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Chapter 1021 Abandon Family for Career

Chen Cangyi knew Mu Xuxin, so he was mad too when he saw Mu Xuxin.

Mu Xuxin was the man who caused the death of Mu Yes mother, and Mu Ye had lived his life in pain for the past few years.

Chen Cangyi was also happy to see the Mu familys current terrible situation.

However, he was surprised when K and Mu Xuxin talked to each other like they had already met before.

Lu Zhan and Lu Xiao didnt know Mu Xuxin, but they noticed that Mu Xuxin resembled K, so it was obvious that their relationship wasnt simple.

Given Ks attitude towards Mu Xuxin, they couldnt be close.

“Mu Ye, I just need five minutes.

Can we have a private talk” Mu Xuxin asked with a serious face.

He was confident that he could persuade K to help him in five minutes.

Seeing Mu Xuxin being so serious, K realized what he wanted to talk with him about.

“Fine, five minutes.”

Afterwards, he said to Gu Ning, “Boss, please leave without me, Ill go back on my own later.”

“Sure,” Gu Ning said, then left with the others.

Before they walked out of the restaurant, Chen Cangyi glanced at K and Mu Xuxin.

In fact, he was worried that K might lose control and say or do something inappropriate, because he knew how much K hated Mu Xuxin.

Mu Xuxin noticed Chen Cangyis glance, but didnt pay much attention to it.

“Boss, have they already met each other” Chen Cangyi asked Gu Ning outside.

“Yeah,” Gu Ning said.

“What did Mu Ye say or do” Chen Cangyi asked.

“Um, he was fine, but Mu Xuxin was annoyed by him,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Chen Cangyi felt relieved.

Mu Xuxin Mu Ye

Hearing that, both Lu Zhan and Lu Xiao realised their relationship, but neither of them said it aloud.

K followed Mu Xuxin to sit by a tea table in the hall.

Mu Xuxin handed K the menu, but K didnt take it.

“I dont want to drink.”

Since K didnt want to drink, Mu Xuxin put the menu down and directly talked to him.

“Mu Ye, I know that you dislike me, and Ive always felt guilty of what Ive done to you.

Can you give me a chance to make it up to you”

“How” K asked and sneered.

“You can join the Mu family, and be the heir of our familys business,” Mu Xuxin said with confidence.

“The Mu family I think that it should be the Zhu family, because you married into the Zhu family,” K said.

“You…” Mu Xuxin was struck dumb for a second and got furious, because K hit the point and humiliated him.

“Fine, its the Mu family, because you made it! Even if its the Mu familys business, isnt it going bankrupt now” K sneered again.

“How could you…” Mu Xuxin was astonished.

“Fine, since youve heard of it, I can tell you the truth.

Its true that the Mu family is in a mess now, but a starving camel is still bigger than a horse.

I know that youre very close to Gu Ning, and shell help you as long as youre willing to take over the Mu familys business.

Even if Gu Ning isnt able to help you out, she has the Tang familys support.

There is nothing the Tang family cant do in City B,” Mu Xuxin said.

Mu Xuxin took it for granted, but it sounded ridiculous in Mu Yes ears.

“Arent you afraid that your wife and son will compete against me in the future” K asked.

“Im the leading role in the Mu family now, they cant make the decision,” Mu Xuxin said.

He believed that Mu Ye asked him for details because he was considering his offer.

“I love freedom more than money and fame,” K said.

“You cant live your life without money and fame! Youre a grown-up man, and you should take your career as the first priority!” Mu Xuxin criticized K.

At this moment, he forgot how terrible his relationship with Mu Ye was, and he thought that he could criticize or even snap at Mu Ye as a father.

“Do you mean that I should learn from you and abandon family for career” K said in anger.

Men probably should pay more attention to their career, but it wasnt persuasive at all when Mu Xuxin said that.

A real man would fight for his future with his own ability, but Mu Xuxin had abandoned his family for a rich girl.

He was shameless and selfish.

He was also ruthless because he had no moral standards.

“You…” Mu Xuxin got furious when Mu Ye mocked him, but he had to admit that it was the truth.

Even though it was the truth, he didnt feel regretful at all.

If he hadnt done that, he couldnt have become successful.

In addition, he had secretly supported Mu Ye and Mu Yes mother.

If his second marriage hadnt been exposed, he would have supported Mu Ye till Mu Ye graduated from college.

Mu Xuxin thought that he had done everything he could, but it was unacceptable in Mu Yes eyes.

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