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Chapter 447 The Shield Should be Alive First

Leave Duke Xing\'s Mansion! Qin Wanru gently bent her lips and said.

Do you need me to help you Chu Liuchen smiled lazily, but did not ask her how to leave Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

Now that she had recognized her ancestors, as she was an unmarried girl, it was impossible for her to leave Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

Should there be kerosene in Prince\'s mansion Qin Wanru tentatively asked.

She preferred kerosene.

She had planned to let Yujie go back to Qin\'s Mansion and secretly let Shui Ruolan find some.

Chu Liuchen glanced at her with his delicate lip hooked up.

He reached out his hands and knocked on the table.

Taking for granted, he said, I naturally have that.

But what do you use to change for it

What does Prince want Qin Wanru thought, and asked carefully.

She could not get the idea of this prince.

He was full of fantasy and moodiness.

No one knew what his next thought was.

Although she didn\'t tell him about her things, Qin Wanru had a feeling that he knew almost all of her tricks, or even if he was not completely clear, he would know 70% to 80%.

In front of this person who was as experienced and astute as foxes, Qin Wanru felt that it was easier to ask directly.

Seeing that she asked frankly, Chu Liuchen laughed, and his pale lips tickled.

His smile was leisure.

Qin Wanru, what else can you bet with me

Bet Qin Wanru quickly calmed her mind and became more sincere in her attitude.

If Prince needs me to be the shield, I should be alive so that I can better shield for you.

So you need to help me to live first.

Looking at her seriously open watery eyes that indicated that she was seriously considering for him, Chu Liuchen almost laughed out.

This girl was clearly saying her intention that he could be better only if she could be better.

Although she looked obedient, actually she was grinding her claws in the corner!

That girl bullied the world with a weak face.

But he liked her!

How much kerosene do you want Chu Liuchen snorted softly and said leisurely.

I don\'t need much.

Just enough to start a fire and burn a house.

It should not be put out easily.

I also want to borrow a guard, Qin Wanru said impolitely and she felt relieved.

It was much safer to get kerosene from Chu Liuchen than from Shui Ruolan.

Although the host of Qin\'s Mansion was Shui Ruolan, Qin Huaiyong was also a shrewd person, and it would be troublesome if he checked a little clue.

Although it seemed that Qin Huaiyong had only ignored her so far, and this indifference was because Qin Yuru was his biological daughter.

Even though he was a little partial, and it might be unreasonable for him to conceal some mistakes for his own biological daughter repeatedly, it was understandable from his love to her.

But Qin Wanru felt skeptical.

Did Qin Huaiyong really know nothing about what Madam Di and Qin Yuru do Did he really discover them afterwards

As for the guards, taking one would be better than none.

And it was also convenient to dispatch them.

Come here! Chu Liuchen suddenly waved to her.

Qin Wanru blinked her eyes and looked at him with puzzlement.

Do you want me to invite you Chu Liuchen stretched out his hand.

Qin Wanru stood up helplessly and walked slowly to him, but Chu Liuchen grabbed her slender hand suddenly.

She was startled.


Chu Liuchen ignored her, reached out his hands and took a piece of jade from his arms.

He tied it around her bundled slim waist, and then patted her slim waist.

Remember to keep it with you ever since!

Qin Wanru consciously reached out to get that jade pendant but was held by his hand.

The handsome boy raised up his face and was indisputable.

If this jade pendant lacks a horn, Qin Wanru you should take your life to change it!

Qin Wanru was shocked and stretched out her hands to hold the jade pendant.

The warm jade showed a warmth different from this cold weather, which made her involuntarily hold it tighter.

Prince, what does this jade pendant mean Qin Wanru didn\'t dare to really think that this was just a jade pendant.

It felt warn in hand.

The warmth was not from Chu Liuchen but was with this jade pendant naturally.

She had heard of this kind of jade, natural warm jade, which was of great benefit to the human body when worn.

But she just heard of it without really seeing it.

There was such a saying, but there were very few people who had really seen it.

The value of such a jade pendant should be equal to a city!

Take this for me! Chu Liuchen held Qin Wanru\'s hands without letting her go.

He leaned back, which made Qin Wanru close to him.

And she almost fell on his body.

She hurriedly reached out a hand to hold a corner of the table so that she didn\'t directly rush into Chu Liuchen\'s arms.

Do you want me to hide it Qin Wanru asked cautiously, feeling that she still had to ask the question clearly at this time.

Who knew what did he think It would be better to do as he wishes.

You don\'t need to hide it.

Just hang it every day no matter where you go. Chu Liuchen smiled wickedly, then he stood up, reached out and patted her head.

He said in a boring way, You\'d better grow up quickly.

If my shield does not grow up, what use it\'ll have!

These words were reasonable, but it made Qin Wanru want to vomit blood.

Someone will send you kerosene tonight, and you can keep him as your guard.

Would it be late Chu Liuchen\'s next sentence immediately diverted her attention, and the original pink face immediately became serious.

It\'s not late, just the right time! Qin Wanru nodded and said.

Chu Liuchen looked down at the girl\'s pink and delicate face, suddenly smiled, and saying nothing more, strode out.

Xiao Xuanzi smiled at Qin Wanru, and quickly followed.

But when he walked to the door, Chu Liuchen suddenly turned back, and the sunshine at the door shone on him.

But when he turned around, there was a long shadow, which happened to cover his handsome eyes.

This made Qin Wanru not see the meaning in his eyes.

Qin Wanru, why don\'t you go directly to my mansion I can actually put the shield in the bright place early!

This ...

is too early! Qin Wanru\'s face flushed red.

Chu Liuchen laughed in a low voice.

Then I will wait a while.

If the time is ripe, I will not care when!

Everything is at the command of Prince! Qin Wanru stunned for a while, and finally said helplessly.

Seeing Chu Liuchen coming out, the couple of Duke Xing hurried out from the wing to send him.

After telling them a farewell, Chu Liuchen glanced at Qin Wanru ambiguously and turned away.

Qin Wanru returned to her residence, and Duke Xing followed her all the way.

Madam of Duke Xing stood on the spot, looked at the direction of Chu Liuchen, and looked at Qin Wanru\'s back.

Her smiling face became cold.

Madam, let\'s go back! Nanny Sheng reminded her.

Madam of Duke Xing nodded, but her brows were wrinkled tightly.

She was unwilling to see the situation now.

After a few steps, she said to Nanny Sheng, who closely followed her, Do you feel that Prince Chen Your Highness seems to like Qin Wanru

This ...

I feel really hard to say.

It seems to be like this.

It seems not to be like this! Nanny Sheng felt inaccurate.

If there was something between the two, this Prince Chen Your Highness and Qin Wanru didn\'t have much interaction.

And just now when they were there, Nanny Sheng did not find anything unusual.

But if there was nothing between them, she heard that before at the palace gate, this Prince Chen Your highness almost didn\'t wake up after saving Qin Wanru.

She didn\'t know they happened to meet each other or had something else.

Nanny Sheng didn\'t dare make a conclusion.

We can\'t let her be related to Prince Chen! Madam of Duke Xing\'s face froze.

Her eyes flickered, and she looked in the direction that Qin Wanru left.

Although she also felt that when Qin Wanru was there before, she could attract Qin Wanru\'s attention and her daughter could get away very well.

But this time she had another idea.

Although Chu Liuchen had no great achievements, or his way forward was absolutely cut down.

But if Qin Wanru really had a relationship with Chu Liuchen, she was related to the current Empress Dowager and Emperor.

Even if Chu Liuchen had something wrong later, as long as Empress Dowager and Emperor were still there, Qin Wanru was not so easy to deal with.

Madam, don\'t worry.

We will have results in these two days. Nanny Sheng looked around and saw that all the servant girls and old maids were far away from them, and then she lowered her voice to remind her.

What if this cheap girl doesn\'t die Madam of Duke Xing said with cold eyes.

Madam, this is the matter of our Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

The elders of Shao Family can see it clearly.

This matter is related to the decent reputation of Shao Family and the future of girls of Shao Family later.

And it is still in the evening.

We could just kill her.

If it doesn\'t work, we can put her in the firewood house and then kill her.

When night comes...

Nanny Sheng did not finish her words.

But Madam of Duke Xing understood it.

She breathed deeply, showing a bit of cruelty on her face.

She could not let this cheap girl live.

This would be the best!

Madam, rest assured.

Everything is ready, and I will wait for the elders coming tomorrow.

I have sent a message to Old Madam, and she would definitely come over tomorrow. Seeing that the eyebrows of Madam of Duke Xing loosened, Nanny Sheng continued to appease her.

That\'s good! We can\'t let this cheap girl live.

Otherwise, if later...

If later she knows it, there will be more trouble! Madam of Duke Xing felt anxious and fearful and said.

Madam, it\'s not good to keep her over there anyway We have to come up with an idea to kill her! Nanny Sheng was a little afraid to take these words.

But she had to take them when she saw the cold eyes of Madam of Duke Xing.

When she finished these words, she felt cold and sweaty.

She would die if she knew much about these things.

Humph, cheap girl! Madam of Duke Xing\'s beautiful face was almost deformed.

After scolding fiercely, she walked forward with an extremely vicious look.

Nanny Sheng cautiously kept up, but she dared not to speak again for fear that Madam would talk to her about it again.

She really did not want to talk about it at all.

She always felt like walking on the edge of a cliff.

She didn\'t know when she would be killed by Madam or the Duke.

She even hated why she was curious to follow up that day, only to see that scene...

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