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What had happened to Gu Xiaoxiao made Shao Feifei feel worried.

Luckily Gu Ning didnt have proof.

Otherwise she could be expelled too.

However, what she didnt know was that Gu Ning didnt deal with her only because she wasnt a threat in Gu Nings eyes.

And the grudges between Gu Xiaoxiao and Gu Ning had existed for a long time.

In the afternoon, An Guangyao called Gu Ning.

He told her that the Qin Family invited him to attend Master Qins sixtieth birthday party.

Gu Ning told him that she would be coming as well.

Her schoolmate had invited her.

“Oh, uncle An, what do you plan to send” Gu Ning asked.

“I just received the invitation letter today, so I dont have an idea yet.

Do you have any suggestions” An Guangyao replied.

It was difficult for everyone to send a gift.

The Qin Family was a super-rich family.

It lacked nothing so the gift couldnt be too ordinary, but it was hard to find rare objects.

Besides, it needed to be reasonably rare.

If it wasnt rare enough, it failed to show the senders respect.

If it was too rare, it might be seen as over fawning.

It was an agonizing decision.

Gu Ning thought for a while before she said, “I have an object.

You can take it.”

“What is it” An Guangyao asked with curiosity.

“Its Wu Guanzhongs landscape painting. The Pond and The People ,” Gu Ning said.

“What Wu Guanzhongs landscape painting The Pond and The People ” An Guangyao was shocked.

An Guangyao had no interest in antiques, or paintings, but he had heard of Wu Guanzhong, who was a famous artist.

He had read a piece of news that one of Wu Guanzhongs oil paintings had been sold at the price of five million yuan at auction.

Although not each of his paintings was expensive, it wouldnt be cheap since it was Wu Guanzhongs.

“Boss, I think thats too priceless to be a gift.

Other people will think that we want to ride on the Qin Familys coattails,” An Guangyao said.

He didnt think it was a good idea.

“Itll be fine.

You can explain to others that this was bought accidentally by the real boss of Shenghua at the price of one thousand yuan.

In that case, the gift wont be too rare, or too expensive.

At the same time, people will also understand that the real boss of Shenghua isnt an ordinary person,” Gu Ning said.

“Accidentally bought it” An Guangyao asked, “Boss, is it true that you accidentally bought it”

Somehow, An Guangyao believed that Gu Ning must have accidentally bought the painting.

He got excited.

“Yes! I accidentally bought it at the antique market in City G last weekend,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, An Guangyao rounded his eyes, then took a long breath in.

Jesus, his boss was so unbelievably lucky! However, how could she know that it was real

An Guangyao was growingly interested in Gu Ning now.

She was becoming more and more mysterious in his eyes.

Gu Ning added, “Ill give it to you tomorrow afternoon.”

“Great,” An Guangyao replied.

He hung up later.

He didnt think that it was inappropriate to take the object from Gu Ning, because he represented Shenghua Real Estate, while Gu Ning was the real boss.

On the way home, Gu Ning met Xu Jinchen and Leng Shaoting when she passed by zone C that afternoon.

They were walking out of zone C.

Seeing Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning thought of his face of sheer panic.

There was a meaningful smile on her lips.

Leng Shaoting was uneasy to meet her.

He deliberately turned his head away.

“Hey, have you finished your classes” Xu Jinchen greeted her with friendliness.

“Yes, have you eaten” Gu Ning asked.

“Were going to eat right now.

Oh, we havent dined together since we met.

Were leaving tomorrow.

And I have no idea when well meet the next time.

Why dont you join us today My treat!” Xu Jinchen invited.

He really wanted to become friends with Gu Ning.

Leng Shaoting was displeased to see Xu Jinchen being so friendly to Gu Ning, but he didnt stop him.

Probably because he wanted to dine with Gu Ning too.

He didnt even know it himself.

“Sure,” Gu Ning answered quickly.

She glanced at Leng Shaoting at the same time.

Obviously, Gu Ning answered for the sake of Leng Shaoting.

Xu Jinchen missed that detail.

He was only happy to receive an affirmative answer.

“What do you want to have” he asked.

“Seafood,” Gu Ning replied without hesitation.

Hearing that, both Xu Jinchen and Leng Shaoting frowned.

Seeing that, Gu Ning was puzzled.

“Whats wrong”

“Um, Shaoting is allergic to seafood,” Xu Jinchen explained.

Gu Ning was surprised.

Leng Shaoting had an allergy to seafood Now she understood why he hadnt eaten anything yesterday.

“Its ok.

I can have something else,” Leng Shaoting said airily.

He was doing this for the good of Gu Ning.

“Well, I dont want to have seafood now,” Gu Ning said, “There is a popular restaurant on the Youyi Road.

Lets go there!”

Leng Shaoting took a glance at Gu Ning.

There was something unknown in his eyes.

Gu Ning smiled at him.

His heart lost a beat.

Leng Shaoting immediately moved his sight away from her.

Gu Ning felt like laughing.

Leng Shaoting was so shy and funny!

After that, Gu Ning called and told her mother that she was going to eat with her friends.

Gu Man agreed.

Gu Man always dined with Gu Qing and her family.

She was never alone now.

On the way, Xu Jinchen kept talking with Gu Ning.

Leng Shaoting was displeased.

He was eager to separate them, but it was only his thought, he didnt actually do it.

“Gu Ning, youre going to have the National College Entrance Exam soon.

Which university is your aim” Xu Jinchen asked.

“The Capital University,” Gu Ning said.

“The Capital University Wow, you must be very academic! Its good news though.

My family lives in the capital.

If you need any help in the future, feel free to turn to me.

Although Im notall-purpose, Im good at solving problems.

Um, may we exchange our numbers” Xu Jinchen asked.

He was nervous to ask that question.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was more displeased.

He said unconsciously, “He is busy.

You can turn to me.”

Leng Shaoting tried to stop Xu Jinchen from getting near Gu Ning.

“What Youre the one who is much busier than us!” Xu Jinchen argued.

Indeed, compared with the others, Leng Shaoting was always occupied by work throughout the whole year.

He stayed in the army no matter if he had tasks or not.

All of sudden, Xu Jinchen thought of something more important.

“Wait a moment.

Since when have you become so friendly to others”


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