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Qing Yue blinked and blinked again.

She could not believe the person before her eyes was her young mistress.

Where had her delicate and pretty young mistress gone

She turned to look at Yujie as if she was waiting for an explanation.

Yujie smiled at her helplessly and interrupted her delusion, saying, “This is the young mistress!”

“Miss, why are you… you taking things too hard… if you are clueless about how to dress up, let, let your servant girls help you!” said Qing Yue with a sullen expression.

Having the mystery solved by Yujie, Qing Yues imagination had been shattered.

She thought that Qin Wanru was trying to dress herself up to look prettier, but ended up looking terrible because she had no dress sense.

“Doesnt this look good” asked Qin Wanru as she used her hand to brush her thick fringe to the side to see Qing Yue more clearly.

Not only did Qing Yue found Qin Wanrus thick fringe glaring, it also blocked her line of vision.

She was doing this to put Qin Yuru and Duke Yongs wife at ease! In addition, Miss Ning was probably not expecting her to look this plain and inconspicuous!

“How is this good This…” Qing Yue was at a loss of how to explain and her mouth hung open but no words came out of it.

If it were not Qin Wanru standing before her eyes, knowing that this was indeed her young mistress, Qing Yue might have bluntly commented, saying, “You look like a ghost!”

“This is just right.

Have you found Childe Di Where is he” Qin Wanru asked with a smile as she let down her thick fringe.

“Hes in the garden.

Coincidentally he had bumped into Miss Qi, so they started chatting with each other!” Qing Yue replied, helpless, and continued, “He had specifically said he was going to see First Miss earlier.

Now that hes bumped into Miss Qi and there he is, striking up a conversation with her!”

“Will you get a maid to look for Di Yan and ask if Qin Yuru knows that if he had gone there” Qin Wanru said, lifting her gaze.

Given Qin Yurus character, if she found out that Di Yan was here and that he said he was going to look for her, but she had not seen him after such a long time, she would definitely go to look for him.

What she would see would provoke her to anger!

“Yes Miss, I will instruct a maid to go right away!” Qing Yue immediately understood Qin Wanrus intention.

She tried to wipe away the non-existent perspiration on her forehead, and then turned to walk out!

“Yujie, the other time Nanny Yu mentioned that there is a rather reputable physician in the capital city.

Do you know where he is” Qin Wanru asked abruptly when she saw through the window the maid leaving in a hurry.

“Miss, I know where he is.

Nanny Yu and I had gone there before!” said Yujie confidently with a nod after a short pause.

The reason she was able to remember it so clearly was because Yujie had been to the physician with Nanny Yu!

“Lets go and have a look!” Qin Wanru said in an unhurried manner after she made a mental calculation and concluded that it was time Qin Yuru found Di Yan.

Di Yan was indeed here to deliver the screens and had seen Madam Di.

He had wanted to see Qin Yuru but unexpected bumped into Qi Rongzhi on the way.

He stopped in his tracks and started chatting with Qin Rongzhi.

They had not met each other for quite some time so when they finally got to speak to each other again, there was some element of mutual attraction in their conversation, although not expressed, there was a tacit understanding when they encountered each other in the garden.

Di Yan was a ladies man by nature.

He had a liking for Qin Yuru because of her outward beauty.

However, he had found her increasingly displeasing after he witnessed her repulsive behaviors on a few occasions.

Qi Rongzhi, on the other hand, was as pretty as Qin Yuru, but was of a much gentler disposition.

She was like the Qin Yuru Di Yan used to know at the beginning.

For this reason, Qi Rongzhi quickly found a way into his heart.

While the two were chatting away, his servant and her girl servant kept watching over the surroundings to see if there were any intruders.

Qi Rongzhi was bashful while Di Yan was feeling tender-hearted towards her.

Much time passed without them even realizing.

At the moment when they were chatting enthusiastically, Qi Rongzhi leaned over to want to say something to Di Yan when she accidentally stepped on something slippery and she lost her footing.

Di Yan instinctively reached out to hold on to her and her hand.

Although their hands separated shortly upon contact, Qi Rongzhis cheeks immediately blushed from embarrassment.

Di Yan thought that by doing so, he had forgotten his manners and quickly apologized to Qi Rongzhi, but she just shook her head and looked taciturn.

Just when they were behaving intimately with each other, Qin Yuru, together with Mei Xue, her maid, suddenly appeared.

What she witnessed made her shake with rage.

Qin Yuru had arrived from the direction where Di Yans servant was.

He had wanted to warn his master, but the way Qin Yurus eyes bored into him and looked as if she was about to swallow him whole, he felt his legs giving way and was not able to make any noise to warn his master.

By now, Qin Yuru was approaching Di Yan.

Di Yans senses had been dulled at this moment when he was immersed in the romantic feeling with Qi Rongzhi and by the time he spotted Qin Yuru, she was right before his eyes.

In an instant, she gave Qi Rongzhi a tight slap across her cheek.

Through her clenched teeth, she shouted, “Slut! Youre a slut!”

Thereafter, Qin Yuru grabbed on to Qi Rongzhis sleeve and hauled her onto the ground.

Di Yan was shocked when Qi Yuru appeared and before he could explain himself, Qin Yuru was already flying with rage.

When he recovered from the shock, he quickly grabbed on to Qin Yurus in an attempt to separate her from Qi Rongzhi.

In a frenzy, he pulled too hard and Qi Yuru cried out in pain before he let go of her.

“Cousin Yu, listen to me first!” Di Yan said urgently, turning pale from anxiety.

“How dare you hit me because of this slut!” said Qin Yuru angrily as she pointed at Di Yan with her face glowering in rage.

“Please listen to me, Elder Sister Yuru.

Childe Di and I had bumped into each other coincidentally… It really isnt what you think!” Qi Rongzhi said, looking pitiful as tears rolling down her cheeks.

At this juncture, Chun Yi, her girl servant ran up to Qi Rongzhi to help her get on her feet.

“Slut! Slut!” Qin Yuru bellowed.

She could feel herself exploding from anger.

Did those two think she did not see them tugging and pulling each other Although they eventually let go of each other, it was easy to see that there was something going on between them.

How dare Qi Rongzhi tried to defend herself.

Qin Yuru took two steps towards Qi Rongzhi and was about to grab on to her hair.

Chun Yi quickly reached out to stop her as Qin Yuru ended up grabbing on to Chun Yis hair and yanked hard on it.

It was so painful that Chun Yi burst out in tears.

Seeing that Qin Yuru tried to make a scene, Di Yan stepped forward and stood in between her and Qi Rongzhi.

With a severe tone, he said, “Thats enough, Cousin Yu.

Are you going to make this known to the entire mansion Even if there really is something going on between us, has it much to do with you”

Although there was an agreement between the two, it was not firmed up.

Di Yans words made sense after all.

However, Qin Yuru almost fainted from Di Yans words!

“Cousin, you…” She pointed at Di Yan, but was at a loss for words.

At the same time, her face was drained of colors.

“Alright, Cousin Yu, there really was nothing going on between Miss Qi and me.

I was on my way to see you, but bumped into her half-way.

We were just chatting for a while.

Am I forbidden from speaking to other people” Di Yan, worried that Qin Yurus anger might lead to something more serious, quickly tried to appease her as he softened the tone of his voice.

“Are you sure theres nothing going on” said Qin Yuru, articulating every word.

“Rest assure, Cousin Yu.

Youre the only one in my heart.

Dont you trust me Although you used to be intimate with… from Qis Mansion, I never stopped liking you, did I” Di Yan said, trying to pacify her.

His words had exposed Qin Yurus weakness, who remembered the fact that Qi Rongzhi was Qi Tianyus younger sister, so she would have known all about what happened in Jiangzhou.

Immediately Qin Yuru felt a pang of guilt.

If Qin Yuru continued to argue with Di Yan, Qi Rongzhi might lash out given her character.

However, Qin Yuru could not swallow what she clearly witnessed a moment ago.

There obviously was something going on between Qi Rongzhi and Di Yan.

Qin Yuru bit her lips and glared at Qi Rongzhi.

How she wished she could claw on Qi Rongzhis pretty face and disfigure her.

She was sure this slut had taken a fancy to Di Yan and had attempted to seduce him.

She was preoccupied with the thought that Qi Rongzhi was at fault.

Never once did she realize that nothing would happen between those two if Di Yan had been an upright man.

“Big Sister, Master Di and Miss Qi, what happened to you” Qin Wanrus voice sounded as she suddenly appeared at this awkward juncture.

Everyone present turned to look at Qin Wanru.

At the sight of Qin Wanrus dressing, Qin Yuru, who was gnashing her teeth a moment ago, could not help but feel a mocking laugh bubbling up from within her.

Surprisingly her anger was somehow abated.

Did Qin Wanru dress up in this way to catch Di Yans attention too However, Qin Yuru found the sight of her so repulsive!

The first reaction Qin Yuru had when she saw any of the girls was to think that they were trying to seduce Di Yan.

While she did not think this way before, she could not help having the idea when she saw Qi Rongzhis behavior just now!

Di Yan was stunned and stupefied when he spotted Qin Wanru.

He was at a loss of words.

His first thought was that Qin Wanru had wasted her beauty and elegance by dressing up in this way.

Was she presentable at all dressed like this

Qi Rongzhi was also stunned.

However, she was quick to react by bursting out crying as if she had been wronged.

“Little Sister Wanru, I, I had been misunderstood by your elder sister, Yuru.

She is so mad with me.

Will you please put in a good word for me to Elder Sister Yuru”

“Miss Qi, youll have to deal with your problem yourselves.

Ive somethings to discuss with Childe Di!” said Qin Wanru with a serious expression on her face and she scanned their faces.

Given that she was dressed in this manner, Qin Wanru definitely did not look like she had any serious business with Di Yan.

Moreover, they could not really tell her expression with only a small part of her face exposed.

Qin Yuru looked wary.

She snorted and said, “What business do you have with cousin Were you hoping to bump into him coincidentally Was that why you had dressed up in this way”

“What are you talking about, Elder Sister It was only right for me to dress up when we have guests in our mansion.

I cant be dressed casually as on normal days!” Qin Wanru said, giving Qin Yuru a look of indifference.

She had never gotten along with Qin Yuru anyway, so there was no need for her to pretend that they were close sisters.

Qi Rongzhi was aware of this, so did Di Yan.

They were not surprised at her words!

“Did you dress yourself this way Not bad, not bad at all!” Qin Yuru snorted.

She was rather happy.

If Qin Wanru continued to adorn herself in this manner, there would be nothing for Qin Yuru to worry about.

At this thought, she turned to look at Qi Rongzhi.

Her focus now was on this slut, standing before her eyes.

“Master Di, one of the screens you delivered was broken.

Please have a look at it and decide what to do.

We certainly have to follow the protocol when something like this happens!” Qin Wanru said to Di Yan, ignoring Qin Yuru.

“What about a broken screen” Di Yan paused for a moment before reacting.

“Im talking about the screens which you had lent us.

One of them had a corner chipped off.

Its in my grandmothers courtyard.

Shall we go and have a look and then decide how to handle this!” said Qin Wanru.

“Go! Go! Go!” Di Yan repeated a few times.

Leaving this place was what he wanted to do most at this moment.

He turned around and followed behind Qin Wanru.

Qin Yuru gave Qi Rongzhi one last hard glare before she trailed behind them.

Qi Rongzhi was a little hesitant.

She bit her lips, but eventually followed behind them…


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