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Shao Wanru lowered her head without saying anything and clenched her fists tightly in her long sleeves!

It turned out that this was the Buddhist tower she saw in front of the palace gate.

In her last life, she had climbed this tower, but on the sly when she had been in the palace.

On it, she seemingly had seen someone!

The memory of her last life was vague here, and she couldnt remember anything else.

She only remembered that this tower was very big when she had seen it at the foot of the tower.

Therefore, when she saw this tower just now, she didnt recall the vague Buddhist tower in her memory.

She couldnt remember anything about the tower, as if it was at the edge of her memory, but she somehow felt that it was very important.

She seemed to have forgotten something very important and couldnt remember it.

She only vaguely felt that this tower was very important to her.

If possible, she wanted to enter the tower to have a look.

“In my previous life, did I lose some of my memories here” thought Shao Wanru.

She slowly relaxed one hand and stretched out from her long sleeve to press between her eyebrows.

Many things seemed to have been uncovered in her memory.

The incomplete memories in her previous life were always intermittent when being recalled in her mind, but she felt they were very important.

The smell of the medicine bottle that Yujie had picked up from Doctor Qiu reminded her of Wen Xichi.

This matter had something to do with Wen Xichi.

In her last life, she had smelled this unique one in Wen Xichis medicine.

But even now, she still didnt know what it was exactly.

In the last life, Wang Yishu had been fine, and this Doctor Qiu had not needed to be invited to Duke Xings Mansion, but he had had something to do with the Deputy Prime Ministers Mansion.

Had the medicine that Wen Xichi had used come from this Doctor Qiu This Doctor Qiu was not from the capital city, and he was specially invited to treat Wang Yishu.

So in the last life, had Wens Mansion invited him to treat Wen Xichi

There seemed to be a thin thread connecting the two, but she had no way to check it out.

“Fifth Sister, do you have a headache” Seeing Shao Wanru reaching out to rub her forehead, Shao Yanru said with concern.

She thought in her heart, “Could it be that the drug has taken effect But according to grandmas words, the drug cant take effect so quickly.”

“A little bit!” Shao Wanru nodded, leaned against the wall of the carriage, and closed her eyes.

Seeing her uncomfortable look, Shao Yanru acted like a considerate sister and stopped disturbing her.

Of course, the stronger the effect of the medicine, the better.

She hoped that Shao Wanru would make a bigger scandal at that time! She had indeed prepared for it.

There was a trace of hatred in her eyes, and then she carefully hid it in her eyes.

She would not leave the ground for Shao Wanrus retreat!

The carriage stopped at the gate of the palace, and the five people got out of the carriage.

After entering the palace gate, they found that five sedan chairs had been parked at that time, and got on the sedan chairs one after another.

The eunuch carried the soft sedan chairs and walked to Honored Consort Shus palace.

The five of Shaos sisters got on the chairs in sequence.

Shao Yanru sat in the first soft sedan chair, and Shao Wanru the last one.

After the sedan chairs stopped in front of Honored Consort Shus palace, the five of them followed the palace maid to the Dan Palace.

After waiting for a while, another two palace maids came out and led them upstairs.

Honored Consort Shu met them in the side palace hall.

When she saw five beautiful girls coming in, she beamed with smiles and looked very happy.

The five of them went forward and saluted together, and then sat down separately on both sides.

All of them bowed their heads respectfully except that Shao Yanru looked relaxed.

She smiled and introduced her younger sisters to Honored Consort Shu.

In the past, she had been to the palace to visit Honored Consort Shu, so no one could compare with her.

“Is this Fifth Miss Shao” Honored Consort Shu asked in surprise when Shao Wanru was introduced and waved to Shao Wanru.

Shao Wanru got up, walked slowly to Honored Consort Shu, and saluted her respectfully again.

Honored Consort Shu took Shao Wanrus hand and looked at her from head to toe.

Then she said with amazement, “Girls from Duke Xings Mansion are indeed beauties.

I thought that First Miss Shao has already been the most beautiful woman.

I didnt expect that Fifth Miss Shao is even more gorgeous.

She is a beauty which overthrows states and cities!”

Shao Yanrus smile froze for a moment, and then she calmed down again with coldness in her eyes.

She had always been conceited about her appearance and thought that she was indeed the best.

Hearing Honored Consort Shus words, she couldnt help but feel annoyed, and then there came a strong sense of jealousy and hatred.

“You flatter me, Honored Consort Shu.

Big Sister is the most beautiful woman in the capital city!” Shao Wanru bowed her head with a slight blush as if she was really shy.

Her skin was originally white with a little pink.

Wearing a plain snow-white dress, she was as ethereal as a fairy in a painting.

Although her clothes were not gorgeous, they were as elegant as water, but one could also see the charm hidden in them at a closer look.

It could be said that she was extremely beautiful and was too delicate to describe.

Three years ago, Shao Wanru had still been young.

With her youth, she seemingly had not been as good-looking as Shao Yanru.

But now, she was 14 years old.

Her innocence had become pure, but she also became extremely charming instead of being ordinary delicate.

Honored Consort Shu was a little hesitant at this time.

Such an outstanding appearance would often attract mens admiration.

If Chu Liuyue really fell in love with Shao Wanru, it could not be a good thing for her!

“Both of you are beautiful.

Girls from Duke Xings Mansion are all beauties.

Not only First Miss and Fifth Miss, but also Second Miss, Third Miss, and Fourth Miss are all beautiful.

Old Madam is so lucky to have so many beautiful granddaughters!” Honored Consort Shu praised.

Her words were not all lies.

Compared with Shao Yanru and Shao Wanru, Shao Jieer, Shao Caihuan, and Shao Cailing were not that beautiful but had better look than the Misses of other families.

Shao Wanru returned to her seat and sat aside quietly, listening to Honored Consort Shu and Shao Yanrus conversation.

Honored Consort Shu asked about Old Madams health most of the time, and she was also very concerned about her health.

She also asked whether Old Madam liked the gift she had sent to Duke Xings Mansion before.

Shao Jieer and Shao Caihuan also said a few words from time to time.

Shao Wanru sat on one side with hands on her knees and just listened quietly with a smile.

“By the way, you dont have to all sit here primly.

Its ok to go out and have a look.” After talking for a while, Honored Consort Shu seemed to notice the silence among the other people, so she said with a smile.

Shao Caihuan stood up and said respectfully to Honored Consort Shu, “Honored Consort Shu, I hurt my feet the day before yesterday.

I want to stay here to accompany you!”

“Honored Consort Shu, I want to stay here with Third Sister!” Shao Cailing looked at her sister, bit her lips, and said softly.

“Honored Consort Shu, Fifth Sister and I want to go out for a walk.

Can we” Shao Jieer stood up and said to Honored Consort Shu as if she was very close to Shao Wanru.

“Of course.

I do not want to restrain you.

All of you are as beautiful as flowers.

Its really a loss for you to be detained here!” Honored Consort Shu said with a good temper.

She waved her hand and a palace maid came over.

“Take the Second Miss and the Fifth Miss to the Imperial Garden.

It is said that the newly opened plum blossoms there are quite good.

You can enjoy them!” Honored Consort Shu said with a smile.

“Yes!” The palace maid answered and then turned to Shao Jieer.

“Fifth Sister, lets go!” Shao Jieer walked up to Shao Wanru and reached out to hold her hand.

Shao Wanru stood up and shook her sleeves, and happened to avoid Shao Jieers hand.

After saluting Honored Consort Shu, she followed Shao Jieer out.

She had never seen Shao Jieer inviting her to enjoy the show with her in such an enthusiastic manner! Her schedule had already been decided before her turn to say something.

Next, Shao Jieer must have arranged some shows for her.

In the palace, Shao Wanru would not be too careless, so she gave Yujie a wink and took her out.

Honored Consort Shu seemed to be very kind to her, so she would not fall out with her immediately.

And Shao Wanru had not drunk the cup of tea that Shao Yanru had drugged.

She just needed to be careful and it would be fine!

The palace maid took Shao Wanru and Shao Jieer out all the way and turned several places along the way.

Then the scenery in front of her gradually made Shao Wanru feel a little familiar.

Looking back at the scene around her, she found that it was a place she had been familiar with in her last life.

At that time, she felt more relaxed.

Two huge rockeries were set up at the intersection like a bridge, and the other side was set on the palace wall behind them, which looked well-proportioned.

Especially a few plum blossoms that stuck out from the rockery added a unique elegance and a faint scent of plum blossoms to the scenery here.

“Misses, please come in.

There are plum blossoms and pavilions.

Although it is not as beautiful as a large garden of plum blossoms, being hidden in the pavilion makes it a unique scenery.” After the palace maid introduced them, she first entered the road between the two rockeries, and then directly entered a yard.

The door plaque of the courtyard was on the rockery and connected to the rockery.

When entering it, she could see a corner of the raised cornice through the plum blossom tree from time to time, which created different strange scenery.

The golden glazed tiles outstood from the flowers, showing the extreme wealth and honor of the world.

The palace maid pointed to a pavilion on the right and said, “Misses, lets go to the nearby pavilion to have a seat.

You can enjoy the flowers, drink tea, eat snacks, and chat.

What do you think”

“Okay, Im really tired now after walking.

The palace is really big!” Shao Jieer nodded first to confirm the matter.

Shao Wanru smiled slightly but didnt answer.

The palace maid saw that the two of them were unanimous, so she led them to turn right.

After a few walks, they saw a small attic appearing in front of them.

The palace maid took them to the second floor.

It was a little lower than the common second floor, but it was also a little more spacious.

The gauze on the balcony was dancing in the wind, and it surrounded a tea table with a few chairs.

There were delicate snacks and candied fruit on the table, which must have been prepared long ago!

The palace maid pointed to several chairs and said politely, “Misses, please sit down and have a rest.

If you want to go down for a walk later, please feel free.

I have something to do now, so Ill go back to the palace to serve Honored Consort Shu.

When I finish my work later, Ill come back and take you back.

Is that okay”

“Okay, you can go back first!” Shao Jieer looked around and nodded.

“Yes, Ill take my leave!” The palace maid smiled and bowed to the two of them again.

Then, she turned around and walked downstairs slowly.

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