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Gu Ning gave the necklace back to the woman and said, “Im sorry for the trouble.

If you still want to buy this necklace, you can have 20% off.”Hearing that, people were surprised, because 20% off was a lot of money.

“Thanks, Miss Gu, I love this necklace, and I still want it,” the woman said with a happy smile.

It wasnt bad if she could save some money.

“Well, whoever pays a bill today here can have 15% off,” Gu Ning turned around and said to the rest of the people in the store.

Although 15% off wasnt much as 20% off, people were still happy to save some money.

Others also understood that the woman could have a bigger discount given what had just happened.

It wasnt easy to get a discount here anyway.

“Thanks, Miss Gu,” everyone thanked Gu Ning.

If they all had 15% off, Gu Ning could suffer a loss of millions of yuan, but it wasnt a big deal in her eyes.

It was necessary for her to do that to cheer everyone up in the store.

“Oh, by the way, these two people should be blacklisted,” Gu Ning said in the end.

Hearing that, everyone was surprised again, but also felt satisfied with the result.

Nobody liked Zhang Dalin and Yao Lilis shameless behavior.

“You…” Yao Lili wanted to argue against Gu Ning, but she knew that she was doomed to fail, so she closed her mouth.

Zhang Dalin felt humiliated, and escaped with Yao Lili.

Once they were gone, others continued to shop.

Gu Ning talked with the manager for a while, then left for Colaine.

Colaine and Kouzi were crowded at this time.

It was obvious that these two brands were very popular now, and many people tended to shop in direct-sale stores.

Direct-sale stores were directly managed by the company, so customers felt that it was safer to shop here.

There were many fakes on the market after all.

Gu Ning was also aware of it, so she told Ning Changkai to keep a close eye on it in case anyone damaged their reputation.

Ning Changkai wasnt in the store now, he was in the factory.

Gu Ning had nothing else to do in the store, so she planned to have a tour in the factory.

Unexpectedly, she encountered a bad old man on her way.

When she was about to reach the factory, an old man suddenly dashed out from the sidewalk and hit Gu Nings car, but Gu Ning stopped the car half a meter away from the old man.

The old man, however, still lay down on the ground and feigned a serious injury.

His behavior attracted a lot of attention from people around them.

Not many people had witnessed the accident, so they didnt know that it was a feigned injury.

Gu Ning got mad when the old man tried to extort money from her in that way.

She got out of her car at once, then coldly stared at the old man who was shouting in pain on the ground.

Seeing that Gu Ning was just a young girl, the old man began to act and shouted louder, “She just hit me with a car! Im about to die.”

“Should we call an ambulance” someone asked.

“Its a car accident.

Of course we should call an ambulance,” another person said.

“Wait a second, call the police too, because its a feigned injury.” Gu Ning interrupted.

Hearing that, everyone was surprised.

They turned to look at the old man at once.

It wasnt uncommon for some bad old people to feign injuries to extort money, so they were also suspicious of the old mans behavior now.

The old man and the person who proposed to call an ambulance panicked a little, and their unusual reaction was caught by Gu Ning.

It was obvious that they were a group.

“How could you say that I think that you are simply unwilling to pay the compensation.

Hes an old man and hes seriously injured now!” The young man who teamed up with the old man criticized Gu Ning at once.

The old man began to act again.

“This young girl is so cold-blooded.

She just hit me, and now she wants to escape!”

Hearing that, onlookers didnt know whom they should believe.

“Well, I have a driving recorder in my car, and we can check the video to see who is right.

There are surveillance cameras everywhere, and we can call the police to find out the truth,” Gu Ning said.

People started to side with Gu Ning because she looked confident and calm.

The old man and the young man felt regretful now.

“Wait!” They stopped Gu Ning when she took out her phone.

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