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Chapter 1327: Finally See You

In order to not keep Gu Ning waiting for her, Han Wenling called the Han familys chauffeur to send her niece to the hotel and didnt go home to pick up her niece in person.

Therefore, Han Wenling only came with her secretary.

“Been a while, Miss Gu!” Han Wenling stood up the second Gu Ning walked inside.

She was the heir of a famous business group, but she was very polite to a girl who was much younger than her.

If Han Wenlings secretary wasnt aware of Gu Nings background, she would have been shocked.

On the other hand, the waiter who recognized Han Wenling but didnt know Gu Ning, was greatly surprised.

Although Gu Nings social status wasnt as high as Han Wenling, her ability at such an early age had already won Han Wenlings appreciation and admiration.

It was not only Han Wenling, many other influential figures also respected Gu Ning.

Only those who were jealous of Gu Ning or conceited people would be impolite to Gu Ning.

Han Wenling also had great pride in herself, but she wouldnt show that in front of someone who was really outstanding.

“Hi, nice to see you again, Miss Han.” Gu Ning smiled at her.

“Have a seat please.

My niece is on her way here, she should be here in a minute,” Han Wenling said, and Gu Ning went to sit next to her.

“Please.” Han Wenling then turned to invite Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to seat themselves.

“Miss Gu, you can order whatever you want,” Han Wenling said before giving the waiter a glance to tell him to give the menu to Gu Ning.

“Thanks,” Gu Ning said, and ordered some of her favorite dishes.

Han Wenling also gave her order.

When the waiter was gone, Han Wenling asked Gu Ning, “Miss Gu, I heard of the recent bad news about Kouzi.

How is it now”

“It wont end easily, and I think my enemy will take action again.

Actually I come to City Q to deal with it,” Gu Ning said.

She was very honest.

“Oh, I understand.” Han Wenling nodded.

Since Gu Ning came to City Q to deal with it, it meant that her enemy had to be in City Q.

“I believe that you can handle it very well, but please feel free to call me if you need my help.” The Han family was the top family in City Q after all.

Han Wenling saying that, also showed her attitude towards Gu Ning.

“Sure,” Gu Ning said.

A short while later, someone knocked on the door and a girl who was about 15 years old quickly walked inside.

Once her sight fell on Gu Ning, her eyes lit up with excitement.

“Oh my! I finally get to meet you, my idol.”

She ran straight to Gu Ning and grabbed her hand.

They didnt seem to be strangers at all.

“Ruohan, mind your manners!” Han Wenling snapped at her.

“Sorry, Im too excited.” Han Ruohan let go of Gu Nings hand right away and apologized.

“Its fine.” Gu Ning smiled.

She didnt mind it at all and thought that Han Ruohan was very adorable.

Although Gu Ning didnt like to have physical contact with strangers, Han Ruohan was simply a teenage girl who was young and full of energy.

In addition, Gu Ning wouldnt show any annoyance for the sake of Han Wenling.

Han Ruohan didnt forget to take photos with her idol.

However, she couldnt stop talking and cheering when Gu Ning was by her side, which annoyed Han Wenling.

She directly pulled Han Ruohan back to her proper seat.

Han Ruohan pouted with dissatisfaction, because she didnt think that she had taken enough photos with Gu Ning.

During the meal, Han Ruohan kept talking with Gu Ning about different topics, and Gu Ning stayed patient.

Han Wenling was afraid that Gu Ning might feel bothered by Han Ruohan, so she told Han Ruohan to stop after a while.

Han Ruohan closed her mouth once Han Wenling criticized her, but she began to talk with Gu Ning again the next second.

Although Han Ruohan had the closest relationship with Han Wenling in their family, she was afraid of her aunt the most.

Except for her grandfather, her aunt was the most important member in the Han family.

If Han Wenling criticized her once, Han Ruohan would normally stay quiet, but today was different and she lost control of herself in front of Gu Ning.

Gu Ning understood Han Wenlings worries, but she didnt care about it, so she stopped Han Wenling from criticizing Han Ruohan.

Since Gu Ning didnt mind, Han Wenling gave up because she also knew that it was useless.

Han Ruohan was really talkative and she almost talked about everything with Gu Ning during the meal.

Because Gu Ning stayed in the Huangdeng Hotel, Han Wenling directly left with Han Ruohan later.

When Han Wenling was gone, Gu Ning went back to her room as well.

Gu Ning surfed on the Internet to see whether Corydalis Makeup had taken the next step, but it hadnt yet.

Since Corydalis Makeup hadnt taken any other action yet, Gu Ning had to wait.

She wasnt afraid of what it would do, but was afraid that it might not do anything.

That night, Gu Ning had a call with Leng Shaoting.

Although Leng Shaoting went to deal with Luca in person, it would take a few days for him to get the final result.

Because Luca was a foreigner, he needed to communicate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It might take three or more days.

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