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Chapter 899 Malicious Scheme

“What should we do now” Miss Zhao asked in a sweet voice and held Wang Shengxues hand.

Suddenly, she looked out of the door.

“Will he suddenly rush in like that day”

“No, he wont.

Im regretting what I did.

If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have come that day.

How could I have happened to meet him If I fail in our plan, Uncle Shao would be angry.” Wang Shengxue was also quite worried.

Of course, he would not say that he had a bad relationship with Shao Jing, Marquis Xing.

Now, they only took advantage of each other.

“Marquis wants him to sign a marriage contract, but it seems that he wont sign it.

What should we do” Miss Zhao became more anxious.

She put her arms around Wang Shengxues neck and said fondly, “If this matter is not done well and you are punished by your uncle, I will also be sad and worried!”

Seeing that the beauty cared so much about him, Wang Shengxue smiled again.

He thought for a moment and said, “Since this way doesnt work, lets lie to him and ask him to sign it.

As long as he signs it, he cant avoid the marriage.

Anyway, many people know he often comes here.

Moreover, this place is rented by him, and there are many witnesses!”

Wang Shengxue said triumphantly.

At present, all he needed was a signature.

Originally, he wanted Yan Xi to take a fancy to Miss Zhao and sign the marriage contract, or lured him into signing it to help Miss Zhao get through the difficulties.

This can also ensure that Miss Zhao would not be taken away by other playboys.

However, this way didnt work.

The only thing he could do now was to deceive Yan Xi into signing it by mixing the contract with other documents.

Then he would age it, make the contract look like it was signed long before.

Thinking of this, he was not that worried anymore.

He had a lot of friends, so he could find someone to deceive Yan Xi into signing it.

Of course, involving other people in this plan was the last way he could use but there was no other way out.

After all, the fewer people knew about this kind of thing, the better.

“Since you will cheat him, can you use another womans name instead of mine” Miss Zhao rolled her eyes and said.

“You dont want to be with him” Wang Shengxue teased and gently pinched Miss Zhaos face, which made Miss Zhao moan sweetly.

“Of course, I dont want to be with him.

That will make me feel ashamed.

You can use the name of a servant girl.

Anyway, she is just a servant girl, and you can even…” Miss Zhao paused and tilted her head meaningfully.

“If this girl dies, he will not be able to explain it clearly!”

They were alone in the room.

All servants were sent to guard the front door because Yan Xi had rushed in from the front door and caught them off guard that day.

“Kill her” Wang Shengxues eyes gleamed and his heart fluttered.

If so, it was even more difficult for Yan Xi to explain.

“Yes, its her name on the marriage contract.

We can let her say something else, and there are witnesses from neighbors.

In the end, she will not be able to bear the pressure and jump to death.

Then we can say whatever we want!” Miss Zhao said in a sweet voice.

Outside the window, Yan Xi was simmering with rage when he heard this.

He almost couldnt wait to rush in and beat the vicious couple.

If it werent for Fifth Miss Shaos suggestion, he would probably have fallen into their trap and been unable to defend himself.

If he passed the imperial examination this time, they would ruin his future.

Even if his father was there to deal with it, he would definitely be in trouble!

Who was plotting against him He had just arrived in the capital and only knew a few people from Marquis Xings Mansion.

Who would dislike him so much and make such a vicious plan Before he met Wang Shengxue, he had already saved this Miss Zhao.

This was a premeditated move that not only aimed at him but also at his father! According to Wang Shengxues words, was it really planned by Marquis Xing

However, he couldnt understand why Marquis Xing, Shao Jing, would plot against him.

Or maybe Wang Shengxue didnt tell the truth to this woman Did he want to shift the blame

He could not tell what was true for a moment, so he continued listening.

“Baby, youre right.

Wed better do so.

Yan Xi wanted to marry a daughter from a noble family and stay in the capital city.

Its a daydream!” Wang Shengxue was overjoyed.

He nodded repeatedly and kissed Miss Zhao on the face many times before he let go.

“Then, use the name of the servant girl!” Miss Zhao was also very happy.

She was not willing to be with an unlucky person like Yan Xi, nor did she want to enter a marriage contract with him.

It was so good that only a servant girl can finish all that stuff.

“Okay, its settled.

Ill think about it in detail after returning to my place.

I will never let you suffer!” Wang Shengxue said with great satisfaction.

If this plan succeeded, Shao Jing would give him a lot of benefits.

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With such a beauty as a gift, it was a good thing.

After finishing the plan in his mind, he felt burning with passion and cannot keep his hands off her.

“Childe Wang, dont be like this…” The woman gasped and moaned.

“Dont worry! There is no one here!” Wang Shengxue said, “Baby, come on, let me take good care of you!”

The passion grew deeper inside the room with indescribable sounds.

Yan Xi turned around and walked out with a livid face.

The servant followed him hurriedly and climbed over the wall.

They went back by the same they came.

“Childe…” the servant said carefully, “wed better go out a little more.

It will be terrible if someone hears us!”

“Lets go outside!” Yan Xi nodded and walked out, feeling like a huge wave rolling in his heart.

He began to contemplate everything that had happened after he arrived in the capital.

Everything showed that Shao Jing was willing to take care of him.

Shao treated him very well.

Yan Xi himself was also well-behaved and didnt conflict with Shao Jing.

Yan Xi couldnt tell whether Wang Shengxues words were true or not at the moment, but it was inevitable that he would be on guard against Marquis Xing.

If it was true, was it because there was something between his father and Marquis Xing that made the latter target him

Thinking of this, Yan Xi immediately stopped and wondered if he had neglected something.

Before he came to the capital, his father had called him to the study and told him with certainty that Marquis Xing would take care of him.

Why was his father so sure

They hadnt seen each other for many years.

Although the two families had been in good relations for generations, his father had said that it was the former Heir of Duke Xing who was his friend instead of this current Marquis Xing.

Why was his father so sure He said Marquis Xing would take care of him, and he only needed to focus on his studies.

He didnt need to worry about anything else.

There was something wrong with it.

He had to write a letter to ask his father whether his relationship with Marquis Xing was good or not, or there was an agreement between them in private…

Shao Wanru didnt know what Yan Xi had heard, but she knew that he had wandered on the street for a long time with a livid face.

This was what Wang Feng reported to her the next day.

Wang Feng could go back with Shao Wanru on the day she returned to her parents home.

He was originally Shao Wanrus servant and had nothing to do with Marquis Xings Mansion.

But on that day, he kept an eye on Yan Xi and saw the whole process.

He saw Yan Xi climb over the wall angrily and then came out with a livid face.

Then he wandered on the street like a ghost for a long time before returning to Marquis Xings Mansion.

When Wang Feng arrived at Marquis Xings Mansion, it was already very late, and Shao Wanru and Chu Liuchen had already returned to their place.

So he packed up some things and left the Marquis Xings Mansion for Prince Chens Mansion the next day.

After hearing Wang Fengs words, Shao Wanru nodded and asked Nanny Yu to arrange Wang Fengs accommodation.

As for his work, Xiao Xuanzi would deal with it next.

“Miss, does Childe Yan know something” Yujie asked after Wang Feng left.

Shao Wanru nodded, “He must have heard or suspected something.

Thats good!”

That was indeed good.

This matter was probably related to Shao Jing, but she didnt know how Shao Jing had been offended by Yan Xi and his family.

Since this had attracted the attention of Yan Xi, Shao Wanru didnt care about it anymore.

Originally, it had nothing to do with her.

It was just because both of them ran into difficulties in the last life, she gave some advice to Yan Xi.

What happened next would depend on himself.

Of course, this had nothing to do with her!

Shao Wanru didnt take it to heart, but she didnt expect that it would fall on her in the end.

It was even closely related to her and became a very important link.

Of course, these were all things for later.

Shao Wanru was not busy with this “other peoples business” now!

In front of this pile of rewards, she asked servants to classify them.

These were the rewards sent by the Empress today.

However, the Empress had already sent rewards before, so there was nothing special about them now!

While she was thinking, she suddenly heard the servants voices from outside.

“Greetings, Your Highness!”

It was Chu Liuchen.

She immediately stood up and went out to welcome him.

Before she reached the door, Chu had already come in.

He took her hand and went inside.

Although it had only been a few days, the servant girls were sharp-eyed and left the room.

Of course, they were also full of joy.

Prince Chen was very kind to their master, and they were happy to see that.

“Whats wrong Is there anything bothering you” Chu Liuchen raised his eyes.

He had seen a whole table of rewards and asked even though he already knew the answer.

“Theres nothing to worry about.

Just too many rewards and Im wondering why!” Shao Wanru said resignedly, pointing at the things on the table, “When we entered the Palace before, the Empress had already rewarded us.

Why does she reward us with these again”

“Its about my diplomatic mission.

Imperial Grandmother will probably reward us later!” Chu Liuchen said casually, “Just take them, dont worry about it!”

“Has your diplomatic mission been settled” Shao Wanru said seriously and surprisingly.

She thought that this mission had been only drafted and that there was still some time before the release of the official document.

She did not expect it to be decided so quickly, which surprised her.

“The document has been released.

Ill leave at the Palace Examination.

But my beautiful wife will be alone.

Im really reluctant to leave!” Chu Liuchen held her hand and kissed her tenderly on her lips.

Then he said seriously, “But dont worry.

Ill come back as soon as possible.

You dont have to live in the empty room at that time!”

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