Master Leng was still worried about Gu Nings feelings.

“She already got over it and told me to forget it,” Leng Shaoting said.

Actually, he was still mad at Leng Shaojia.

Master Leng didnt think it was wrong if Leng Shaoting punished Leng Shaojia for Gu Ning.

Although they were cousins, Gu Ning was his girlfriend and they would get married in the future.

Besides, Leng Shaoting never got along with Leng Shaojia.

Since both Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning decided to let it go, Master Leng wouldnt mention it again.

However, he still made up his mind to punish Leng Shaojia, not according to the law, but according to their family rules.

Anyway, he didnt want more people to know, because it would damage his familys reputation.

Master Leng didnt know how long it took for Leng Shaojia to make a full recovery, but she was getting better day by day.

He also believed that Gu Ning wouldnt disable or kill Leng Shaojia.

“You dont need to worry about Ningnings feelings.

Shes fine and she doesnt mind it now,” Leng Shaoting said to comfort Master Leng.

Master Leng nodded and dropped the topic.

Leng Shaoting didnt tell Master Leng that he would go to Kunlun Mountain with Gu Ning later.

Actually, if it was possible, Leng Shaoting hoped that Master Leng would never know.

Before Leng Shaoting went to bed, he called Gu Ning and told her that Master Leng already found out the truth about the car accident that happened in City B.


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