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Chapter 1259: Meet Yuan Jisong

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In fact, their social statuses werent comparable to Gu Ning, but they had become close friends before Gu Ning became a successful businesswoman and joined the Tang family.

If they met Gu Ning right now, they probably would be very nervous in front of her too.

Although Mu Ke and the others felt quite nervous, they were excited to see Gu Nings parents and grandfather.

Therefore, they didnt turn Gu Ning down.

Gu Ning saw that they were nervous, and she told some jokes to help them relax, but it didnt work.

About 10 minutes later, they arrived at the Huangdeng Hotel.

A waitress guided them directly to the private room where Gu Man was.

When the waitress heard the number of the private room that Gu Ning was going to, she couldnt believe her ears and asked Gu Ning for the number again.

Obviously she knew how important the guests in the private room were.

As a result, she had doubts when a bunch of high school students told her that they were going to the same private room.

The waitress couldnt believe it, but she still remained polite, and Gu Ning gave her an affirmative answer once more.

Since Gu Ning was very sure about it, the waitress had to lead the way.

Four bodyguards were standing outside the private room, and they called Gu Ning Lady Ning with great respect the second they came close.

At this moment, the waitress realized that Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl.

She left once Gu Ning reached the private room.

A bodyguard opened the door for Gu Ning, who walked inside followed by her friends.

It was the most luxurious private room in the hotel, so it was very large and beautifully decorated.

There was a round table in the middle, big enough for 20 people to dine together.

Tang Haifeng, Tang Yunfan, and Gu Man were waiting for them.

“Hi, Ningning!” Tang Haifengs eyes lit up at once when Gu Ning walked to him.

He hadnt seen Gu Ning for days, and he missed his granddaughter.

“Hi, grandpa, dad, and mom,” Gu Ning greeted them with a broad smile.

Chu Peihan and the others politely greeted them as well.

“Nice to meet you, Master Tang, Mr.

Tang and Mrs.


Tang Haifeng and Tang Yunfan gave them a kind smile as their response.

“Alright, have a seat now!” Gu Man told them to seat themselves.

“Weve already ordered some dishes, but you can order some you like now,” Gu Man said and a waiter handed over the menu at once.

“Thanks, Mrs.

Tang, but were not picky.

We can enjoy what we have right now,” Mu Ke said politely.

He actually felt too nervous to order dishes he liked.

“Yeah, were not picky!” the others agreed.

All of them wanted to pretend to be relaxed, but they all failed.

“Well, let me do it.” Gu Ning took the menu and ordered some dishes for her friends.

A while later, Gu Qings family came.

During this meal, Gu Ning received many messages from her friends.

Although it wasnt polite to play on her phone during the meal, she was curious to read those messages.

Her friends all wished her the best for the National College Entrance Examination.

Gu Ning smiled and planned to reply to them after lunch.

When they finished the meal, they walked out together and ran into Yuan Jisong.

Five men came with Yuan Jisong, and three of them were about 40, while two of them were around 30.

Gu Ning had met the three men who were about 40 at the birthday party held by the Su family before.

One of them was a senior manager of a famous company, and he walked to them the second he saw Tang Yunfan.

Yuan Jisong also noticed them and walked towards Gu Ning as well.

“Its my honor to meet you today, Master Tang, Chairman Tang and Mrs.

Tang!” The senior manager greeted Tang Yunfan.

Hearing that, Yuan Jisong was greatly surprised.

Chairman Tang The chairman of Tanghuang

Quan Mingkai had called him in person when the car accident happened, and Yuan Jisong had thought that Tang Yunfan might be an important figure from Tanghuang.

Now he was sure that Tang Yunfan was in a very important position in Tanghuang.

He also saw Gu Nings mother, Gu Man, and he was shocked that Gu Man became Mrs.


Since Gu Nings mother became Mrs.

Tang, Tang Yunfan must be Gu Nings step-father now.

That was Yuan Jisongs thought.

Although he was astonished by the fact that Gu Nings mother married Tang Yunfan, he didnt think that it was very strange.

“Oh, hi, Manager Mu, nice to see you,” Tang Yunfan said with a smile.

“Chairman Tang, nice to see you.

Im the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee in City F, Yuan Jisong.” Yuan Jisong introduced himself to Tang Yunfan.

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