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Chapter 1019 K Annoys Mu Xuxin

K felt quite pleased that the Mu family was in great trouble, but Mu Xuxin didnt know that the trouble was caused by K.

“Glad to know that!” Mu Xuxin said.

“Well, actually, Ive been searching for you all the time, but you were nowhere to be found.”

Mu Xuxin thought that Mu Wenqis future would be ruined after being put in jail, so it wasnt a bad thing if his other son could come back to his side.

However, K didnt accept him as his father.

He regarded him as his enemy.

Although they were related, K would never forget what his mother had been through.

He had suffered from the unpleasant memory for a long time, and couldnt wait to see the Mu family ruined.

“Really” K obviously didnt believe it.


Mu, I wasnt born yesterday, and its a stupid lie.

Given the Mu familys influence, it should be very easy for you to find a kid.”

“I dont care whether you had the intention to find me or not, but I just think that it sounds so ridiculous.”

Mu Xuxin flushed with embarrassment, and also felt slightly annoyed.

Mu Ye caused him to lose face in public.

Luckily, only Gu Ning stood near them, and the others were a distance away from them.

Mu Xuxin understood that he shouldnt have abandoned Mu Ye and his mother, but it didnt mean that he would accept Mu Yes criticism.

All in all, Mu Xuxin was still a selfish man, and that would never change.

Mu Xuxin had abandoned his first wife and son for wealth many years ago, and he could do the same thing now.

Gu Ning also felt a little embarrassed, because she was an outsider here after all, and it wasnt appropriate for her to stay here hearing their argument.

“Well, I think that I should leave to meet the others right now, and you can come later.”

“Dont, youre my boss, and I cant keep you waiting for me.

I have nothing to talk to him about.

Lets go now!” K said.

“Shes your boss” Mu Xuxin was surprised.

“Right, Miss Gu is my boss; I work for her now,” K said with pride.


Mu, Im afraid that we have to go,” Gu Ning said to Mu Xuxin.

After that, they walked away together, leaving Mu Xuxin behind.

Mu Xuxin wanted to stop Mu Ye, but didnt know how.

Mu Ye just argued with him, and he had nothing else to talk to Mu Ye about either, so he could only stand there watching them leaving.

An idea dawned on Mu Xuxin after they walked away.

Since Mu Ye worked for Gu Ning, Gu Ning might help the Mu family out if Mu Ye took over the Mu familys business.

In addition, Gu Ning also had the support of the Tang family, so it should be very easy for her to help them.

Although Mu Xuxin didnt know who had caused the trouble for his family, he knew that the Tang family could easily solve this problem.

The Mu family had already suffered great losses.

If they couldnt overcome this crisis as soon as possible, their family business would soon go bankrupt.

Besides, Mu Wenqi was in jail now, so it was impossible for him to take over the Mu familys business.

If Mu Ye was willing to join the Mu family, Mu Xuxin would let him take over the Mu familys business.

In that case, he could still live a luxurious life.

Thinking of that, Mu Xuxin made up his mind to talk to Mu Ye later.

He didnt think that Mu Ye would reject this generous offer.

In his eyes, nobody could say no to a fortune.

Mu Xuxin had nothing else to deal with today, so he decided to wait for Mu Ye in the hall.

Once Gu Ning walked into the private room, Chen Cangyi and the others stood up and greeted her.

“Hi, boss!”

They respected Gu Ning and also got along with her like friends.

Gu Ning wouldnt give them too much pressure either.

They chose to work for Gu Ning because of her outstanding ability, so they wouldnt disdain her.

Although Lu Xiao was just temporarily managing Fenghua Entertainment for Gu Ning and he would leave in the future, he still took Gu Ning as his boss.

Moreover, he also admired what Gu Ning had achieved till now.

“Have a seat please,” Gu Ning said to them.

After they were all seated, Lu Zhan said, “Boss, the box office of Infinite Horror is beyond my expectation, and its a great success! Director Mu is amazing and made the film a blockbuster.”

“Ha-ha, thanks!” Mu Ye laughed a little.

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