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Many people who recognized Gu Ning surrounded her at once and kept screaming her name.

“Goddess Gu! Goddess Gu!”

“Goddess Gu, Im your biggest fan!”

“I love you, Goddess Gu!”


“Thank you for your support.” Gu Ning smiled at her fans.

“Oh my, I finally saw Goddess Gu in real life! Shes even more beautiful than her photos on the Internet.”

“Wow, her skin is so good, and she glows!”

“I dont see make-up on her face at all.”

“She must be using Kouzi to take care of her skin.”

“Im using Kouzi too.”

“Hey, look at the young man and woman who are standing next to Goddess Gu.

Theyre good-looking as well.”

“I love her dress.

She looks so elegant.”

“I want to buy her dress!”

“I just saw the dress in the store.”

“Really I want to try it.”

“Me too!”


“Be careful.

Dont push other people around, and dont get hurt in the crowd,” Gu Ning said when the crowd became restless and noisy.

Gu Nings words seemed to be magic, as the crowd became quiet within seconds.

After that, Gu Ning walked into the store, followed by many people.

Luckily, the store was spacious, and could accommodate a lot of people.

They hired a lot of security guards today to prevent any accidents from happening.

Several minutes later, the invited reporters were present.

Because it was a business interview, Gu Ning selected several media to come.

She was also the first interviewee.

They had talked about the content of the business interview early on, so the reporters were aware of what they should ask about and what they shouldnt.

Gu Ning answered their questions with a smile on her face and left a good impression on the audience.

Afterwards, the invited guests came, and most of them had attended the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry last time.

People of the Tang family, the Lei family, the Tanghuang Organization, the Shengshi Organization, the Jinlin Organization, and so on showed their faces too.

They had appeared at the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry last time, but they caused a sensation again this time.

There were too many guests today, so Gu Ning couldnt stay with her family the entire time, because she needed to welcome her important guests.

Tang Haifeng and others understood her work, and they could entertain themselves.

Therefore, Gu Ning went to chat with her guests.

Many people in the high society knew about Gu Nings family connection with the Tang family, but she didnt bother to show off, so not everyone was aware of it.

Some people still believed that Gu Ning only had a good relationship with the Tang family.

Actually, even if she only had a good relationship with the Tang family, it was quite shocking because the Tang family was super influential in City B.

When it was 10 am, Gu Ning gave a speech before they cut the ribbon.

Gu Ning didnt need to stay in the store for long after ribbon-cutting, so she went to have a meal with her important guests.

Because Gu Man was pregnant, she didnt join Gu Ning and went back home with Tang Yunfan.

Tang Haifeng and the others also went home.

Gu Nings work was done after she finished the meal with her important guests, so she directly went home to spend more time with her family and left the rest of the work to Gao Weichao.

Gufans opening ceremony gained a lot of attention for it.

Although many people bought the clothes of Gufan for Gu Nings sake, its quality deserved its prices.

Many Internet users were attracted to the news about Gufans opening ceremony, and they began to talk about it.

Some admired Gu Nings ability, while some disliked her way of running a business.

They thought that she only relied on her connections to run a profitable business.

However, no one could be successful without other peoples help.

In addition, the products or services provided by Gu Nings companies were of high quality, which mattered most in consumers eyes.

Even though Gufan and Gu Ning raised many discussions, many Internet users left positive comments on them.

Because both Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi were quite successful, more and more people believed that Gu Ning was a smart businesswoman.

It wasnt easy to have one successful business, but Gu Ning had many under her name.

Moreover, it was understandable if any of her companies werent profitable, because businessmen learned from failure.

No one was perfect in this world, and everyone had his or her own strengths and weaknesses.

Gu Ning was already quite outstanding among her peers.


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