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Chapter 953 Drive Her Out!

“Princess Chen, Eldest Young Madam of Duke Yongs Mansion came!” When Yujie came in and reported, she curled her lip disdainfully, for she had contempt for Qin Yuru.

“She has been a disagreeable person since I knew her in Jiangzhou! Why does she come here What does she want”

“Let her in!” Shao Wanru blinked her eyes and said with a smile.

It was not surprising for her that Qin Yuru would come over.

“With such a personality, how can she keep a low profile after knowing that she is from the royal family”

Yujie led Qin Yuru in soon.

When Qin Yuru saw Shao Wanru, she just bowed slightly and then directly sat in a chair.

Shao Wanrus servant girls were infuriated by her rudeness.

Shao Wanru glanced at Qin Yuru and asked casually, “Can I help you, Eldest Young Madam Di”

Qin Yuru looked around at the ornaments, jealous and hateful.

“I should have been the one enjoying these luxuries with my family background.

Why is it not me but Shao Wanru”

“It is the first time that I have visited your place, Sister.

The decoration of Prince Chens Mansion is surprisingly gorgeous! We really should spend more time together from now on.

We are sisters, so we shouldnt keep a distance!” Qin Yuru straightened up and said in a slightly complacent tone, for Grand Prince had promised her that he would accept her into his family.

“As long as I enter the Chu family, I will be a royal family member and might become a princess.

At that time, my status will be much higher than Shao Wanrus.

If she had not married Prince Chen, she would have had to salute me!

“Although Ruian Great Elder Princess is an official royal family member, Shao Wanrus surname is not Chu.”

“What do you mean, Eldest Young Madam Di” Shao Wanru raised her eyebrows and asked calmly.

“Its not a big deal.

Im the same as you.

My biological father is not General Qin.

I am one of the royal family!” Qin Yuru came to tell Shao Wanru on purpose.

She became prouder after showing off her identity.

She wanted to see Shao Wanrus surprised, flustered and envious face.

Of course, it was just the first step because she hadnt got the chance to meet those princes yet, though she had never had it before.

“Though Grand Prince shares the same surname Chu as the Emperor, they are very remote relatives.

That means I can marry one of the Emperors sons, doesnt it

“With such status, I can at least become a consort if I cant be a princess!”

“Does it have anything to do with me” Shao Wanru raised her eyebrows and asked with undisguised sarcasm in her shimmery watery eyes, “You seem very proud that Madam Di cheated on her husband!”

Shao Wanrus words were so offensive that her servant girls burst into laughter and cheered in their hearts when they saw Qin Yurus awkward face.

“Youve gone too far, Sister!” Qin Yuru glared at Shao Wanru and retorted with a blushed face.

“There is one more thing, Eldest Young Madam Di.

My parents only gave birth to me, so I dont have any sisters.

I dont understand why you call me Sister,” Shao Wanru said with sarcasm in her eyes and saw Qin Yurus face turn livid.

Qin Yuru couldnt stand it anymore.

She pointed at Shao Wanru and cried angrily, “Qin Wanru, you...”

Shao Wanru picked up an ornament beside her and threw it at Qin Yurus outstretching hand.

It hit Qin Yuru on the fingertips, and she felt a lot of pain.

She was really shocked and hurriedly withdrew her hand.

The ornament fell on the ground, but it didnt smash.

“I am Princess Chen now, so the rabble cant call me by my name.

Whats more, my name is not Qin Wanru anymore.

How can you forget such an important thing You really have short memories, Eldest Young Madam Di!” Shao Wanru said coldly, “Tell me if you have something more to say.

Dont talk nonsense, or I will drive you out!”

Qin Yuru looked at Shao Wanru with shock, but what she got back was Shao Wanrus cold and sharp eyes.

With her cheeks twitching a few times, Qin Yuru twisted the handkerchief in hand, wanting to pounce on Shao Wanru and slap her hard.

“How dare she say that!”

Since Qin Yuru kept silent with a twisted and stiff face, Shao Wanru leaned back and said coldly, “Come and get her out!”

Yujie answered and went to pull Qin Yuru.

Qin Yuru could no longer wait.

she suddenly stood up and said, “Shao Wanru, I have something important to tell you.

Ask your people to go out now!”

“I only have Yujie and Qu Le here, both of whom are my trusted subordinates.

You can say anything in front of them,” Shao Wanru said casually.

She looked relaxed, taking a cup of scented tea from Qu Les hand and glancing at Qin Yuru casually.

She didnt take Qin Yuru seriously at all.

Qin Yuru was so angry that her face turned pale, but she didnt dare to lose her temper in front of Shao Wanru.

She didnt come here just to show off.

She was no longer the Qin Yuru three years ago, either.

“I would have been dead if I hadnt watched and learned from my tough life in the past!”

“If you promise to cover me, I...

I will tell you a secret about Duke Yongs Mansion!” Qin Yuru gnashed her teeth and said.

She knew when to stop her hostile attitude.

She would soften when it was necessary.

Things between her and Grand Princes Mansion went too smooth for her to believe it.

It was like a daydream.

After returning to Duke Yongs Mansion, Qin Yuyu thought for a while and decided to sneak out again! She was still worried about something, and Shao Wanru was the most suitable person to rely on.

“Cover you I see no reason why I have to do so, Eldest Young Madam Di!” Shao Wanru said in a calm voice.

“We grew up together, though we used to have some problems with each other.

But there is still the tie of kinship between us.

Whats more, it is also good for Prince Chen.

Maybe it can make the Emperor think more highly of Prince Chen!”

Qin Yuru suppressed the anger in her heart and raised her head proudly.

She believed that Shao Wanru would be tempted.

“A prince as Chu Liuchen is, he is always in weak health and might pass away anytime.

At that time, Shao Wanru will become a widow princess without backup.

I dont think that Shao Wanru is not worried about that.”

Thinking of this, Qin Yuru started to feel that Shao Wanru was bluffing.

“Eldest Young Madam Di, just tell me if you want to.

If you dont, please leave!” Shao Wanru waved her hand and said indifferently.

“Shao Wanru, arent you afraid Prince Chen will blame you” Qin Yuru questioned arrogantly.

“Eldest Young Madam Di, will you say it or not” Shao Wanru was not scared at all.

Qin Yuru blinked her eyes and thought that shed better talk to Prince Chen directly.

“Maybe Prince Chen will find that I am more useful than Shao Wanru.”

“Is Prince Chen here I need to talk about it with him.

Its very important.

I have to tell someone with power!” Qin Yuru said complacently.

“Drive her out.” Shao Wanru took a sip of tea and waved her hand casually.

She didnt want to hear it, whether it was big news or not.

“Qin Yuru is such a troublemaker that she will cause trouble wherever she is!

“She came here today, and I can just take the chance to make clear my attitude!”

Qin Yuru failed to interest Shao Wanru by stopping the story at the climax.

In fact, Shao Wanru had already somewhat figured out what Qin Yuru wanted.

“Obviously, she wants to find another way out for herself, afraid that Grand Prince cannot keep his promise.

“Given Qin Yurus personality, she must stir up trouble again whenever there is a chance.”

Yujie went to grab Qin Yuru and rudely pulled her out.

“Shao Wanru, how dare you...” Qin Yuru shouted as she was pulled out of the door.

However, Yujie didnt give Qin Yuru any chance to finish her words.

With the help of the servant girl at the door, Yujie pulled Qin Yuru out.

Qin Yuru struggled hard, but she was no match for Yujie, and she could only let Yujie drag her away.

Mei Xue hurriedly followed up, but she did not dare to help Qin Yuru!

When they reached the outside of the gate, Yujie let go and threw Qin Yuru out.

The latter staggered a few steps and fell heavily on the ground.

“Eldest Young Madam Di, no matter why you came here today, or what secrets you have, our masters dont care at all.

If it is something huge, youd better go to the Palace and tell His Majesty! Our mansion cant afford to entertain you!”

With her hands on her hips, Yujie spoke before Qin Yuru did and snorted at the latter.

Then she turned around, walked into Prince Chens Mansion and slammed the door to shut Qin Yuru outside!

“Shao Wanru...” Qin Yuru was infuriated.

“How dare a servant girl treat me like that”

Before she finished her words, the door opened again.

That gave her a shock and stopped her cursing.

It was easy to deal with a master, but it was hard to do the same with his servants, who liked to use the power of their masters to bully others.

Moreover, here was Prince Chens Mansion.

Mei Xue hastened to help Qin Yuru up.

Qin Yuru gritted her teeth and said, “Lets go!” She rolled her eyes and got on the carriage, understanding that she would suffer more if she stayed here any longer.

“Wait at the intersection!” After getting on the carriage, Qin Yuru gave an order.

“I dont believe that I cant meet Prince Chen if I wait here! With such status, I can talk to Prince Chen equally.

How dare Shao Wanru treat me like that! I wont spare her! If I can meet Prince Chen, I will have the opportunity to trample on Shao Wanru with Prince Chens help.

“I didnt manage to ruin Shao Wanru before, but it doesnt mean I cant do it in the future!”

“Madam, Prince Chen may not see us!” Mei Xue said timidly.

“What are you afraid of Now I am Prince Chens cousin, and if I tell him that I have a big secret for him, he will be willing to meet me.

I am much more useful than Shao Wanru!” Qin Yuru said with hatred.

“Today, Shao Wanru humiliated me, but I will pay her back tenfold one day.

I am taking the position of Princess Chen!

“What a fool Shao Wanru is! But as a man, Prince Chen must be visionary.” Qin Yuru found the secret by investigating it in Duke Yongs Mansion for three years! She guessed that someone was behind Duke Yong, and this person must be one of the royal family, either Prince Yue or Prince Zhou!

“This will interest Prince Chen...”

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