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Chapter 359 Madam Di Took the Initiative to Take the Blame

The maid, who was soft and fragrant, was in his arms a moment ago, but now she died.

Di Yan couldnt believe it until now and was in a state of tension.

Despite his incoherent statement, Duke Yong understood.

He looked stern and got so angry that he almost came over to slap Di Yan.

“Brother-in-law, please tell me what do you mean” Qin Huaiyong ignored Di Yan, who was useless, looked aggressively at Duke Yong and said word by word.

Obviously he was really angry.

“I…” Duke Yong didnt expect such a thing, too angry and indignant to speak at the moment.

“Brother-in-law, we really dont know about this.

We can only know what Old Madam means after going back and asking her.

Its inevitable for an old woman like her to make some trouble.

I hope you can forgive her!” Countess Yong came in.

Despite her pale and darkening face, she still gathered herself up and said with a greasy smile.

She had arrived actually.

After listening to their conversation outside the door for a while, she knew that Duke Yong could not answer the question.

So she had to stand out and shift the blame onto Old Madam of Duke Yong.

As an elder, Old Madam was old and only did that for the sake of her daughter.

Even if she had done wrong, it was understandable.

As her son-in-law, it was inappropriate for Qin Huaiyong to go to their mansion and interrogate her!

“Yes, its mother.

Its mother who said that she wanted to send someone here.

She said that Ive lived a miserable life recently, so she was indignant and picked such a maid to send here.

Actually I dont want to accept the maid.

However, she had sent the maid here.

What can I do! Besides, up to now, I did not ask her to hook up with you.

Unexpectedly… the maid was so ambitious that she turned to Di Yan!”

Madam Di began to cry piteously, shifted the blame to Old Madam based on Countess Yongs words and expressed her innocence.

It was not that Huangrui didnt try to hook up with Qin Huaiyong, but she had never found a chance.

Madam Di had scolded her because of this.

However, it became the excuse for Madam Di to defend herself at the moment.

Huangrui was dead, so it was impossible to question her.

“Uncle-in-law, it was she who took the initiative to seduce me.

I just stayed in my own yard, but she came to my room, gorgeously dressed.

I, I was fascinated by her at the moment, and I didnt know that she was prepared for you by grandma.” Di Yan finally came to his senses at this moment, and defended himself loudly.

“So its Old Madams idea, and has nothing to do with you” Qin Huaiyong glanced coldly across the face of everyone present.

They nodded together.

“Do you think that I will take it as the settlement Your Duke Yongs Mansion should give me a proper explanation, right” Qin Huaiyong looked stern, without any hint of compromise.

“But this is Old Madams idea…” Countess Yong also panicked a little.

“You mean that I should sue Old Madam for this” Qin Huaiyong reached out to point at the maid lying on the ground and said, “That being the case, Ill ask someone to come here and check the body later.”

After finishing his words, he stood up and was about to leave, seeming to take action.

Although he could not directly question Old Madam, he could make the cops question Old Madam through the murder.

If the cops really came to Duke Yongs Mansion to question Old Madam, the reputation of the entire Duke Yongs Mansion would be ruined, not to mention Di Yan also got involved in this.

If the news came out, Di Yan would be infamous for acting against human relations and raping a maid.

Even though Di Yan was the heir of Duke Yong, he would probably take the blame.

Moreover, Duke Yong didnt dare to let the cops investigate this matter.

It would panic him.

Duke Yong reached out to hold Qin Huaiyong and said with a serious face, “Brother-in-law, rest assured.

We will definitely give you a proper explanation.

But we had better avoid making it significant.

My mother is old.

If we make it significant, how should she handle her situation and others opinions If her reputation is damaged, it will influence you anyway.

Youve just worked in the capital for a short time!”

He was playing both soft and hard tactics, considering Qin Huaiyong had just begun to work in the capital and hadnt gained a foothold yet.

As he expected, Qin Huaiyong fell silent.

Duke Yong was overjoyed, but deliberately made a sad look.

“Brother-in-law, you dont want to see something terrible happens to Old Madam, right Moreover, its just a matter of a maid who has probably signed an irrevocable hard contract.

Her death is no big deal.

Both of our mansions shouldnt alienate each other because of this.

Even if you dont care about my younger sister, you should let it go for the sake of Yuru!”

He used the marriage between Qin Yuru and Di Yan as a bargaining chip at this time.

Qin Huaiyong didnt speak, looked somberly at Di Yan with his face still darkening, and asked with cold eyes, “You dont like Yuru, right”

Di Yan hurriedly shook his hands and said, “Uncle-in-law, Yuru and I grew up together.

How could I not like her Uncle-in-law, rest assured.

I will treat Yuru well in the future.

I promise that it will never happen again!”

At this moment, he naturally didnt dare to speak ill of Qin Yuru.

Although he wished he could strangle Qin Yuru at this moment after recalling the whole thing, he didnt dare to show his resentment.

It must be Qin Yuru who told her mother about the affair between Huangrui and him.

His servant saw that someone had dropped a handkerchief.

It must be Qin Yurus maid.

After knowing this, she shifted the blame onto her mother instead of going to quarrel with him.

As long as Di Yan thought that the trouble was caused by Qin Yuru, he trembled with rage.

Nevertheless, it was obviously not the time to avenge, so he had to swallow it!

“I dont want to see Madam Di anymore!” Qin Huaiyong looked towards Duke Yong again.

With his face changing dramatically, Duke Yong said, “What do you mean”

“I dont mean anything.

I just want to tell you that all members of your mansion should come here to visit her less frequently.

Madam Di was originally fine.

After we moved to the capital, she became completely different!” Qin Huaiyong said coldly and glanced at Madam Di who looked nervous and sat beside him.

Seeing her intend to talk, he sneered.

Madam Di was frightened and looked down in a hurry.

After what had happened today, she now felt increasingly weak in front of Qin Huaiyong.

Even with her elder brother and sister-in-law present, she couldnt be tough.

Huangruis body had not been cleaned up, reminding her that the trouble in front of her had not been dealt with yet.

It happened so suddenly, and the conversation between Di Yan and her happened to be heard by Qin Huaiyong, which almost left her no chance to turn the table.

Gnashing her teeth and glared at Di Yan in anger, she was irritated and sullen, clenched her fists firmly and tried hard to calm down the rage in her heart.

Did she still have a chance

She definitely had a chance!

She had a daughter.

As long as her daughter turned the table, she would definitely have the opportunity to make Qin Huaiyong make a concession.

After being Qin Huaiyongs wife for so many years, how could she not know what Qin Huaiyong cared about.

Since she wasnt in a hopeless situation, she still had a chance…

“Brother-in-law, I promise you that my mother will not send anyone to visit my younger sister these days, but we can meet her occasionally, right Moreover, we are relatives by marriage anyway.

You cant keep forbidding my younger sister to meet us, right” Although Duke Yong made a concession, he still intended to strive for some opportunities for Madam Di.

“In this case, its no better than reporting it to the government office!” Qin Huaiyong said bluntly.

His words were so stern that it almost showed no respect for Duke Yong.

However, Duke Yong had to give in at this moment, because not only his mother but also his son got involved in it.

“Okay, brother-in-law, just do that!” Duke Yong said with grievance.

“I want to send Madam Di out to recuperate and not allow her to continue living in our mansion!” Qin Huaiyong did not intend to end it here and said coldly.

“General, what do you mean by saying that” Madam Di couldnt bear it and shouted in a sharp voice.

With his face darkening, Duke Yong said, “Brother-in-law, my younger sister cant go out of town to recuperate.

Otherwise, what others will think of my younger sister and our mansion”

Sending Madam Di out of the Qins Mansion meant that this matter would be spread all over the capital.

Duke Yong did not want to let anyone know it, so he looked reluctant to compromise.

It was not only because Duke Yongs Mansion couldnt afford to lose face, but also because he was afraid that it would cause other trouble.

Duke Yongs Mansion couldnt be investigated.

Seeing Duke Yongs reaction, Qin Huaiyong knew that it had touched his bottom line.

It was also an important reason why he didnt propose this suggestion to Duke Yongs Mansion.

But now he was firmly determined to do so!

“Well claim that she has treated Yuru and Wanru harshly!” Qin Huaiyong said resolutely in a cold voice.

“What, what do you mean My younger sister had treated Yuru harshly” Duke Yong simply thought that Qin Huaiyong was crazy so that he said something like that.

Qin Wanru was not his younger sisters biological daughter.

He didnt care about how she treated Qin Wanru, even if she did something drastic.

Nevertheless, Qin Yuru was her biological daughter.

How could she treat Qin Yuru harshly

Madam Di shivered, subconsciously looked towards Qin Huaiyong and dodged his eyes!

Di Yan looked at Madam Di and then Qin Huaiyong, also confused.

His aunt didnt like his cousin sister Yu He didnt think so, because his aunt had always given all good stuffs to cousin sister Yu first.

Although Countess Yong was also stunned by Qin Huaiyongs words, she looked thoughtful.

Did he mean the same thing that Nanny Sheng mentioned

“She knows well whether she has done that.

Of course, well proclaim that she is seriously ill and has to recuperate in a yard outside the city,” Qin Huaiyong said coldly with calm and stern eyes.

Madam Di fell into a trance with glazed eyes, but didnt object.

“Its just recuperation.

Its no big deal.

If someone inquires about it, well claim that she has treated two daughters harshly,” Qin Huaiyong said in a calm voice, but his face remained cold.

“How can you…” Duke Yong wanted to say something else, but was interrupted by Madam Di beside him, “Brother, just do that.

Ill go to a yard outside the city to recuperate!”

“Sister, are you sure He doesnt mean that literally,” Duke Yong hurriedly said, for fear that Madam Di didnt understand the real meaning of recuperation.

Madam Di shook her head and said bitterly, “Brother, I know.

I will be guarded and not allowed to contact anyone, but it is better than get mother into trouble anyway!”

She said that to indicate that she would take all the blame for the matter involving Huangrui.

On this matter, Duke Yongs Mansion had done wrong, so they had to make a concession.

Madam Di expressed her willingness to take the blame and pay the price.

Of course, she was reluctant to do that, but now it was her only choice.

Fortunately, although there was not enough time, she still had a chance.

“Sister!” Duke Yong said with red eyes.

He had a good relationship with his younger sister.

At this moment, he was moved, but also knew that it was the best solution!

Duke Yong and his wife came and left hurriedly.

Huangrui was carried out of the mansion at night, thrown into mass graves and buried hastily.

After that, Madam Dis things were packed.

It was said that she would be sent out to recuperate tomorrow night after the eve of the Spring Festival.

When Qin Wanru got the news, she hadnt slept yet.

She was doing the paper-cut under the lamp, with the intention of pasting it on her window tomorrow.

With her long hair hanging loose casually, she looked increasingly puerile.

Nanny Zheng had not slept either, talking about the female school in the capital with her.

After the Spring Festival, it was time for the female school to enroll students!

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