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This handkerchief was well embroidered with a beautiful bunch of orchids, on which there were two lifelike butterflies flying together.

The color scheme was good, and it was also beautiful in design.

“Very beautiful!” Qin Wanrus eyes were fixed on the handkerchief, as if she did not see that Qin Yuru carefully hid her wrist with bruises, and then covered it with a cuff.

“Do you still use this handkerchief, second sister” Qin Yuru laughed.

“This is one of the handkerchiefs that I gave you last time.”

“Im using it!” Qin Wanru said coolly.

Although her tone was a little bit cool, a smile appeared on her face, which meant that she really thought it was good.

“Is that piece the one you are using now, sister” Qin Yuru asked with a smile and a gentle attitude.

After saying that, she reached out to pull Qin Wanrus hand.

She saw that the handkerchief in her hand was indeed made of the same material as hers, so a wider smile appeared on her face.

“Second sister, please show me what is embroidered”

“Nothing special.

It is just embroidered with a bunch of bamboo!” Since she pulled in this way, Qin Wanru could not hide anymore and unfolded the handkerchief in her hand.

It was really a bunch of extremely simple green bamboos that looked very fresh and elegant.

“Is this embroidered by Second sister Your embroidery looks really beautiful!” Qin Yuru complimented her greatly and seemingly indeed felt that Qin Wanrus embroidery was excellent.

Actually, Qin Wanru was not proficient in embroidery art.

She could just embroider some ordinary pieces.

In her last life, she was only skillful at painting and fond of drawing.

As for girls embroidery, she only reached an ordinary level.

Even Qin Wanru herself did not think there was something excellent in this piece of handkerchief.

It was unknown why it attracted so much praise from Qin Yuru and she even said that she would exchange a piece of handkerchief with Qin Wanru.

Qin Wanru shook her head and bluntly refused, and her eyes fell on Qin Yurus body calmly without any other emotion.

Qin Yurus look was a little different today and she seemingly had no spirit, or struggled to keep up with spirit.

Even when she said something to praise Qin Wanru, she still rubbed between her brows from time to time and her face also looked a little pale.

“Big sister, are you not feeling well” Qin Wanru calmly took back her handkerchief, and glanced over Qin Yurus apparently pale face.

Yujie secretly leaned forward to glance at Qin Yurus face, and then looked at the look of her own Miss, which was really good in comparison.

Originally, Qin Wanrus lip had a rich color, and her red lips reflected her whole person brighter and fresher.

At this time, in comparison, Qin Yuru was completely haggard.

Similar to Qin Wanrus reaction, Yujies first feeling was what First Miss wanted to do.

She remembered that she had seen First Miss yesterday and her face had not been so pale at that time.

Just one day after Yujie had seen her, how did First Miss seemingly become a different person

“Im fine.

Im just a little tired!” Qin Yuru reached out and rubbed between her eyebrows again, and held her head down helplessly.

“I went to see Mother last night.

She… did not feel well!”

“Madam Di did not feel well” Qin Wanru asked in surprise.

“Yes, … not so well.

She was neither in good health nor in a good mood!” Qin Yuru forced a smile, leaned against the carriage with her eyes closed and a look that she didnt want to say anything.

Seeing that she tightly closed her eyes, Qin Wanru did not ask more with a deep gleam flashing in her watery eyes!

In terms of this sentence “not so well”, there were lots of things that needed more attention to.

Since Qin Yuru didnt want to say, it was inappropriate for her to ask.

It got quiet in the carriage, which went all the way to Duke Xings Mansion.

The banquet in Duke Xings Mansion was grand today, which showed that people from Duke Xings Mansion really cared about this.

When the carriage from Qins Mansion arrived at the gate of Duke Xings Mansion, someone recognized their carriage quickly and then an old maid who specialized in supervision immediately came to lead them to a parking place.

Seeing that Madam Dowager stepped down from the carriage, the old maid as a supervisor hurried to step forward and salute Madam Dowager.

Then she showed the way and respectfully led everyone to backyard.

Actually, this was Qin Wanrus second visit to Duke Xings Mansion, but her state of mind was a little different.

She rolled her watery eyes and followed Madam Dowager to walk inside at a slow pace.

Many people had already been sitting in the flower hall.

Madam of Duke Xing was entertaining the guests with a broad smile on her face, and she behaved decently and gracefully.

When seeing the people from Qins Mansion, Madam of Duke Xing stood up and walked to the door for greeting, which attracted all the people to look at Madam Dowager and Shui Ruolan.

They were wondering which mansion these people came from, and could make Madam of Duke Xing think highly of!

“Madam Dowager, the matter about Yishu is really because I have not taught her well.” At the first sight of Madam Dowager, Madam of Duke Xing was fully ashamed.

“Madam, you are so kind.

This matter cant be blamed on you!” Madam Dowager smiled and said politely.

Qin Wanru and Shui Ruolan saluted sideways Madam of Duke Xing, and then stood beside Madam Dowager.

“How can it not blame on me Had I not thought that Yishu had no companion in the palace, I wouldnt have asked her to find Second Miss.

I did not expect that she… If she were not too sick to get up, I would definitely ask her to explain this to Second Miss in person and beg Second Miss for forgiveness to her face! ”

Madam of Duke Xing sighed and said as she walked sideways to give the way.

She frankly spoke out the matter about Wang Yishu, and did not intend to shirk her responsibility.

Qin Wanru rolled her watery eyes, the color of which got a little darker.

Madam of Duke Xing was really sophisticated.

She spoke out frankly in front of everyone to show that she was extremely innocent and was not afraid of other peoples words.

This matter was now blamed on Wang Yishu, but Wang Yishu was too sick to get up.

How could a badly sick person be blamed on Even if there was a doubt, that was a doubt about Wang Yishu.

Since Madam of Duke Xing said so frankly, everyone would only wonder whether Wang Yishu had met someone in the palace or listened to someone and then deliberately framed up Qin Wanru, but there was nothing to do with Madam of Duke Xing.

In just a few words, Madam of Duke Xing cleaned most of the suspicions on her.

“Madam of Duke Xing, I just sit here!” After a few steps, Madam Dowager looked at the position on the side and said to Madam of Duke Xing with a smile.

“This wont work.

Madam Dowager, you are the elder.

How could you take this remote seat!” Madam of Duke Xing waved her hands.

“I am not a formal elder for First Miss Qi.

I just come here as a testimony, so Madam, dont be so kind!” Madam Dowager was unwilling to sit next to Madam of Duke Xing, because that was a circle of people who were high-bred Madams from aristocratic families.

As for Qin Huaiyongs status, his position could not be close to such kind of Madam.

“This wont work.

What Madam Dowager you say makes me really apologetic.

Although Qi Rongzhi is the daughter of Qis mansion, she lives in your mansion this time she comes to the capital city.

So how are you not an elder for her Madam Dowager, please be seated!” said Madam of Duke Xing insistently.

She spared no effort to lead Madam Dowager to the center.

This kind and cordial look caught much focus from some Madams and Misses who didnt know people from Qins Mansion and all the attention was attracted to Qins Mansion.

Seeing that Madam of Duke Xing was so polite with a look that she refused to go back if Madam Dowager was not seated, Madam Dowager had no choice but to walk and move a few more places, but she no longer moved forward.

Seeing that the positions of people from Qins Mansion were quite close to her seat at the center, Madam of Duke Xing no longer asked more now, and returned to her position with a smile.

Madam Dowager sat in the front with Shui Ruolan on her side, and Qin Yuru and Qin Wanru sat behind them together.

Some people around saw that Madam of Duke Xing showed favor to people from Qins Mansion, so someone laughed and talked to Old Madam Qin and Shui Ruolan.

As for several Misses behind these Madams, they looked up and down at the two Misses from Qins Mansion with scorn, and a few Misses who sat next to them also ignored them.

Misses from Qins Mansion did not have a good reputation.

Although there were no bad rumors about Qin Wanru, it was heard that Qin Wanru was just a child picked up somewhere.

Such an identity really made it unable to like her for those Misses who personally thought themselves high-profile.

As for Qin Yuru, a lot of things had happened on her.

It could be said that she had a poor reputation now with some rumors, and she even hounded Di Yans confidante to death.

Such kind of thing apparently made people feel that she was not generous and she had a vicious mind.

Besides, there were other rumors that she was a woman of loose morals.

Whoever said a few more words to her would seem to be stained.

Some Misses close to her even pulled their chairs directly to the side with a look of staying away from her.

Qin Yuru severely pulled the handkerchief in her hand a few times, secretly gritted her teeth, and glanced at the back of Shui Ruolan with great hatred.

She felt that the cause of these things was Shui Ruolan and Qin Wanru.

Originally, she suppressed this anger for the time being, but now being neglected by other Misses made her unable to bear more.

In the flower hall, all the Madams were talking heatedly, but some Misses got bored.

Some of them could not sit anymore and went out in twos and threes.

It was still early for the banquet, so it was quite boring for these young Misses to sit for a long time.

Qin Yuru and Qin Wanru kept sitting quietly behind Madam Dowager and Shui Ruolan.

If anyone looked at them, they would give a smile back quietly and peacefully.

Many people were curious about them, and their eyes fell on them from time to time.

This pair of sisters was now the two who had most topics about them in the capital city.

“Is First Miss Qin ill” Finally, a Madam at the age of about 30 who sat beside Shui Ruolan asked Qin Yuru with a smile.

Shui Ruolan looked back at Qin Yuru and asked softly, “Is Yuru not well”

“Im fine!” Qin Yuru smiled and shook her head with a pale face, but anyone could see that she was struggling hard.

Comparing this face with Qin Wanrus, the comparison was so stark.

“Would you like to walk outside with your sister” Madam Dowager also turned her head and looked at Qin Yurus face in a low and worried voice.

“Grandmother, I dont want to go out.

Ill just sit here!” Qin Yuru shook her head and struggled to smile, which made her look stiffer.

Since she kept saying that she had no discomfort, Madam Dowager and Shui Ruolan could not say anything more.

Madam Dowager only told her in a low voice, “If you have any discomfort, just say and dont endure it!”

“Yes, grandmother!” Qin Yuru said respectfully.

Qin Wanru glanced at Qin Yuru calmly.

She could affirm that Qin Yuru must have something in trouble, but it was unknown.

She was willing to make such a wound on her hand, so it seemed that what she wanted was not small!

A servant girl turned around at the entrance of the flower hall, seemingly looking for someone.

Suddenly she saw Qin Wanru behind Madam Dowager with a twinkle in her eyes and hurried to go over from the side!

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